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Chapter 1563: One Sided

 However, what drove them mad was the fact that they weren't able to circulate their godforce to take out the extra sets of clothing and armor they had in their spatial ring.

Atop the Devil Tiger City gates, countless devil sect guards broke out into giggles as they pointed towards the nether region of the naked men below them.

With their godforce sealed, Tian Ziyi, Bai Yunxiang, and the others had no way to fight back and they could only glare at the guards on the city wall with murderous intent overflowing from their eyes.

"Let's go!"

Tian Ziyi threw an angry glare towards the restaurant before taking his leave. The most important thing they needed to do was to look for a place to hide before thinking of a way to get their hands on some clothes.

Their luck wasn't too bad as they managed to get their hands on some clothes in a nearby village after several hours of searching.

"Huang Xiaolong!" Tian Ziyi gritted his teeth, "I will definitely make you regret doing this! Don't think that our Brightness Emperor Palace is scared of you just because you have a King of Supreme Godhead and the support of two Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm demonic beasts!"

"You better pray that you don't land in my hands!" Bai Yunxiang's eyes flashed coldly.

"We'll look for a place to stay until the seal fades. Once we can utilize our godforce again, we shall head back to the Brightness Emperor Palace!"

"Shall we report this matter to the Sect Chief? Let's just tell him that Huang Xiaolong snatched the low-grade demonic chaos spiritual veins in our possession before scheming against us!"

"Okay! Let's report it that way! Let's see how the Fortune Emperor Palace can protect Huang Xiaolong when our Sect Chief demands an explanation!"


One day later...

Huang Xiaolong's party left Devil Tiger City.

After leaving the city, they no longer dallied around in the Floating Twilight Land and flew directly towards the border region using the Dragon Shark Flying Ship.

More than ten days later, they finally arrived at the edge of the Floating Twilight Land. After splitting apart the barrier, they left the Floating Twilight Land behind them.

Huang Xiaolong sighed as he watched the devil qi floating and drifting around in the Floating Twilight Land behind him.

The past seven or eight years that he had spent in the Floating Twilight Land felt like a dream to him.

At first, he had come to the Floating Twilight Land in search of the second half of the Blood Eye Devil Stele. He had planned to use the stele to break through into the Fourth Order God King Realm but he had never expected to meet his senior brother, Jiang Hong, during the process! Not only did he successfully locate the second half of the Blood Eye Devil Stele, he even managed to find the purple grandmist aura! He even managed to break through into the Sixth Order God King Realm in one go! Right now, he was already an expert at the late-Sixth Order God King Realm.

He was infinitely close to the peak of the late-Sixth Order God King Realm.

After leaving the Floating Twilight Land, he parted ways with Jiang Hong.

However, after thinking about it, Huang Xiaolong decided to let Feng'er, Gui Yi, Gui Er, Xu Baisheng, Xu Jiang, and Xu Yongji follow Jiang Hong back to the Grandmist Emperor Palace.

After all, he was going to spend a long time adventuring to gain experience and it wasn't too convenient to bring them along. Their cultivation realm was simply too low and it would be much more beneficial for them to follow Jiang Hong back to the Grandmist Emperor Palace to cultivate in peace.

Upon hearing Huang Xiaolong's request, Jiang Hong immediately agreed and promised to take good care of them.

With Jiang Hong's promise, Huang Xiaolong breathed a sigh of relief.

When Feng'er heard that she was going to leave Huang Xiaolong, her eyes reddened and a sense of loss overwhelmed her.

In the end, Jiang Hong brought Feng Er, Gui Yi, and the others back to the Grandmist Emperor Palace.

Looking at their backs disappearing into the boundless space before him, a sense of desolation washed over him.

"What's the point of looking when they have already left? If you can't bear to part with her, it's still not too late to ask her to come back." At this time, the little cow teased.

Huang Xiaolong then patted the cow's head, "In the future I will also give you away."

The little cow said bitterly, "Kiddo Huang, you can't be so cruel! You can't leave an old lady like me in the hands of others, right?"

Huang Xiaolong felt a headache coming when he saw the expression on the little cow's face. "We're going back to the Fortune Emperor Palace."

A brilliant smile appeared on the little cow's face and she said, "I knew you wouldn't be so cruel to me!"

Huang Xiaolong could no longer endure her nonsense and he stared at her.

Sensing Huang Xiaolong's patience wearing thin, the little cow shut her mouth.

"Let's return to the Fortune Emperor Palace!" Huang Xiaolong then ordered Xiang Xun and the Chaos Black Camel to fly the Dragon Shark Flying Ship towards the Fortune Emperor Palace.

Based on the speed of the Dragon Shark Flying Ship, they would arrive at Fortune Emperor Palace in a year's time. Hence, Huang Xiaolong was in no hurry as there was more than enough time to make it back for the selection. He would even stay and take a stroll with the little cow for a few days in some of the Divine Planes they came across.

When Huang Xiaolong was making his way back, the Fortune Emperor Palace received a summoning signal from the Brightness Emperor Palace.

Fang Gan frowned as he looked at the Brightness Summoning Signal. Naturally, the content was about Huang Xiaolong.

Even though the Brightness Summoning Signal came from one of the hall masters, Fang Gan felt that it weighed a thousand tons in his hands. The pressure it brought about was immense. After all, the Brightness Emperor Palace was the second ranked Emperor Palace in the Divine World!

What did the second strongest Emperor Palace represent?!

As an Emperor from Fortune Emperor Palace, Fang Gan naturally understood what it meant. The Brightness Emperor Palace was a lot stronger and way more frightening than the Fiend God Emperor Palace!

Inside the main hall, Li Shan, Zhou Chen, and Chen Yirong looked at each other in confusion as they saw the look on Fang Gan's face.

"Emperor, did this Summoning Signal come from the Brightness Emperor Palace?" Li Shan asked with a doubtful expression. The Fortune Emperor Palace never had any dealings or contact with the Brightness Emperor Palace before... Why did they send a Summoning Signal?

"You guys take a look." Fang Gan hesitated for a bit before passing the message over.

The three of them received it and swept their divine sense through it.

Zhou Chen scoffed immediately, "Huang Xiaolong is acting too arrogantly! How dare he rob the demonic chaos spiritual veins from the elders of the Brightness Emperor Palace? Who cares if he has those demonic beasts beside him? Even if he has heaven-defying talent, our Fortune Emperor Palace doesn't need a disciple who runs around causing trouble for us!"

Li Shan frowned and tried to defend Huang Xiaolong, "This is just the Brightness Emperor Palace's side of the story. As for what really happened, we still don't know for sure..."

Chen Yirong agreed, "Something seems fishy about this. No matter how unbridled Huang Xiaolong is, he wouldn't rob the elders of the Brightness Emperor Palace, right?"

Seeing Chen Yirong and Li Shan take Huang Xiaolong's side, Zhou Chen questioned, "Don't tell me the Brightness Emperor Palace is framing Huang Xiaolong for no reason? If that's the case, why didn't they frame my disciple, Sun Shihai instead? Why are they targeting Huang Xiaolong?!"

Fang Gan interrupted, "Okay, there's no point arguing over this now."

"Then let's ask Huang Xiaolong when he comes back!" Zhou Chen continued, "Since the Brightness Emperor Palace has requested us to hand over those two demonic beasts, if Huang Xiaolong is guilty, we must not allow those two demonic beasts to escape! Furthermore, Huang Xiaolong must also be punished according to the rules of the Fortune Emperor Palace! We can't give him special treatment just because he has a King of supreme godhead!"

Fang Gan knitted his brows and concluded, "Let's wait for Huang Xiaolong to return before deciding our next course of action. He should be back soon to take part in the selection."

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