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2 The Prince is Coming

 The next day, the Dark Prince went to Aires Royal Corporate Square to meet Lue Han, CEO of Ether Company, to discuss Aqua Illusion Beach Project that will start in the next couple of weeks. When the news got out in the morning, all the employees were in their best mode yet tensed at the same time. Many female employees are always trying to catch a glimpse of the Dark Prince who rarely ever make appearances even in the Corporate itself. Some employees have been working there for several decades and never once run into the Prince. The King and Queen almost never brought the Prince to Royal Corporate until the Prince took over Aires Royal Corporate 7 years ago. Yet even when the Prince comes to work, only his confidants were allow to enter the floor he is in. There is a designated back passage that goes directly to the floor where the Prince office is at which can only be used by the royal family and their confidants.

The 80th floor is the royal family's floor. The entire floor is like pen house, with a swimming pool, sauna, spacious 3 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms, a living room and balcony. The 79th floor is where the guests are welcomed, it has a lobby area, kitchen, conference room and work offices for the royal family and their confidants. Aires Royal Corporate building has three wings. The Middle Wing where the Royal family comes to work to discuss the events and oversees current project of the country. The East Wing is Ether Company and West Wing is where the politicians work. The current King is usually over in the West Wing with the politicians.

Every time when the Prince takes the front entrance to work, the news is usually announce to the employees so they can be in their best behavior. The Prince is taking the front entrance this time and not the designated back route. He usually takes the front entrance when he is planning to meet business partners to discuss projects that will benefit the country.

A black limo drove up to Aires Royal Corporate parking entrance. The entrance door attendant ran up to the limo and opened the door. After the limo door was opened, a slender leg step out of the car and gently land on the ground. The whole body emerges out of the limo and the body came into view. The Prince is wearing a custom-made black suite that seems to make his golden eyes stands out mysteriously emitting a distant aura.

Once out of the limo, he lightly nodded to the door attendant. The Prince is known to be kind but distant, he usually always nod in acknowledgement of a person or service being done and signal with his hand when he has a command. He does not talk much and never like his personal space and boundary evade by others, thus the Dark Prince.

The Dark Prince stood up, looked straight at the door and started walking towards the door. After he entered into the building, the employees who greet guests were already lined up and bowed to the Prince and in unison said, "Good morning your Highness!" The Dark Prince again, nodded at the greeters and kept walking towards the main elevator.

Behind him was his right hand man Long Kue. He has been with the Prince since the Prince was eight years old. The Prince does not keep many people around him. The more people around, the more headaches and chaos. If any, Long Kue understand the Prince the most, what the Prince is thinking even when the Prince has not even said a word.

In the elevator, Long Kue swiped his badge and said, "Prince your meeting is in one hour. I prepared the files of Aqua Illusion Beach Project, all the contractors and the phases of the project. Lue Han will elaborate more in details when he comes over."

The Prince slightly nodded his head. The elevator opened on the 79th floor and the two men made their way out of the elevator. Long Kue ordered the secretary to make some coffee and bring it up to the office. The Prince went straight to his office and look at the documents prepared by Long Kue.

Ten minutes later, Long Kue brought in some coffee for the Prince. The Dark Prince likes his coffee in dark roast, no cream or sugar, the more bitter the better.

He flipped through the documents and came across the profile of a contractor who will be working on the Aqua Illusion Beach Project.

On the paper, his eyes came across SNYS Consultant, specialized in Interior Design and Construction Engineer, country, Lyon. The profile picture has two female photos, Su Na Song and Yu Sha Yang.