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7 Trip to Aires

 At Aires airport, Yu Sha and Su Na wheeled their luggage towards the main lobby. As they walked to the lobby, they saw a man holding SNYS Consultant sign standing among other people holding up signs. When the man saw them walking towards him, he knew that they were the two people he was assigned to pick up. Plus, they also look similar to their resume profile picture. He puts the sign down and lightly bowed his head and introduced himself, "Hello misses, my name is Keng. I am assigned to pick you two up and take both of you to the piers."

"Mm.. thank you," Su Na replied. Per the email that was sent to them, the person who will be picking them up to their maids during their stay was all listed, pretty much a complete set of schedule and the people who will be involved with them.

Keng grabbed onto their two luggage and escorted them out to the car. When they got to the car, he opened the back door for them to get in first.

Yu Sha glanced at Su Na and went in first, "Ah, thank you," and sat inside the car. She scooched over to make space so Su Na does not have to go around to the other side to get inside the car.

After Su Na sat down, Keng closed the door and popped the trunk open. He stored their luggage neatly in the back, walked to the driver side, and drove off.

After almost 2 hours, they passed through the city and headed towards an area that seems to be more and more heavily wooded. Several miles through the woods, they see piles and piles of construction materials, construction trucks and supplies. They know they are at the area they will be spending the next half a year. The road goes all the way to the port.

Next to the port is Ether's cruise ship, Skyline Ship. Even though the surrounded area now looks deserted, the cruise ship looks dazzlingly full of life. Two maids walked out from the ship door and over the bridge that bridged between the ship entrance and the port.

The car came to a stop. Keng got out of the car to open the door for Yu Sha and Su Na. He then went to the back of the car and got the two luggage out. The two maids came down to introduce themselves. The maids help Yu Sha and Su Na wheeled their luggage inside the cruise ship and led them to the elevators.

As they got inside the elevator, the older maid pressed the number 12, and turned to the two young ladies, "You will have your individual suite. Your room is next to each other." The elevator then stopped on the twelfth floor. They got off on their floor and the older maid took the lead. She proceeded to the left and walked to the end of the hallway.

The maid stopped, took out two cards and swiped their door open. Their rooms are at the corner adjacent to each other. The older maid turned around facing the two young ladies, "Miss Su Na, you take the room on the left, Miss Yu Sha you take the room on the right," and she handed them their room card. "You're free for the entire evening, dinner at 6pm at Lili Garden Restaurant and if you missed dinner, feel free to stop by the buffet in the cafeteria or order room service."

The two young ladies replied, "Ok," and made their way into their room.

Yu Sha threw her luggage next to her bed and rushed happily to open the balcony screen door. She ran up to the edge of the balcony and inhaled a big breath of fresh sea airs. A gust of wind blew by as she took a deep breath feeling as if she could fly. Loving the feel of the wind blowing through her, she stares right into the big blue sea lost in her own thoughts.

In the adjacent room, Su Na changed out of her clothes into her black bikinis. She threw over a long red and pink flowery maxi dress and then took out her facial products and makeup to organize them on the vanity. After that, she grabbed the cruise map that was on the bedside desk and study the ship. Tonight is a free night, she's going to take advantage of the night and sea.