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1 The Dream

 On a green flourishing field, flowers blooms shimmering like crystals reflecting off from the sunlight, a beautiful young lady in a long white dress was running, twirling happily as if she is seeing the sunshine for the first time. Above her is the calming sunshine and big clear blue skies. The world and sky expand limitless. There is not a single soul around, she feels like the world is hers to conquer and the sky belongs solely to her. Behind her in the distance is footsteps trailing.

"Princess! Be careful not to trip on yourself," the voice of a man shouted.

The young lady stopped abruptly and turned around with a flirtatious attitude and replied, "It would be an honor to fall onto these beautiful flowers!" fluttering her arms out.

"Haha..," the man chuckled from the distance.

The young lady looked down at the ground for few seconds as if she is in deep thought and then looked out towards the direction of the man who is approaching. Her expression changed, gazing lovely with a bright smile towards the distance where the man is. Suddenly, two arrows pierced right into the young lady. The flower field instantly changed into a dark mountain cliff. The young lady stumbled trying to reach her hand towards the man but more arrows flew at her, pierced her, the power of the arrows forced her off the cliff.

"Princess!!!" the man yelled as he rushed forward at full speed reaching his hand out to her desperately only to missed her.

In a spacious room with a night light on, a young man gasped as he jerked awake from his bed, sweating profusely looking around. Another dream.... again, he thought. He took a deep breath and laid back down on his bed thinking, his nightmares seems to be getting worse recently.

The young man tossed and turned unable to fall back to sleep. Every time after he dreamed, he would always feel incomplete for a few days like he is not himself.

The young man finally got up and called a servant via the land phone in his room to bring him some hot tea. He walked out of his bedroom to his office, which is the next room. He went right to his desk, turned on the computer and start looking at the stacks of documents on his desk.

Ten minutes later, an old butler knocked on the door to let the young man know he is entering into the room.

"Mmm.. come in," said the young man.

The butler sat the teacup on the desk next to the young man, "Prince, it's not good for your health to be awake at this time of night quite often. Did you had another nightmare?"


"Same old disease?" Asked the butler.

The young man sighed... paused for a few seconds and replied, "Mmm.."

"Would you like me to find a psychic to help look into those recurring dreams of yours?"

Not looking at the butler, the Prince replied, "No need," and signaled for the butler to leave.

The butler walked towards the door and left. After he stepped out, he sighed, shook his head with a pity expression. He remembered when the Prince was a child, he would sometimes wake up screaming and sometimes with a soulless expression.

The Prince has kept all his problems to himself, never wanted to trouble his parents or anyone. He deal with his problems his own way and thus this issues remained unspoken to anyone. The butler feels conflicted unable to choose between disobeying his Prince and go ahead to consult someone or keep the problem a secret from everyone.