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6 Surprise Attack

 Suddenly the door slammed open. "Brother!" Leo yelled.

The man facing the big glass window widened his eyes and turned his head towards the door, "What?"

Trying to catch a big breath, "Let's go to Aires tomorrow!" Leo shouted panting. He was rushing over as if he is late for a very important meeting.

The man by the window frowned at his brother, Leo, who can be quite capricious at time, "Huh?! What's with you?"

Leo lift his hand in front to make a fist and with hidden determination in his eyes, "Let's plan a surprise attack!" He slightly tilted his head to glance at his brother with an evil smirk.

Attacking another country? What devil has possessed his brother? Who had put stupid ideas in his younger brother's head? He knows his brother is stupid but would never harm anyone without a great cause let alone attacking an entire kingdom! And they do not even have a reason to nor have the manpower.

Tap, tap, tap, someone lightly knock on the door. The man by the window's thought was suddenly disturbed and he came back to reality, he looked at the door, "Come in."

A woman in her mid-twenties in a black business suit enters with a stack of documents. "CEO Keo, this is the file you asked me to get for you." She saw the CEO's twin younger brother standing next to the CEO, "Leo, what brings you here? Would you like something to drink?"

Leo clasped his hands together with an attitude that seems to be high on drugs and turned to the woman, "Ah... Katie, that is so lovely of you. I am afraid, I will have to decline this time as I will be leaving in a couple minutes."

Katie squinted her eyes, can't the CEO's brother be normal for once? He's always so lovey and flirty and never reply to anything without being overly dramatic. She quickly make her way out of the conference room.

Keo turned to his stupid younger brother with a stern voice, "Care to explain what you mean?"

"I said, let's plan a surprised attack in Aires...." Leo replied as if there is nothing wrong with what he just said.

Feeling more shocked after hearing the same thing a second time, Keo shouted angrily, "Are you crazy? What has gotten into you? Are you sick?!"

"NO, NO, I am not crazy, I mean it." Leo went closer to his brother and smirked, "Ether invited Yu Sha and Su Na to go there early. They will be flying out tomorrow. I wanted to go somewhere and relax before the Universal Fashion Competition Event next month. Unlike the rest of you people, the harder I work, the harder I play. My life have to be balanced."

Keo's expression soften when Leo explained the situation to him but the expression was quickly followed by a frown, "Did you drag Yu Sha out for your own benefit again?"

"Ahh..." Leo nodded with pride, "But it's not for my own benefit, it is for everyone's benefit. How could people not benefit from seeing someone so stunning? My mysterious model!"

Looking at his brother who seems to be high on drugs again, Keo touched his temple feeling hopeless when it comes to his brother, "You know, aunt and uncle are private about her. You better stop using her."

"Do not worry, no one knows about her identity... or will know." Leo replied sharply. "So, go or no go?" With an excited expression waiting for a reward from his brother.

Keo stared at his brother's expression briefly and replied, "Hm.. I will coordinate something with Ether. We probably will be there after the girls."

As soon as Keo finished his sentence, Leo ran up to side hug his brother happily, "Oh brother, you're amazing!"

Looking disdainfully at his younger brother, "Tsk, let go of me," as Keo tried to move out from his brother's hug.

Leo quickly let go of his brother and ran out of the room happily. He has to go home, pack all his essentials and plan the activities he wanted to do.