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Chapter 1576: Why Don’t You Make the First Move?

 An Archdevil from the grandmist era!

No matter which Archdevil it was, all of them were existences at the peak of the cultivation world!

For example, there was the King of Grandmist. He was one of the Archdevils born during the grandmist era.

There was also the Dragon Ancestor in the Dragon World! The Archdevil Lord in the Demon World! The King of Hell! Ancient Heavenly Emperor!

The power of their bloodline didn't need to be questioned. Anyone with their bloodline was definitely going to be an expert in the martial world.

However, only several Archdevil powerhouses left behind descendants. Cultivators like the King of Grandmist, the Archdevil Lord, the King of Hell, the Ancient Heavenly Emperor didn't leave any descendants behind.

The current Heavenly Emperor was merely the disciple of the Ancient Heavenly Emperor.

In front of everyone, Sun Shihai unleashed the power of the Archdevil's bloodline! Sun Shihai was considered a supreme genius in the cultivation world and with the addition of an Archdevil's bloodline, he could almost be said to be at Huang Xiaolong's level!

Even though Sun Shihai had cultivated much slower than Huang Xiaolong in the past, that was all history. After awakening his bloodline, nothing else would hold him back. His cultivation speed was definitely going to soar!

As for Huang Xiaolong, he felt a little surprised when he felt that aura from Sun Shihai's bloodline.

From what Fang Gan and the others said, Huang Xiaolong gained a clue as to what was going on. Archdevil bloodline?

He knew about the Archdevils.

In the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, he discovered the four odd beats sealed under the Demonic Ghost Pool. Their master was one of the Archdevils!

"It seems like I have to ask the little cow about this..." Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

He used to think that Archdevil was the title of some expert. From the looks of it, Archdevil was a term given to experts born in the grandmist era.

Despite the shock everyone felt when Sun Shihai revealed his bloodline, Huang Xiaolong didn't bother too much about it. Instead, he looked at Sun Shihai as though he was looking at an interesting toy.

The aura Sun Shihai emitted continued to climb, and it quickly rose past the point of an aura befitting an early-Seventh Order God King Realm expert.

The ladies felt a trace of worry blooming in their hearts when they noticed Sun Shihai growing stronger and stronger.

Even Li Lu felt her heart constrict at the sight of it.

She was extremely confident in Huang Xiaolong, but from the looks of it, she was afraid he wouldn't be able to defeat Sun Shihai who had awakened his bloodline.

Even though she didn't know who the Archdevils Fang Gan and the rest were referring to, she knew that they had to be talking about some super experts. After all, they seemed very excited when they spoke about it.

Under the surprised gazes of everyone present, Sun Shihai's aura stopped rising.

His body was covered in black light and he stood tall in midair. His imposing mannerism already suppressed all the mid-Seventh Order God King Realm disciples in the audience.

According to logic, he had the strength to easily defeat a late-Seventh Order God King Realm expert.

Another light flashed in Sun Shihai's hand and the Dragon Devouring Spear appeared. Waving his spear, he stared at Huang Xiaolong who was still standing in the arena. Feeling as though Huang Xiaolong was nothing but an ant before him, he sneered, "Huang Xiaolong, do you still remember what I said to you the day before?! I remember telling you that I'll use five moves to defeat you! Do you think you'll be able to take five moves from me now?!"

Five moves!

The spectating disciples broke out into an uproar.

However, no one felt that Sun Shihai was exaggerating.

The reason no one dared to doubt him was obvious. He had the ability to back his words up!

Sun Shihai turned around all of a sudden and spoke to Fang Gan on the main table. "Sect Master, I have a request."

Fang Gan was stunned for a second, but a smile appeared on his face in the next second. "Speak."

Since Sun Shihai had awakened the Archdevil bloodline hidden in him, Fang Gan's attitude towards him took a drastic change.

"Once I defeat Huang Xiaolong, I would like the ownership of his palace to be transferred over to me."

Everyone felt differently about what he said.

As for Fang Gan, he frowned and a complicated expression appeared on his face.

"Sect Master, if I defeat Huang Xiaolong here, it will be evident that I possess talent no lower than his. I should be the disciple our Fortune Emperor Palace puts heavy emphasis on cultivating. Huang Xiaolong's palace is only second to the ancestors' palace and your own. Only the most talented disciple deserves to stay in it!"

Sun Shihai continued, "When Sect Master bestowed the palace onto Huang Xiaolong, you based it on his remarkable talent! Right now, I am going to show you that I am more talented than him! Shouldn't it be perfectly fine to change ownership of the palace now that I've proven myself to be the most talented disciple in the Fortune Emperor Palace?!"

"This..." Fang Gan was stunned for a moment and he didn't know how to reply.

"Sect Master, I am aware that Huang Xiaolong saved Fang Xuanxuan in the past. That's the reason you are biased towards him. However, I request that you be fair in this matter!" Zhou Chen piped in all of a sudden, "Since Shihai's talent is above Huang Xiaolong's, the palace should belong to him!"

Fang Gan couldn't help but shift his gaze to Zhao Lei.

Despite wearing a gloomy expression on his face, Zhao Lei nodded his head in the end. He didn't wish to put Fang Gan in a difficult spot.

Fang Gan sighed in his heart and said, "Xiaolong, what are your thoughts?"

"Sect Master, I have nothing against his suggestion."

"Alright." Fang Gan turned to Sun Shihai, "I'll allow it."

A brilliant smile bloomed on Sun Shihai's face and he chuckled arrogantly, "I thank the Sect Master." Turning to Huang Xiaolong, he sneered, "Huang Xiaolong, I'll give you a chance. You can make the first move."

Huang Xiaolong couldn't control himself as a chuckle escaped his lips. "Why don't you make the first move. Otherwise, you'll be whining about it being an unfair fight when you lose."

The moment the words left Huang Xiaolong's lips, everyone fell silent.

Sun Shihai raised his head and roared with laughter. As his body flashed, the Dragon Devouring Spear in his hand shot out towards Huang Xiaolong's heart.


Even if he killed Huang Xiaolong right now, he knew that Fang Gan wouldn't be able to punish him as he had revealed his bloodline. After all, accidents would always occur when sparring.

Sun Shihai circulated all the energy in his body and channeled it into this one strike. The Heaven Devouring Beast imprinted on the spear shot out and charged towards Huang Xiaolong. It brought with it terrifying might as it called on the power of the Archdevil bloodline in Sun Shihai's body.

The moment the spear shot out, the void trembled and a mighty gale swept through the entire hall. All the disciples watching the match took a step back in shock.

When the Dragon Devouring Spear was about to pierce through Huang Xiaolong's heart, Huang Xiaolong casually raised his arm and sent a slap flying forward.

Everyone was stunned by his action. What is he trying to do?

The attack that was supposed to end Huang Xiaolong's life didn't go as expected. Everyone watched on at Huang Xiaolong's slap connected with the Heaven Devouring Beast and a loud shriek pierced the air. Despite fusing with the power of the Archdevil's bloodline in Sun Shihai's body, the Heaven Devouring Beast was sent flying. The remnant energy from Huang Xiaolong's slap continued to shoot towards Sun Shihai.

An unstoppable might smashed towards Sun Shihai and he wasn't able to react in time. Raising his Devouring Dragon Spear in reflex, he tried blocking the attack.


Despite blocking Huang Xiaolong's slap, Sun Shihai felt a sharp pain shooting up his arm. The Devouring Dragon Spear in his hand suffered the same fate as the Heaven Devouring Beast and it was blasted away. Huang Xiaolong's slap eventually connected with his face.

"Puff!" A ball of blood red liquid shot out from Sun Shihai's mouth and he slammed heavily into the arena.

The moment he landed, a loud 'boom' filled the hall and the arena shook.

Time seemed to slow down for everyone as they turned their gaze towards Sun Shihai.

Was this really the same Martial Uncle Sun who awakened his Archdevil bloodline?!

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