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Chapter 1549: Grandmist Divine Lightning

 Feng Chen, Lei Budong, and the present Head Chieftains and chieftains were discussing the tribe's resources issues.

"The spirit stones and spiritual herbs inside this space are depleting every year. Even though we have implemented various methods to maintain the supply over the years, our consumption rate greatly exceeds the regeneration rate of spirit stones and growth of spiritual herbs. If we don't find a way soon, spirit stones and spiritual herbs will cease to exist, so will our tribe!" Feng Chen said heavily, his brows were locked in a deep frown.

Lei Budong sighed with a heavy heart. "That really is the crux of the problem ah. Our current supply of spirit stones and spiritual herbs are in serious shortage, but fortunately, there are supplies from the outsiders who run into this space. That would help out with the supply of resources over the few years."

Feng Chen shook his head, and refuted, "Though these outsiders indeed bring us some spirit stones, spiritual herbs, and spiritual pills, this amount is nothing but a cup of water in front of a burning cart, and is greatly inadequate. We cannot let this problem drag on."

Others were also frowning deeply thinking about the Barbarians Tribe's deteriorating situation.

All of a sudden, the hall's atmosphere turned despondent.

"We must think of a way to cross the Land of Lightning Penalty." The Head Chieftain of Barbaric Wind Tribe, Shui Luosheng stated with utmost seriousness.

The Barbaric Flame Tribe's Head Chieftain Huo Haibo shook his head in hopelessness as he said, "What method is still remaining that we did not try over the years? It's no use at all, even if the five of us joined hands and used the spiritual weapon the ancestors had left us, we would not be able to venture more than three hundred meters inside the Land of Lightning Penalty."

"Unless, we have one of the nine chaos lightning pools, maybe, there is a hope then." Lei Budong suddenly interjected.

"Elder Brother Lei, do these fabled nine chaos lightning pools have such amazing powers?" Barbaric Light Tribe's Head Chieftain Guang Wenfang couldn't help asking. Among the five Head Chieftains, only this Head Chieftain Guang Wenfang was a female. Naturally, she became the target of courtship from the other four Head Chieftains.

Hearing the question from Guang Wenfang, Lei Budong's stern face softened as he answered, "Yes, they are. I have gone through all the ancient records of our ancestors; the nine chaos lightning pools are the universe's purest origin of lightning power, the bane of other lightnings in existence. The powers of these nine chaos lightning pools are hard to specify, but if you could obtain one of the chaos lightning pools, it's original lightning power could temper one's body, even if you don't cultivate, your strength will rise continuously. Your physical body grows stronger every minute, every second!"

There was desire and envy in his eyes as he spoke.

Feng Chen, Shui Luosheng, Huo Haibo, and Guang Wenfang's eyes lit up.

"Furthermore, if someone could gather all nine chaos lightning pools and integrate all of nine chaos lightning pools as one, it is said that that person would be able to control all lightning powers in the universe. Borrowing the power of these nine chaos lightning pools, that person's strength would rise to unimaginable heights. Moreover, if that person could comprehend all nine chaos lightning pools' lightning esoterics, that person would be able transform the nine chaos lightning into grandmist divine lightning's power!"

"Grandmist divine lightning!" Exclamations sounded in the hall due to astonishment.

"That's right, the grandmist divine lightning that could destroy a world. Just a small thread of it could kill a peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm master." Lei Budong emphasized, "Completely destroy without any dregs left."

The others sucked in a breath of cold air.

"Elder Brother Lei, our Land of Lightning Penalty is enshrouded by chaos divine lightning, do you think there is a possibility it is actually one of the nine chaos lightning pools?" Guang Wenfang asked, and her heart quickened a beat involuntarily.

"This has crossed my mind as well but I am unable to verify it, because chaos divine lightning could be born out of other things and is not limited to the nine chaos lightning pools."

It was right at this time that Feng Chen sensed his communication talisman shake. Feeling strange, he took it out and frowned after he read the message within it.

"What is it?" Lei Budong asked upon noticing Feng Chen's actions.

"One of the chieftains under me, Feng Shili has reported that several outsiders are coveting the Dragon Rain Mountains' dragon rain, and have trespassed into the Dragon Rain Mountains." Feng Chen concisely summarized to the others present, and added, "More importantly, these outsiders have two early First Order Emperor Realm demonic beasts, Feng Shili and the others tried to stop them but were heavily injured in the process."


"Two early First Order Emperor Realm demonic beasts!!"

Faces in the hall turned gravely serious.

From time to time, outsiders would stumbled into this space and there would be Heavenly Monarch Realm masters among them, even early First Order Emperor Realm masters, however, this was the first time two early First Order Emperor Realm demonic beasts had appeared in the space at the same time.

Two early First Order Emperor Realm demonic beasts represented a high risk threat to the Barbarians Tribe.

"Elder Brother Lei, how do you think we should handle this matter?" Feng Chen asked Lei Budong.

Though the five biggest tribes were under each of Head Chieftain's own governance respectively, the appearance of two Emperor Realm demonic beasts was perceived as a threat to the entire Barbarians Tribe as a whole.

Lei Budong looked at everyone present, then spoke seriously, "Since the other side has two early First Order Emperor Realm demonic beasts, then all five of us would have to act together. Then, we'll set off to the Dragon Rain Mountains together now." A cold gleam flickered across his eyes as he added, "Merely several outsiders, yet they dared to covet the Dragon Rain Mountains, and even injured our Barbarians chieftain heavily! We should teach them the consequences of such actions!"


Feng Chen, Shui Luosheng, Huo Haibo, and Guang Wenfang all nodded in agreement.

The present thirteen chieftains complied respectfully.


Lei Budong stood up and flew out of the hall.

Feng Chen, Shui Luosheng, Huo Haibo, and Guang Wenfang swiftly followed after Lei Budong, and lastly, the thirteen chieftains followed behind them.

As the Barbarians Tribe's royal city was a short distance away from the center of the Dragon Rain Mountains, Lei Budong, Feng Chen, and the rest soon arrived at the scene.

At the same time, somewhere around the Dragon Rain Mountains...

As usual, Huang Xiaolong rode on the little cow. Both Huang Xiaolong and Jiang Hong's senses were on high alert as they flew towards a certain peak that gave them the strongest feeling of grandmist aura.

All the peaks of Dragon Rain Mountains were more or less enriched by the grandmist aura, but that didn't mean that all these peaks had purple grandmist aura and grandmist aura in them. The purple grandmist aura and grandmist aura had to be at the peak with the most richest aura.

As they got closer, Huang Xiaolong and Jiang Hong accelerated forward.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong's group stopped before a mountain peak with purple towering trees.

Huang Xiaolong immediately noticed these purple-colored towering trees actually resembled purple dragons.

"These are... Purple dragon yew trees!" The little cow exclaimed with astonishment and surprised.

"Purple dragon yew trees?" Huang Xiaolong repeated with bafflement.

Jiang Hong took the initiative to explain to Huang Xiaolong, "The purple dragon yew tree is one of the dragon clan's rare spiritual trees. In the Dragon World, it is one of the most precious spiritual trees that a dragon clan's Emperor Realm master would be reluctant to use as building materials. A dragon clan's master could increase his cultivation speed by ten percent if they cultivate inside a residence built using these purple dragon yew trees!"

Ten percent!

Ten percent faster may not sound a lot, but under years of accumulation, the increment of ten percent was actually shocking.

For example, some dragon clan's experts take a hundred million years of cultivation to break through to the Emperor Realm, so if they cultivate inside a residence built from purple dragon yew tree, the time would be shortened to ninety million years. There was a ten million years difference.

"Logically speaking, the power of this space cannot give birth to these purple dragon yew trees.s" The little cow said, her eyes glimmered as she added, "Unless, the purple grandmist aura!"

Huang Xiaolong's gaze grew hot.

Suddenly, the bright sky above them darkened. The bright sky above them darkened, booming thunder rumbled, and clouds roiled. Then came a downpour of purple roiling clouds. This rain was exactly what Feng Yaozhong and other Barbarians considered as the precious dragon rain!

Huang Xiaolong reached out, gathering a ball of purple-colored dragon rain above his palm. This purple-colored dragon rain contained a richer amount of grandMist aura than the Dragon Mizzle Wine they had drunk.

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