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Chapter 1517: Fat Meat Delivered to The Door

 Upon seeing this, Ning Shaozhi could only chase after He Lianfang.

With the two subordinates leading in front, He Lianfang and Ning Shaozhi headed straight to Huang Xiaolong's group's location. But as a precaution, they also brought two First Order Heavenly Monarch Realm experts with them.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong's group was still leisurely walking down the busy streets of Demonic Python City.

Under numerous coveting gazes from the evil forces' disciples on the streets, Huang Xiaolong seemed calm and blase.

Like what the little cow had said, the most powerful in this Demonic Python City was only a mid-level Heavenly Monarch Realm expert, therefore, there was nothing to worry about with Xiang Xun accompanying their group.

As Huang Xiaolong's group was strolling down the street, the disciples in front of them separated to the sides in a hurry. Huang Xiaolong looked up and saw a group of disciples clad in indigo brocade robse as well as dark ember brocade robes purposely striding towards Huang Xiaolong's group.

"Finally, there's fat meat delivering itself at our feet." The little cow grinned widely at Huang Xiaolong as she saw this group walking towards them.

Huang Xiaolong tapped at the little cow's golden horns and said, "Since the meat is so fat, then I'll let you enjoy it alone. I, Xiang Xun, and the others will just watch from the side."

Xiang Xun, Xu Baisheng, and the others tried not to laugh.

The little cow blanked for a second, then withered immediately. She squeezed an awkward smile as she said, "Hey, Little brat Huang, how could you be willing to send me into battle alone?" She glanced at the incoming group out of the corner of her eyes, stopping a second longer on the two young men at the front of the group as well as the two old men at the end.

Though her strength had not recovered to the peak, her foundation was still there. In a glance, she could tell that two old men were early First Order Heavenly Monarch Realm experts.

All of her cow hair would be scrapped clean, if she went into the battle against these men on her own!

The incoming group was led by He Lianfang and Ning Shaozhi who had rushed over with their subordinates.

He Lianfang and Ning Shaozhi spotted Huang Xiaolong's group from afar. More accurately, they spotted Feng Er from afar. Looking at Feng Er's alluring beauty, their eyes lit up immediately.

He Lianfang praised the subordinate who had reported Feng Er, "Not bad, looks like you two did not exaggerate. You will receive heavy rewards when we return."

"Thank you Young Lord!" The subordinates cheered in elation.

"Brother Shaozhi, that woman, who's going first?" He Lianfang was smiling from ear to ear when he asked Ning Shaozhi. The meaning of his question was obvious. Both of them could tell that Feng Er was still a virgin, such a body has the purest yin essence.

"We will follow old rules, and compare sword skills." Ning Shaozhi smiled in response. His mood was growing better by the second.

He Lianfang laughed heartily. "Fine, compare sword skills it is. But, Brother Shaozhi, you might lose this time. Some days back, my Devil Flicker Sword has advanced to the seventh stage."

As the two conversed happily, they came to a stop a few meters away from Huang Xiaolong.

Listening to their unscrupulous conversation, Huang Xiaolong sneered.

Feng Er's face was white due to rage.

He Lianfang stood still and looked at Huang Xiaolong from head to toe before demanding, "Which world surface's palace's disciple are you? Is this woman your maidservant?"

Huang Xiaolong tepidly replied, "I am a disciple of Fortune Emperor Palace."

"Fortune Emperor Palace!" He Lianfang and Ning Shaozhi's group was genuinely shocked.

It was obvious that the 'Fortune Emperor Palace' had quite the deterrence effect.

He Lianfang was bemused as he took another look at Huang Xiaolong. "Are you really a Fortune Emperor Palace's disciple?! Brat, you're not cooking up stories, right?"

This was a valid question as Huang Xiaolong had not put on his Fortune Emperor Palace's disciple robe.

Huang Xiaolong had no interest in responding to He Lianfang's questions anymore.

"How about this, since you said that you're a Fortune Emperor Palace's disciple, I won't make things difficult for you. You and your subordinates can leave, but the woman stays." He Lianfang hesitated before offering some sort of compromise to Huang Xiaolong.

Even though He Lianfang could not confirm Huang Xiaolong's identity as a Fortune Emperor Palace's disciple, he was still wary to do anything to a Fortune Emperor Palace's disciple, if Huang Xiaolong turned out to be one as he claimed. Thus, he decided to let Huang Xiaolong leave without harming him.

According to his initial plan, he was going to keep the woman and kill the men on the spot.

Huang Xiaolong looked at He Lianfang with the same tepid expression, "If you and all of your subordinates leave one arm each, I would let all of you leave."

Both He Lianfang and Ning Shaozhi's group blanked with disbelief.

Their subordinates were immediately outraged.

He Lianfang's gaze turned frosty on Huang Xiaolong, and a gleam of killing intent flickered across his eyes. He looked over his shoulder and signaled the First Order Heavenly Monarch Realm He Clan's captain guard. The He Clan's captain guard responded with a subtle nod of his head.

Upon seeing this, He Lianfang's confidence rose.

When they were rushing over, He Lianfang had already instructed the He Clan's captain guard to check the strengths of Huang Xiaolong's group with his divine sense. Now that the He Clan's captain guard nodded at him, it meant that the captain guard was confident to handle all of them. Hence, he had nothing to worry about.

He Lianfang flashed Huang Xiaolong a bright smile, but his smile was kind of psychotic. "Brat, did you really think I won't dare to kill you because you're a Fortune Emperor Palace disciple? Let me tell you, even if this young lord kills you, the Fortune Emperor Palace won't dare to let out a fart."

"Listen up, our Young Lord is not only the He Clan's next patriarch, but also the Magic Shaman Demon Emperor Palace's inner sect disciple, and on top of that, he's Magic Shaman Emperor Palace Elder Tong's disciple-in-name as well!" One of He Lianfang's cronies shouted smugly at Huang Xiaolong.

"Our Young Lord is Ning Clan's Young Lord, also a Martial Demon Emperor Palace's inner sect disciple!" The people behind Ning Shaozhi clamored.

Right at this time, the crowd on the other end of the street separated as another group of people appeared, approaching Huang Xiaolong's group.

Upon seeing who it was leading the group, He Lianfang frowned and swore under his breath, "Yang Cheng!"

He Clan, Ning Clan, Yang Clan, as well as Liu Clan were the Demonic Python City's four big clans. The four clans' power was at an equilibrium, however, He Clan and Yang Clan had always been at odds. The same was true for He Lianfang and Yang Cheng.

Obviously, Yang Cheng had also received his subordinate's report and he had rushed over.

Upon arriving, Yang Cheng's gaze stopped a second longer on Feng Er before he greeted He Lianfang and Ning Shaozhi, "He Lianfang, Ning Shaozhi, such a good thing, why didn't you two invite me?" He pointed at Feng Er with his chin, and proclaimed, "I want this woman!"

He Lianfang and Ning Shaozhi's faces tightened with displeasure.

"Yang Cheng, your action is not appropriate, isn't it?" Ning Shaozhi questioned gloomily. "This time, we're the first to arrive."

But Yang Cheng chuckled nonchalantly and said, "Are your brains pea brains? In the Floating Twilight Land, everything depends on your own strength, if you don't like it, we can fight one on one, and this woman goes to the winner."

The three exchanged tit-for-tat, while Huang Xiaolong's group, except for Feng Er, was seemingly forgotten.

However, right at this time, Huang Xiaolong suddenly made his move. In a flicker, He Lianfang, Ning Shaozhi, and Yang Cheng sensed a terrifying power enveloping them.

All three of them dazed.

"Presumptuous!" Almost immediately, the three young lords' captain guards reacted and snapped at Huang Xiaolong. Just as they were about to attack, an overwhelming pressure akin to divine mountain locked onto them, restraining their movements.

In the next second, Huang Xiaolong's attack struck He Lianfang, Ning Shaozhi, and Yang Cheng simultaneously, sending them into the air.

The others were dumbfounded watching these three figures flying out in the same direction, and crashing onto the street in the distance. Their expensive brocade robes exploded, and not a single thread was covering their bodies, except for the blood they were coughing out.

The three clans' captain guards were ashen as they looked at the big elephant. They were completely restrained by this ordinary looking elephant standing behind the black-haired young man, were they?!

Is the elephant a high-level Heavenly Monarch Realm master?! Otherwise, how was that possible.

Xiang Xun raised one foot and stomped down. In a rumble, the three clans' captain guards were flattened on the street, and spider-web cracks ran across the street surface in various directions.

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