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Chapter 1564: He’s Finally Back

 Zhou Chen chuckled when he heard Fang Gan bring up the selections, "What level of cultivation do you think Huang Xiaolong has achieved? With his talent, he should have broken through into the God King Realm, right?"

There was a trace of mockery beneath his supposed 'compliment'.

Chen Yirong added, "According to his speed of cultivation, he should have already broken into the God King Realm. Moreover, he might even already be a Second Order God King."

As for Li Shan, he was certain that Huang Xiaolong wouldn't disappoint them. "I don't think so. He has a King of Supreme Godhead and with his cultivation speed, he should have already reached the Third Order God King Realm!"

Zhou Chen wasn't able to control his laughter, "Li Shan, don't you think you are overestimating Huang Xiaolong? The time he spent adventuring barely reaches ten years and do you think it's possible for him to progress from the peak of the late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm to the Third Order God King Realm in this short amount of time? Even the most talented disciples of peak level Emperors would take tens, if not hundreds of years to break into the God King Realm! It would be a miracle for him to be able to arrive at the God King Realm in ten years! I will bet that he is either at the late or mid-First Order God King Realm!

Fang Gan shook his head, "That may not be true. I feel that Huang Xiaolong has already broken into the Third Order God King Realm."

Zhou Chen was stunned that Fang Gan had thought so highly of Huang Xiaolong, but he laughed soon after, "Even if Huang Xiaolong's cultivation is at the Third Order God King Realm, it's too bad for him. He won't be able to pass the selections anyway..."

Fang Gan, Li Shan, and Chen Yirong opened their mouths in shock. Zhou Chen was right. Even if Huang Xiaolong was a Third Order God King Realm expert, he would be unable to pass the selections!

Even with Huang Xiaolong's extraordinary combat power, he would only be able to contest with people up to the late-Fifth Order God King Realm. Out of the 3000 disciples who were taking part in the trails, more than 1200 of them were above the Sixth Order God King Realm! Not to mention the fact that only the top 1000 would be able to move on...

In other words, if anyone was thinking of passing the selections, they had to possess a cultivation base of a Sixth Order God King!

A brief moment of silence fell before Chen Yirong broke it, "What about Sun Shihai and Peng Xiao? Weren't they cultivating in our Fortune Secret Region?"

Li Shan slowly raised his head and replied, "I tried my best during these ten years. I used all the precious treasures and spiritual herbs I could, but Peng Xiao is only at the peak of the late-Third Order God King Realm."

Even though Peng Xiao also had shocking combat prowess, she would only be able to suppress other geniuses who were at the Fourth Order God King Realm. In Li Shan's eyes, she would also fail the selections.

Even Fang Gan felt that it was unfortunate.

Initially, they were overjoyed when they recruited two experts with supreme godheads and Huang Xiaolong who had a King of Supreme Godhead. Right now, two out of three of them had already lost before the selections began. They wouldn't be able to represent their Fortune Emperor Palace to take part in the Battle of the Heavenly Court.

"Who would have expected that the Battle of the Heavenly Court would be held so early this time around?" Chen Yirong sighed with regret. "As for Shihai, he should have broken into the Fourth Order God King Realm, right?"

Zhou Chen laughed loudly and boasted, "Not only did Shihai break into the Fourth Order God King Realm, his combat strength will scare all of you."

Everyone was startled.

"Do you mean that Shihai will be able to pass the selections?" Li Shan asked apprehensively.

Even though Zhou Chen didn't state it clearly, his tone and expression was one of confidence. It was even bordering on arrogance.

Fang Gan and Chen Yirong turned their gazes to Zhou Chen.

For the past ten years, Zhou Chen had always been the one in charge of Sun Shihai's cultivation. If he didn't know about his disciple's strength, no one else would.

Zhou Chen looked at the shocked expression on their faces and a smile appeared on his face, "That's right, Shihai will definitely be able to pass the selection."

The three of them sucked in a cold breath at Zhou Chen's confidence.

If Sun Shihai was able to pass the selection, he would definitely possess combat strength comparable to a Sixth Order God King Realm expert. How was it possible?

Even though Sun Shihai was a bit more talented and had a higher cultivation level than Peng Xiao, none of them felt that he would be able to break through the Fourth Order God King Realm during his period of seclusion!

But from the looks of it, Sun Shihai was most likely in the Fifth Order God King Realm! In fact, he might be at the mid-Fifth Order God King Realm!

"After Shihai passes through the selection, he will definitely achieve great things for our Fortune Emperor Palace during the Battle of the Heavenly Court!" Zhou Chen then continued, "I will definitely do my best to boost his cultivation level during the time we have between the selections and the Battle of the Heavenly Court!"

Even though his secret method could allow Sun Shihai's strength to increase at a shocking pace, his path of breaking through into the Emperor Realm in the future would basically be severed. Despite that, Zhou Chen felt that everything was worth it.

Of course, Fang Gan, Li Shan, and Chen Yirong weren't aware of his plans. They were merely shocked at the fact that Sun Shihai had improved at such a rapid pace.

"Since that's the case, we look forward to seeing his strength at the selections a year later." Chen Yirong chuckled.


Not long after, Zhao Lei also received news of the Summoning Signal from Brightness Emperor Palace.

Fang Xuanxuan, Peng Xiao, Li Lu and Yao Chi learned about it one after another.

The four girls felt a trace of worry in their heart when they heard about it.

"Will the Sect Master really punish Huang Xiaolong?" Peng Xiao asked Fang Xuanxuan.

Fang Xuanxuan shook her head, "Now that nothing has been made clear, I have a sneaking suspicion that the Brightness Emperor Palace is lying. Why would Huang Xiaolong go about ordering Xiang Xun to rob them of their low-grade demonic chaos spiritual vein for no reason?"

"I wonder how Huang Xiaolong is doing since he left the Fortune Emperor Palace... From the message in the Summoning Signal, he seems to be in the Floating Twilight Land. I have heard that the Floating Twilight Land is a Divine World filled with many dangerous lands. Will he be fine? Yao Chi asked with an expression of concern.

Fang Xuanxuan teased, "What's wrong? Are you missing your Little Brother Long now? Don't worry about him. He'll be back soon enough. From what my father said, he is rushing back on his Dragon Shark Flying Ship."

Yao Chi's face flushed red when she saw the ambiguous look in Fang Xuanxuan's eyes. However, she quickly retorted, "You look more anxious about Xiaolong than me!"

Fang Xuanxuan's face slowly turned red as she vehemently denied, "You're really annoying! Isn't he your Little Brother Long? Why will I be thinking about him?!"

"Maybe you have some weird thoughts in your head we are not aware of..."

The four girls started to quarrel with each other and a lively atmosphere ensured.


Inside the Fortune Secret Region, a ball of blood-red light wriggled about and pulsed, exuding a terrifying pressure. Without any warning, sharp crimson light flashed and a figure broke out of the ball. Sun Shihai appeared in the middle of the room.

Staring at the message of the Summoning Signal sent by the Brightness Emperor Palace sent by Zhou Chen, Sun Shihai scanned through the contents.

"Huang Xiaolong, you are finally coming back! During the selections, I will make sure everyone knows that you're just a loser compared to me! Peng Xiao will watch on as I destroy you!" Sun Shihai resentfully said, "You better not disappoint me after leaving the Fortune Emperor Palace to train for the past ten years..."

After venting his frustrations, Sun Shihai calmed down and muttered, "In a year, my Celestial Blood Ape Physique will evolve once again and enter the sixth layer. Together with my Dragon Devouring Spear, Huang Xiaolong will definitely fall beneath my feet in ten moves!"

"No... I will send him down the disgraceful path of defeat in five moves! I will embarrass him in front of everyone!"

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