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8 Aires Royal Palace Dinner

 At the Royal Palace, the Prince is in his office working. **Tap, **tap. The Prince paused and looked up, "Come in."

The elderly Butler who looks in his early 60s with mixed brown and gray hairs walked in. He is the butler who always tends to the Prince since the Prince was young.

"Butler Zeu?" The Prince asked.

Butler Zeu Pha came to let the Prince know that the two young ladies had arrived and checked in safely. He then proceeded, "Your parents want you over for dinner."

The Prince nodded, "I'll be over in a few hours."

-- -- -- -- --- -- -- --

After a few hours, the Prince glanced at the clock on the wall. He organized his desk neatly before he head over to the main palace.

At the main dining hall, the King and Queen sat waiting for the Prince. The Queen turned to the maids, "Wasn't my son supposed to be here for dinner?" Getting worried that there may be a missed communication between the servants.

The main kitchen maid stepped forward and replied, "Yes, according to Butler Zeu... the.."

Before the maid could continue, the Prince walked in, "Mother, father, sorry I made you wait." The Prince looked like he had rushed over.

The King glanced at his son and in a low stern voice, "Sit down."

The Queen smiled at her handsome son, "Don't work too hard. Come sit down." The Prince came and sat down across from his mother.

The King looked at the maids and signaled them to bring in the food. Once food were sat on the table, the royal family of three started eating.

The King glanced at his son, "Aren't you meeting Ether CEO tomorrow?"


"Meet up with Kao Sheng Vu for dinner at the cruise. Accompany her for the next couple days." The King ordered.

The Prince paused for a few seconds and then continue eating.

The Queen looked worried, afraid her son and husband may argued, she quickly piggyback off her husband, "Hue Chi, you've always declined dinner date, marriage events and invitations. We are just worried about your future as crowned prince of this kingdom." She paused to see if he her son would react, but he just continue eating. "Just meet up with her and have dinner. We will not force you to marry her." The Queen give a "do not interrupt me look" at her husband. Her husband can be too forceful sometimes and it may cause set back.

The Prince thought, well, all the investors for the Aqua Illusion Beach projects will be there. Some high-end people will be there with their partners and grown up children. Therefore, it may not be a bad idea to make his parents happy for once. It is convenient anyways. In addition, he did not want the two young ladies from Lyon Country to know that the reason for their early comings is so he can feel them out. Thus, why quite a few people was invited to stay at the cruise with an agenda.

"Mmm.. she can get a suite at the cruise. I'll have Lue Han coordinate that for her." The Prince replied.

The king was shocked that he almost dropped his spoon. He irked his eyes at his wife, the Queen with a "was I hearing thing" expression look. She was just as surprised.

After a few eye battles between the King and Queen, she smiled at her son happily. "Yes, just have dinner with her. We really like Kao Sheng. Her family through many generations as Aires Military Family of this kingdom has been protecting this country. She is from a great background."

"Yes mother, I'll think about it." The Prince replied and continued eating.

After dinner, the Prince stood up and excused himself, "Mother, father, I'll head out first. I have to get in contact with Lue Han to coordinate accommodation for Kao Sheng."

Hearing this, the King and Queen were so happy. They quickly urged him to leave.

After the Prince got out, he send a text to Long Kue and ask Long Kue to arrange accommodation for Kao Sheng and relay the message to Lue Han.

Back at the main royal palace, the King and Queen walked to the study room.

The Queen anxiously said to her husband, "My Lord, let's get in touch General Va Tong Vu. He has to relay the message to his daughter Kao Sheng. She needs to get ready as well."

The King nodded in agreement. This is great news. He pressed a button on his phone to call General Va Tong.