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Chapter 1506: Breakthrough to the God King Realm

 Huang Xiaolong looked at the little cow and asked, "You have no solution?"

"I do have a way, however, it is difficult to refine this Ten Dragons Formation. With my current strength, and even with Xiang Xun's assistance, refining this Ten Dragons Formation would take two to three years. More importantly, the process cannot be interrupted at any point because if the process is interrupted, it would trigger the formation." The little cow explained, "Not to mention, you would need a Dragon Clan master's body as a medium to refine this Ten Dragons Formation. Then again, you have the True Dragon Physique, so it wouldn't matter." She added another sentence, "Thank heavens that you have the True Dragon Physique."

Upon hearing that it would take two to three years to refine this Ten Dragons Formation, Huang Xiaolong wasn't so tense anymore. Two to three years were nothing at all. Even though he really wanted to go looking for grandmist aura as soon as possible and breakthrough to the God King Realm, he could still spare two to three years' time.

Thus, with the little cow and Xiang Xun's assistance, Huang Xiaolong began refining the Ten Dragons Formation.

Huang Xiaolong's Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead spun sending endless waves of supreme godforce into the dragon pearl in the center, the heart of the Ten Dragons Formation through Huang Xiaolong's True Dragon Physique.

That emperor dragon pearl emitted a bright halo as Huang Xiaolong's supreme godforce flowed into it.

Upon seeing that it was working, Huang Xiaolong's anxiety subsided. According to the little cow, if his godforce failed to enter the dragon pearl, then, it was impossible for him to refine the Ten Dragons Formation. Since his godforce had successfully entered the dragon pearl, it meant that there was hope.

But Huang Xiaolong soon discovered that when his supreme godforce entered the emperor dragon pearl, it was akin to dripping water into the sea, completely negligible.

Huang Xiaolong increased the flow of his supreme godforce into the emperor dragon pearl, yet the phenomenon remained.

"Don't rush, take it slow." The little cow's voice sounded from the side, her tone was leisurely as she said, "The way you are feeding your godforce right now, you won't last for more than two months, much less two years."

Huang Xiaolong calmed himself down listening to the little cow's words, and readjusted the rate and amount of godforce he flowed into the emperor dragon pearl.

The little cow told Huang Xiaolong that as long as he filled all ten dragon pearls with his godforce, he would be able to refine the Ten Dragons Formation.

"So simple?" Huang Xiaolong was dumbfounded.

"You think that's simple?" The little cow fumed. "How many people do you think could continuously feed their godforce into all ten dragon pearls until they are full without stopping? If you stop even for a split second, you will have to start all over again."

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head, showing he understood and agreed with the little cow.

Hence, Huang Xiaolong persisted, continuously feeding his godforce into the emperor dragon pearl at a constant speed. He paid great attention to the speed of his godforce, so that his godforce would not be exhausted.

Three months passed.

After three months of constantly feeding the godforce, the emperor dragon pearl at the center suddenly hummed, and a golden light spread out as a stream of pure dragon essence energy flowed into Huang Xiaolong's body.

When this stream of pure dragon essence energy entered his body, Huang Xiaolong immediately felt his skin stretch as his body expanded like a balloon.

Huang Xiaolong was astonished but swiftly circulated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium to absorb the pure dragon essence energy.

"That's remnant dragon essence energy from an Emperor Realm Dragon Clan master. Even though some of the dragon essence energy has dispersed as millions of years have passed, for someone like you who has not advanced to the God King Realm, it's good stuff. Just a thread of it is enough to raise your strength significantly." The little cow explained as she stood beside Huang Xiaolong. "Moreover, because of your True Dragon Physique, this dragon essence energy won't turn violent when it enters your body, instead, it will be gentle and easy for you to absorb it."

Needless to say, Huang Xiaolong was delighted at the information in the little cow's words.

Remnant dragon essence energy of an Emperor Realm Dragon Clan's master!

Half a month passed, by the time Huang Xiaolong completely absorbed the stream of dragon essence energy. As he continued to feed his godforce into the dragon pearl, the dragon pearl would return a small stream of pure dragon essence energy into Huang Xiaolong's body from time to time.

Another two months passed, followed by three months, four months...

Huang Xiaolong clearly felt his strength improve, every time he finished absorbing a stream of dragon essence energy.

A year later, when Huang Xiaolong's supreme godforce filled the emperor dragon pearl, he actually felt his cultivation rise, with the signs that he was about to break through to the God King Realm. But Huang Xiaolong composed himself and actually suppressed his cultivation from breaking through.

He was still in the process of refining the Ten Dragons Formation, and if the process was interrupted because of his breakthrough to the God King Realm, then he would have to start all over again. That was not the ideal result he wanted.

Therefore, he decided to completely refine and take control over the Ten Dragons Formation first.

When the emperor dragon pearl was fully filled with Huang Xiaolong's godforce, his godforce began to flow into the remaining nine dragon pearls.

Similarly, after some time, dragon essence energy within the remaining nine dragon pearls also flowed into Huang Xiaolong's body.

Everytime Huang Xiaolong finished refining a stream of dragon essence energy, his body would show signs of an impending breakthrough to the God King Realm, but each time, he suppressed his breakthrough.

At the same time, he distinctly felt his True Dragon Physique had begun evolving with the more dragon essence energy he absorbed. Whether it was the toughness of his flesh or the explosive power of his muscles, both aspects were stronger than the time he had entered the Tianwu Treasure.

Two years went by in the blink of an eye.

As Huang Xiaolong persistently channeled his godforce into the dragon pearl in the last two years, on this day, the other nine dragon pearls lit up at the same time; rings of light shone simultaneously from them.

All ten dragon pearls were full with Huang Xiaolong's supreme godforce!

The instant Huang Xiaolong filled all ten dragon pearls with his godforce, he felt that his conscience had completely merged with the Ten Dragons Formation, becoming one entity with the whole Tianwu Treasure palace. Every item and every corner of the Tianwu Treasure appeared clearly in his mind.

At the same time, scenes of broken memories appeared in Huang Xiaolong's mind. These broken memories belonged to the God King Realm master Tianwu. From these broken memories, Huang Xiaolong learned some details, for example, the Dragon Clan's treasures inside the Tianwu Treasure were obtained from several hundred trips he had made to the Dragon World, exploring ruins left behind by Dragon Clan's masters. One time during Tianwu's trip to the Dragon World, he had even found a Dragon Clan's Emperor Realm master's cultivation dwelling!

Huang Xiaolong also learned that Tianwu too was a supreme godhead genius, hailed as one of Divine World's great ten supreme godhead geniuses, and the greatest genius of formation in the Divine World.

However, the memories were too broken that Huang Xiaolong did not know how Tianwu had fallen.

When these broken memories were flashing in Huang Xiaolong's mind as he continued to refine the Ten Dragons Formation, the whole Tianwu Treasure palace shook suddenly. Every last shred of energy within the Tianwu Treasure palace roared as it descended onto Huang Xiaolong and entered his body before he could even react.

Huang Xiaolong, who had been suppressing his breakthrough this whole time could no longer suppress it. His godforce flooded out, shattering all barriers and it galloped at full force.


Huang Xiaolong's body shook violently. His three supreme godheads, avatars, True Dragon Physique were evolving at startling speed.

The Moon Jade Heavenly Spiral Shell, chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pool, and Yellow Springs Magic Robe all shone brilliantly.

Xiang Xun, Xu Baisheng, and the others were alarmed by the sudden changes on the surface of Huang Xiaolong's body.

"Don't worry," The little cow reassured everyone. "Little brat Huang definitely will break through to the God King Realm safely, we just have to protect him until then."

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