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4 Drag Away

 "Ok, let's review our plan and pack later this evening. I was planning on going there a few days early to get started but since they want us to go over, we will go and greet them." Su Na replied.

Yu Ping yelled, "I'm going home right now and pack!" He tried to slip away only to be held on the back collar shirt by Su Na.

"Where are you going? You're staying here to tend to the office. Yu Sha and I will be going." Su Na furrowed her eyes.

Yu Ping felt like he's been struck by a truck and he slowly turned around, "Wha... what? I ca...can't gooo?" Looking like a bunny who was about to be butchered asking for mercy.

"No, you stay. You may go once we are halfway through the project. We're not going there for fun. We go for work. Now be good and watch the office!"

"No, no, no! I don't care, I want to go to. I haven't gone anywhere in the last year. I want to go sight see too. This is employee abused!" Yu Ping screamed in agony and paused... "Besides, as the person who's in charge of security measure and safety of the project, why can't I go at the same time?"

Of course, on the outside, he is just an office assistant but his forte is security and safety. Once the project gets going, he will eventually have to be onsite to do a run through and make changes where necessary.

Su Na touched her temples... "You will get first class to visit Aires and Cleotara once we complete this project, 3 weeks off."

The Luxury Pavilion Resort and Aqua Illusion Beach!! Yu Ping's eyes was suddenly taken over by women in sexy clothes, women in bikinis, women in almost bared clothes, his harem, his dreams... the corner of his mouth drools. Yes, yes, yes... after a moment of paradise in his mind, he quickly agreed. "Fine." He went back to his desk like an obedient soldier listening to the commander's command.

Suddenly someone slammed the door open, "Yu Sha!! Come with me!" a man in the most bespectacled brown sunglasses and outfit with a neon jacket shouted. He rushed towards Yu Sha and dragged her out by the arm.

"Leo!!" Yu Ping yelled. "I told you do not drag her on impulses to do your stupid photo shoot. My sister can't be shown to the world!" Yu Ping rushed forward and attacked with a flying kick. Leo dodged the kick and slammed the door shut on him.

"Bastard!" Yu Ping shouted in agony.

At the studio, the makeup artist, the photographer and staff were waiting for the good news. Their model had gotten a terrible cold and was not able to come in for photo shoot. Their campaign needs to be launched tomorrow by noon. In times of desperate needs, their boss, Leo, has always been able to solve the situation by using Yu Sha. Unless you really have discerning eyes, it is hard to differentiate after all the makeup and dress up.

Every time when Leo brings her over, he always called her by the nickname name, YuYu. The staff had met her a few times in the past when in desperate need but all they know is she is a special friend of their CEO Leo and her name is YuYu. Although she was a little short, she looks extremely stunning in almost any get up.

In the car, Yu Sha slightly shift her head over to Leo, "Leo, I have to go home, sort some files and get ready to leave tomorrow."

"No problem, I just need a few good shots for teasers. The next Universal fashion event is coming up next month. I have to release several shots of the next season clothes by noon tomorrow." Leo paused... "where are you going?"

"Aires," Yu Sha replied. Leo looked confused, "Didn't you two met with the VP already and everything was approved?"

"Yes, somehow we were invited to meet the CEO and check out the area of the project in person. They've already arranged everything."

"So soon?" Leo replied.

"Hmm... we just received the email today. We still have to prepare our project files and be ready in case," Yu Sha replied.


At the studio, everyone were waiting anxiously.

The makeup artist was pacing up and down in the studio biting his finger nails. The cameraman shouted, "Can't you just stay put?! Keep your anxiety to yourself!" At this time, the door was knocked open.