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9 Aires Military Home

 After Va Tong hung up with his King, he shook in excitement. His wife who was next to him was just as excited too. Va Tong called one of his servant to come in.

A couple minutes later, a male servant came in and bowed, "My Lord, may I help you with anything?"

Va Tong exclaimed while still shaken from the news, "Go... go summon Kao Sheng to come here!"

The male servant firmly replied, "Yes sir!" and walked out to summon Kao Sheng.

At this time, Kao Sheng was in her room, doing her nighttime care regime. She was looking at the mirror combing her hair until she was distracted with a knock on her door. *Tap, *tap, *tap.

Kao Sheng pause turned her head at the door, "Who is it?"

"Miss Kao Sheng, your father summoned you to his study," a voice of a male servant replied.

With a confused look on her face, Kao Sheng replied, "Ok, I'll be there." Why is she being summoned late at night? Her father usually never shared any problems or news related to work other than a potential partner, but that can wait until next day. She got up from her chair, put on an overcoat and rushed to her father's study room.

Kao Sheng entered the study room. She saw both her mother and father with an anxious look. Her heart dropped. Could it be bad news about one of her brothers? She thought. "Father, you.. what is the matter?"

Her mother, with tears in her eyes, ran to her daughter and grabbed her daughter's hand, "The Prince wants to have dinner with you."

Kao Sheng feels like her head just got slammed hard to the wall. She might just misheard her mother but she asked nervously, "Mother.. co... could you repeat that?"

Her mother again said, "The Prince wants to have dinner with you tomorrow."

Kao Sheng's heart dropped, not from "might be hearing bad news" but from "hearing such good news." She.. The day she has been waiting for has finally come. She has her heart set on the Prince since long time ago, but because she is a female and of a lower rank, she could only love and admired the Prince from afar. Could all her years of yearning for the Prince has reached him?

"I will have your wet nurse get things ready for you tomorrow. You now might have potential to be the future Queen. Always be on your best," Va Tong said sternly to his daughter.

With tears in her eyes full of determination, Kao Sheng replied, "Yes father. I will do my utmost best with this opportunity."

After Kao Sheng walked out of the study room, she could barely balanced herself. She needed to lean onto the wall to stand straight. Her heart was pounding as is she is having a heart attack. The man she yearns for even in her sleep is now finally asking her out for dinner. She is now unable to think straight, but she knows she has to calm down before tomorrow evening.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

At the same time, Yu Sha and Su Na just finished their dinner at the cafeteria. They had gone exploring outside of the ship and also took a dip in the ocean, so they missed their dinnertime. They opted for buffet style at the cafeteria that seems to have ready to go food. They went back to their room to shower off the residual sands on their body and changed to their nightgowns.

While Su Na was putting on her facial creams, Yu Sha already darted out to the balcony. She jumped up and stood on top of the fence rail soaking in the breeze staring at the big full moon. The night skies looked pretty and the full moon is with glimmering shiny stars as its companions. Her heart feels calm and she feels at peace. She closed her eyes to feel the moment.

At this time, Su Na finished putting on her facial creams. She stood up and walk to close the screen door but in her right peripheral vision, she saw a part of a glowing silhouette at Yu Sha's balcony. Shocked, she walked out the balcony. She could not recognized the beings in front of her. The beings looks like Yu Sha, but the feeling emitting off from the being is not Yu Sha. There is a slight glowing light surrounding the being.

Su Na's heart tugged and scared, she yelled, "YU SHA!"