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5 The Photo Shoo

 "My fishes! I brought our savior!" Leo shouted loudly. Everyone jumped in excitement. The makeup artist, Arthur Ju grabbed onto Yu Sha's hand and drag her away.

After 40 minutes, a stunning lady in a strapless floor length lace, beaded in flower embellished sweetheart neckline dress walks in. The first layer of the dress is in gold color silk material, evenly length down to the floor. The second layer, a white veil material, 3 cm shorter than the first layer also evenly length. The third layer is see through black veil fluttering high to low length style.

She looks as lovely as a person who descends from heaven but emit an aura as lonely at the moon who constantly chases after the sun, her lover. All the people at the studio were so awed, they even feel the loneliness of the moon who constantly chases after the sun. After couple shots, Yu Sha changed into three more dresses. Once when the photo shoot was over, she hurriedly head home to get ready.

At the same time, Su Na was packing. She paused and thought of her journey. How she met Yu Sha at the hospital when they both were about 6 years old. Su Na walked with her grandma to see her mother, who had a bad heart. Her mother was hospitalized and need to undergo surgery. When the elevator door opened, she saw a frail girl in her hospital gown, holding her IV bag in her arm like a baby. The frail little girl looked around suspiciously as if she is running away from her pursuer. After she was sure the hallway was safe, she ran sneakily across to the receptionist desk, aligned herself along the desk wall so that no one noticed her.

Seeing the frail little girl made her way out the hospital entrance door she looked up and said, "Grandma, you go first, I have to go to the vending machine."

"I can come with you. I don't want you to get lost." The elderly grandma replied.

"No, I'm a big girl, I can go by myself. I've been here many times, I won't get lost." The young Su Na replied with a determined tone. She let herself free from her grandma's hand and followed the frail girl.

The frail little girl made her way out of the hospital and into a secluded field nearby. She let herself loose once when she is sure no one she know is tailing her.

"Hey! IV bags are not meant to be held on the arms like a baby when it is connected to your arms!"

The frail little girl thought she was safe for sure until someone yelled behind her. She turned around and saw a little girl with a Miss President Council look frowning at her.

"Ah... I... but the bag is almost done!" She paused for a few seconds, "Who are you?" the frail girl demanded. She jerked the IV line from her arm with a domineering tone, "There it is now done."

The six years old Su Na was shocked at what she just saw. With teary eyes, "What did you do that for?" She had seen her fair share of pain and suffering. She was afraid something bad might happen to the girl. "Do you want to be sicker than you are now?"

Confused at why a stranger would be on her, "Well.. it doesn't really matter. There isn't much left on the bag. You haven't told me, who are you? And didn't your mother told you not to talk to strangers?"

As soon as Su Na heard the word mother, an image of her sick mother on the hospital bed pops in her mind. A glimpse of sadness appeared in her eyes. "Ah.. my mother has been sick for a long time and is at the hospital."

When Yu Sha heard this, she felt so bad, she could not find the right word to say. They stood in silent, both looking sad and depressed. After a few minutes of internal struggle, Yu Sha initiated the first move, "Let's go back."

"Mm.." Su Na nodded. The two little girls walked back to the hospital together.

--- --- --- ---

At a certain Corporation, a man in his late twenties, with spiky hairs and jaded color eyes adjourned a stakeholder meeting. After everyone left, he turned around facing the big glass window pondering about the meeting that just happened.