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10 Why do I love you so much?

 "YU SHA!" Su Na yelled as she ran to the edge her of balcony which is next to Yu Sha's balcony.

Su Na's voice woke Yu Sha from her trance. The glowing aura around Yu Sha disappeared the moment she jolted from Su Na's call. She looked to her left, confused, "Huh... Su Na? What's wrong?"

After hearing Yu Sha asked her, she froze in shock. What? Why is she acting? Could it be... she doesn't know? Is she pretending or was I crazy? Maybe I'm crazy? After some internal struggles, Su Na muttered, "Wha... what are you doing standing up there?"

Yu Sha leaped down and walked towards Su Na, "Mm... Getting some fresh airs. Why do you look so pale like you've just seen a ghost?"

Again, lost for words and still shock, she quickly thought up of a lie, "Um.. Can I come sleep over tonight? I keep hearing tapping noises in my bathroom and I'm feeling scared."

Surprised, "Eh?? There's a ghost in your room?" Yu Sha tried to peek over Su Na's shoulder, she thought since when has Su Na been afraid of ghost. Why did she never knew about it? They have been friends for decades.

Su Na slowly darted her eyes to the right to avoid eye contact with Yu Sha, "Well, I'm not sure."

"I'll come over instead. I want to investigate this." Looking excited to go on a mystery hunt. "Let me get my room card and I'll be over in a minute." Yu Sha disappeared into her room.

"Mm... I'll prop the door for you!" Su Na yelled loudly over.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Deep into the night, in a room, the firewood cracked and sparked as they burned in the fireplace. A man was sitting on a chair with a woman sitting on his lap leaning onto his chest. The man gently placed his right hand on her belly of what seems like a small baby bump.

"How long will you be gone this time?" The woman asked softly.

The man hugged the woman tighter and kissed the top of her head, "I'm not sure. A big war had broke out in the south. I'm providing reinforcement troops. Hopefully it is not too long."

The woman re-positioned herself to face the man. She looked up at the man, wrapped her arms around his neck and gaze right into his eyes. After a few seconds of intense deep gazes at each other, the woman pulled herself to the man's ear and whispered, "Why do I love you so much?"

The moment the man heard the sweet whispers in his ear, his eye widened, he pulled her closer and tighter, inhaled the scent of her smell and kissed the side of her head by her earlobe. His heart aches, no matter how much he holds onto her, when the sunrise the next day, he has to leave her behind. How he wished time would stand still so he could hold her forever. Each time he parts from her, they both knows in their heart, they may not see each other again.

He does not care for fame, he does not care for recognition, he does not care if the world collapsed, all he cares for, is her. However, he is unable to get rid of his background and duty bound obligations. Suddenly, the woman he was holding turns to flames, everything around him turned to flames. He jumped up from his chair grasping into the flames that happened to be his woman just a moment ago.

Again, in a spacious room with a nightlight on, the Prince jerked up from his sleep. He gasped for airs and calmed himself down. He propped his head with his right hand and grasped his chest with his left hand to see if the pounding pain in his heart would calm down.

The Prince always sleeps with a night light on not because he is afraid of the dark but he is afraid of being consume by his nightmares. The light is like a shiny glimmering hope that brightened his room to let him know that he is back in his reality.

The Prince glanced at the clock on the desk beside his bed, the time is 3:03 AM. He got up from his bed and called Butler Zeu to bring tea to his office. After the Prince hung up, he made his way out to the office next door.