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Chapter 1569: Sun Shihai Signs Up

 "Is Senior Huang planning to participate in the selections?"

"That's impossible! Why would he sign up for it? Those disciples who signed up were all at least in the Fourth Order God King Realm!"

"If Senior Huang isn't planning on signing up, why would he go there in the first place?"

Everyone gasped.

Huang Xiaolong ignored the strange looks from the people around him and he made his way to the registration counter.

Those who were in the queue stepped aside and greeted Huang Xiaolong. All of them had a single question in their heart. Is Huang Xiaolong really planning on signing up for the selections?!

The person who was in charge of the registration was still Elder Bai.

Looking at Elder Bai's big ears and tiny eyes, a sense of familiarity washed over Huang Xiaolong. Back when he came to the Fortune Emperor Palace for the first time, Elder Bai was the one who tested his bone age. At that time, he even wanted to accept Huang Xiaolong as his personal disciple.

When Elder Bai saw Huang Xiaolong coming over, he stood up in surprise and smiled, "It looks like Martial Brother Huang is here!"

Many of the disciples stared at Elder Bai with their mouths agape. One had to know that Elder Bai was a well known eccentric. No one had ever seen him smile.

However, after considering Huang Xiaolong's identity and talent, they felt that it was nothing out of the ordinary for Elder Bai to be acting all respectful.

A smile broke out on Huang Xiaolong's face and he returned the greeting, "Senior brother Bai."

"Junior brother Huang, why are you here?" Elder Bai got straight to the point and asked with a trace of suspicion in his voice.

"I want to sign up for the selections." Huang Xiaolong didn't like beating about the bush and he got straight to the point.

Even though Elder Bai and the disciples in the hall expected him to sign up, hearing it for themselves gave them quite a shock.

"Junior brother Huang, are you sure you want to participate in the selections?" Elder Bai couldn't help but ask again. He quickly tried to explain himself as he was afraid Huang Xiaolong would misunderstand him, "I don't mean to be disrespectful. However, I feel that it is a little strange..."

Huang Xiaolong wasn't bothered by it and he clarified, "I know that you don't mean any disrespect. However, I am really here to sign up for the selections." He paused for a short while before saying, "I'm not kidding."

Soft laughter filled the hall.

Elder Bai stared blankly at Huang Xiaolong for a moment before breaking out in chuckles. "Alright! Since Junior Brother is serious about it, I shall begin the test."

Even though he knew that Huang Xiaolong would definitely qualify, he still had to test him. After all, he couldn't show his bias in front of so many people.

In the next moment, he tested Huang Xiaolong's bone age once again.

The test was very simple. After shining the jade mirror stone on him, his bone age would be displayed.

Similar to the previous time Huang Xiaolong was tested, the display showed, "Unknown bone age, under one thousand years!"

When they saw that Huang Xiaolong's bone age was still under a thousand years, all of them were stunned silly.

After all, Huang Xiaolong had already entered the Fortune Emperor Palace for quite some time now. Everyone thought that his bone age would be at least a thousand years but he proved them wrong once again.

After the bone age test came the test of strength.

The test for combat strength was similar to the bone age test. All he had to do was to unleash his godforce into the jade mirror stone. Intentionally holding back, Huang Xiaolong transferred godforce at the level of a mid-Second Order God King.

The jade mirror stone shimmered and a row of words appeared on it. "Realm, mid-Second Order God King Realm. Combat power, mid-Fifth Order God King Realm?"

The surrounding disciples were astonished and clamor broke out in the hall.

"Mid-Second Order God King Realm?! Didn't Senior Brother Huang enter Fortune Emperor Palace twenty to thirty years ago?! He was only at the peak of the late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm when he entered the palace! His cultivation speed is too terrifying!"

"You think Senior Brother Huang is like you? Don't forget that he has a King of Supreme Godhead!"

"Even though his cultivation speed is shocking, all of you are missing the main point! Look at his combat strength! Despite being only in the mid-Second Order God King Realm, his combat power is actually at the mid-Fifth Order God King Realm! That is unheard of combat prowess!"

All the disciples broke out into fervent discussions.

Even Elder Bai was unable to hide the shock in his heart. Even though the jade mirror stone was right before him, he didn't dare to believe the row of words on it. It was simply too ridiculous! Huang Xiaolong's cultivation speed and his combat power were too terrifying!

"Elder Bai, since my test results are out, can I sign up for the selections now?" Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

Elder Bai snapped back to his senses and nodded his head, "Yes, yes!"

Huang Xiaolong felt a little uncomfortable under Elder Bai's burning gaze but he was already used to it. As such, he didn't feel too affected.

Elder Bai then entered Huang Xiaolong's information into the token for the selections and passed it to him.

In a month, Huang Xiaolong would be able to participate in the selections as long as he had the token in his possession.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the token in his hand and heaved a sigh of relief. Since he had already signed up, all he had to do was to wait for a month.

Just as Huang Xiaolong was planning to leave with his token, a female voice lazily sounded out behind him, "You're worthy of your King of Supreme Godhead. Not only have you broken through to the God King Realm, you have even reached the mid-Second Order God King Realm."

Elder Bai and the surrounding disciples turned to look at the source of the voice.

Huang Xiaolong frowned when he heard her voice. The voice belonged to the hall master of the Snow Moon Hall, Yan Ying. In the records, she was Zhou Chen's disciple. However, she was actually his old lover!

Huang Xiaolong turned around and her figure appeared before him. Yan Ying was walking towards him while swaying her curvy waist. Looking at her soft and supple skin, all of them felt that they would be able to wrap her waist in their palm without any difficulty. Her appearance was the same as the last time he saw her. She dressed skimpily and seemed to be trying her best to tempt him.

Behind her were quite a number of Snow Moon Hall's disciples. That wasn't the main point. Instead, everyone's eyes were focused on Sun Shihai who was walking beside Yan Ying.

Sun Shihai and Yan Ying walked side by side, giving off an imposing aura. From Sun Shihai's demeanor, one could no longer see the depression he had after losing to Wang Yongsen during the apprenticeship ceremony. Instead, he looked to be in high spirits and he seemed to be exuding a domineering aura.

Sun Shihai acted as if he was a general returning from victory as he walked towards Huang Xiaolong. Every step he took seemed heavy and he glared at Huang Xiaolong with a gaze of provocation and hatred.

"Hall Master Yan!"

"Martial Uncle Sun!"

Elder Bai and the surrounding disciples greeted Yan Ying and Sun Shihai one after another.

When the two of them finally arrived before Huang Xiaolong, Yan Ying covered her mouth with her hands and giggled, "Little brother Xiaolong, it is quite unexpected for you to sign up for the selections this time! However, your growth surprises me more. Congratulations to little brother Xiaolong on breaking through to the God King Realm."

Little brother Xiaolong?

From the way she spoke, everyone would have thought that they were lovers.

Huang Xiaolong couldn't be bothered with her and ended the conversation. "Thank you."

"Combat strength at the mid-Fifth Order God King Realm? It's too bad that it's far from enough to pass the selections." Sun Shihai sneered.

A strong smell of gunpowder saturated in the air and all the disciples stood at the side silently.

Huang Xiaolong was planning to leave as he was too lazy to bother arguing with Sun Shihai. It was too bad Sun Shihai wasn't going to let things rest as he raised his arms to block Huang Xiaolong's way. He looked at Huang Xiaolong from the corner of his eye and sneered, "Huang Xiaolong, I am here to sign up for the selections as well. Aren't you curious about my increase in strength?!" Even a fool could tell that he was extremely confident in himself.

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