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Chapter 1516: Demonic Python City

 "Let's go to the human city!" Huang Xiaolong decided without much pondering. Huang Xiaolong nudged the little cow with his knees to fly towards the human city.

The rest followed behind him.

"Senior Xiaoniu, are there no demonic beasts in the Floating Twilight Land?" Feng Er asked curiously.

Huang Xiaolong also had this doubt. Along the way, he had not seen any demonic beasts.

The little cow answered, "There are but not many. Moreover, these demonic beasts reside in the center and deeper region of the Floating Twilight Land where devil qi and blood qi are heaviest. In general, these demonic beasts stay and move around in groups, so, encountering demonic beasts in the Floating Twilight Land is more dangerous than encountering devilmen. Demonic beasts are stronger than those devilmen."

"Where's the place with the heaviest devil qi and blood qi in the Floating Twilight Land?" Huang Xiaolong asked suddenly.

From the upper half of the Blood Eye Devil Stele's broken memories, Huang Xiaolong had learned that the lower half of the Blood Eye Devil Stele had fallen to a place with dense devil qi and blood qi.

"The place with the heaviest devil qi and blood qi?" The little cow rolled the words on her tongue as she pondered. "There are a few locations as far as I know. One place is the Scarlet Blood Mountain Range at Floating Twilight Land's deeper region, another place is at the centermost region named Black Flames Devil Cave, and there is also a place called Death God's Fortress. The last place I know is the Martial Demon Emperor Palace's headquarters located on the Martial Demon Mountain!"

Huang Xiaolong frowned when he heard of these several places from the little cow.

Out of these four locations, two of them were located in the center region!

Even an Emperor Realm master would have a hard time treading through the Floating Twilight Land's center region. Not to mention, trying to enter the Martial Demon Emperor Palace's headquarters on the Martial Demon Mountain would be much more difficult!

The Martial Demon Emperor Palace ranked sixth among the top ten Emperor Palace forces, so one could imagine how strong its headquarters' defenses were.

'Let's hope it fell in the deeper region's Scarlet Blood Mountain Range.' Huang Xiaolong thought to himself. This was the safer location among his other options.

Then again, so-called 'safer' was subjective to the individual.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong decided to resolve more of Xiang Xun's petrification seals before heading to the Scarlet Blood Mountain. He estimated that he probably could resolve up to five hundred of the petrification seals in Xiang Xun's body.

At that point, would Xiang Xun's strength return to the Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm?

With Xiang Xun's true body and battle strength, he could be considered to be invincible under the Emperor Realm. That way, the dangers of the Scarlet Blood Mountain Range would be greatly reduced for Huang Xiaolong's group.

As Huang Xiaolong pondered about resolving Xiang Xun's petrification seals, his group came closer to the humans city, up ahead.

At a closer distance, Huang Xiaolong's group found this human city a little unique. From outside, the city's construction resembled a coiling giant demonic python-a demonic python baring its fangs, devouring devil qi at all times. And this demonic python's mouth was the city's entrance.

"You guys think this city's shape is strange, don't you?" The little cow asked. But she continued without waiting for an answer, "In truth, all of the human race cities in the Floating Twilight Land are built in the shape of ancient demonic beasts."

"All of them?" Huang Xiaolong asked.

"All of them!" The little cow nodded in affirmation.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong's group reached the python shaped city's entrance, in other words the mouth of the python.

Various evil forces' disciples were entering and leaving through the python mouth entryway, each seemingly in a hurry. However, all of them seemed to glance at Huang Xiaolong's group as they passed.

These disciples' gaze were similar to the devilmen when they looked at Huang Xiaolong's group, making Huang Xiaolong extremely uncomfortable.

Before entering the city, Huang Xiaolong went up to the city gates' guards to pay the entrance fees. One of the guards grinned at Huang Xiaolong as he spoke, "Brother's newly arrived from outside?"

'Outside' referred to outside of the Floating Twilight Land.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

"Brother, don't say that I didn't warn you to be careful after entering the city." The guard advised as his gaze shifted onto Feng Er's body. A wicked smile tugged at the corner of his mouth as he added, "Especially women who have just arrived from outside need to be more careful."

Coldness burst in Xu Baisheng and the others' eyes.

Huang Xiaolong subtly shook his head at them, signaling them not to act on impulse. He then entered the city with the little cow without a word.

The group of guards excitedly discussed among themselves while watching Feng Er's beautiful silhouette.

"That girl's probably going to suffer in a bit! Such a beauty ah, what a pity!"

"Last time, a clan's female disciple came from outside, though not as beautiful as this one, still not bad. In the end, her yin essence was sucked dry by several clans' young lords by taking turns."

"After her yin essence was sucked dry, she was 'rewarded' to their subordinates. That girl was tortured for half a month before dying miserably!"

"This kind of beauty is out of our reach, better do your duties honestly."

Though Huang Xiaolong's group was already some distance away from the city entrance, they could still hear the guards' conversation clearly. Feng Er's face was red from anger.

"The forces of Floating Twilight Land are extremely repulsive of outsiders." The little cow went on, "Moreover, all of evil forces' disciples in Floating Twilight Land have nefarious traits in them. That is the reason why when they see outsiders like us, it is akin to seeing tasty fat meat for them!"

Huang Xiaolong gave the little cow a fierce glare, then said, "Why didn't you say so earlier?"

The little cow let out an awkward chuckle. "Don't worry, don't we have Kiddo Xiang Xun with us. The Floating Twilight Land's outer peripheral cities don't have any Emperor Realm masters. This Demonic Python City's Mayor is only a mid-level Heavenly Monarch Realm expert. Let's see who's the actual fat meat? Don't you think adventures are more interesting this way?"

Huang Xiaolong was speechless, 'why did it seem like the old cow was deliberate?'

Not long after Huang Xiaolong's group entered the Demonic Python City, inside a certain opulent manor in the city, two young men were enjoying themselves in a private banquet. One of these young men was the Demonic Python City's He Clan's Young Lord He Lianfang, and the other one was the Ning Clan's Young Lord Ning Shaozhi.

The two were chatting joyously when their subordinates stepped in with fawning faces. The two subordinates reported, "Young Lords, good news, a big good news! We've just received a word that several outsiders have entered our Demonic Python City just now, and one of them is a woman, a great beauty ah. Much better than the last female disciple!"

He Lianfang and Ning Shaozhi exchanged a look and smiled knowingly.

"Have you investigated the strengths of the disciples with her?" He Lianfang asked.

"We've checked it out. The leader of the group is a black-haired young man, and he is just a late-Third Order God King Realm, while the others are about Third Order God King Realm as well." The two subordinates went on, "But there's a big elephant following that black-haired young man, and we could not see that elephant's strength."

"Big elephant?" Ning Shaozhi repeated as a frown formed between his brows.

"Yes, that big elephant seems ordinary, nothing special." One of the subordinates answered.

He Lianfang said, "Brother Shaozhi, I know what you're worrying about, but merely a late-Third Order God King Realm kid and a pet following him won't be stronger by much." He stood up and ordered his subordinate, "Lead us to this group of new arrivals. This time, we can't let Yang Chen and his gang rob our prey!"

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