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3 The Invitation

 At 10am, Lue Han came over to discuss the Aqua Illusion Project. Lue Han and his assistant was directed to the 79th floor and to the conference room. Once in the room, they load up their files into a computer. The computer projected 3D images to the front of the room.

While Lue Han and his assistant were getting set up, Long Kue went to notify the Prince. He lightly tapped on the door, "Prince, Lue Han is here and they are ready."

The Prince stood up and walked out to the conference room. The moment Lue Han saw the Prince, he went up to the Prince and greeted, "Your Highness, hope all is well with you."

The Prince gently nodded and proceeded to sit down facing towards the front of the room. "Start."

Lue Han presented, "As you may be aware, the project is about 20 miles radius along the beach with nonstop shops, restaurants, bars, hotels and designated piers for Cruises. Half of the strip will be designed for families and children, which will includes lots of recreational activities and amusement water parks. The other half will be designed for adults. We want to attract people in all ages and all interests. There will be a designated port for all the companies' cruises. It is supposed to bring in more tourists and attractions to Aires and more money! The location of the beach is the middle point between Lyon and Cleotara countries. A great location for business and building friendships between the three countries."

"I've looked through the documents. It is the first time we've ever contracted outside of the country. Why SNYS Consultant? Prince Hue Chi asked.

"4 years ago, they were in charge of Herr's Corporation renovation. It was part of their graduate proposal project. Supposedly, the Herr's Corporation building was off the chart in terms of look, designs, and even security systems. The Herr's Corporation is probably the best right now in Lyon country," Lue Han clicked on a button on the small remote in his hand. The 3D image change to according to what he was presenting. "The consultant only has three employees, a male office assistant and 2 females. They specialized in Architectural Engineer, interior design and security system. After that, they've worked on a couple big projects, the Luxury Pavillon Resort for Cleotara and Amnesia Attractions for Gyia countries."

The Prince nodded in amusement, how could two young females be so formidable? He is not sure if he should trust them based on their past work histories or be more wary of them because of their skills.

"Invite SNYS Consultant to come here. Have them fly here and station them in Skyline Cruise at the piers. I need them to see the area beforehand." The Prince ordered. As the person who oversees the well-being of an entire country, he has to personally meet the people who will be involved with anything related to his country, especially this time since this project is quite important.

"Yes your highness! I'll arrange everything. Thank you for your support." Lue Han replied. He then signaled his assistant to arrange the trip for SNYS Consultant.

Back at Lyon Country, at SNYS Consultant Office, Yu Ping, the office assistant just turned on the computer after he brewed some coffee. There was an email notification from Ether Company. He clicked on the email and it was a request to visit Aires country. Yu Ping took a big gasp and let out a big breath.. "OH MY GODDD.."

Yu Sha who was slumping on the couch lifted her head up, "What? What...!!?"

"We just received an Invitation from Ether to go to Aires for the Aqua Illusion Project."

"EHHhhhh...." Yu Sha exclaimed in surprised and jumped out of the couch. Earlier she was like a snail who could not budge a centimeter and lift a finger, but now she's full of energy.

At this moment, Su Na came through the entrance ready to discuss the final draft that is about to start in two weeks.

Yu Sha stared at Su Na like she was in love. Su Na felt the grossed vibes from Yu Sha. "What's with the awkward look?!"

"Ether... Ether invited us to Aires to meet the CEO and see the area of our next project!" Yu Sha shouted in excitement.

Su Na was taken aback a little. They had met the VP of Ether when they signed the contract and had satellite visual simulation of the land. The project they submitted was approved by Ether as well.

"What else do they say? When do they want us to get there?" Su Na asked.

"Tomorrow afternoon. They will send in tickets in a couple hours per the email here." Yu Ping replied as he re-read the email.