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Chapter 1504: At The End of the Maze

 There was a glimmer of doubt in Huang Xiaolong's eyes. They were in the deeper region of the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, and not a ray of sunlight could penetrate in this region because of the thick devil qi and death qi. Then where did the sunlight inside the Tianwu Treasure come from?

Huang Xiaolong was not the only one wondering about this. Xiang Xun, Feng Er, and the others were wondering the same thing.

"You guys are wondering where the sunlight is coming from?" The little cow put on the demeanor of a mysterious and knowledgeable senior as she went on, "This Tianwu Treasure is in truth a low-grade grandmist spiritual artifact. It contains over a thousand grand formations, and one of the grand formations is the Epoch Separating Grand Formations from the ancient times. This formation can disregard all spatial hindrance, therefore, sunlight can be guided into this Tianwu Treasure!"

Everyone showed a look of comprehension.

However, Huang Xiaolong's attention was fixed on the words 'this Tianwu Treasure is a low-grade grandmist spiritual artifact,' and he could barely suppress his delight!

"Is this Tianwu Treasure an attack type low-grade grandmist spiritual artifact?" Huang Xiaolong asked excitedly.

The little cow shook her head and said, "Not really?"

Huang Xiaolong blanked. 'What does that mean?'

"This Tianwu Treasure can be considered as a super big low-grade grandmist spatial artifact. Even though this Tianwu Treasure is a spatial artifact, it contains both attack and defensive formations, so it can launch and attack within a certain range only." The little cow answered.

Hearing that, Huang Xiaolong felt a trace of disappointment.

So, it was just a low-grade grandmist spatial artifact. Though he lacked a bigger spatial artifact, he could get a bigger spatial artifact at some of the auction houses.

"You kid don't underestimate this Tianwu Treasure." The little cow harrumphed seeing Huang Xiaolong's disappointed expression. "When the Tianwu Treasure's attack formations are activated, its power is comparable to most of the attack type low-grade grandmist spiritual artifacts, and at full power, it can even kill enemies within several tens of thousands li!"

Finally, there was a trace of shock on Huang Xiaolong's face.

"Senior Xiaoniu, this Tianwu Treasure is refined by Senior Tianwu?" Feng Er asked.

The little cow shook her head, "Though Tianwu, that kid's cultivation had reached peak late-God King Realm with battle strength comparable to a Heavenly Monarch Realm master, it was still not possible for him to forge a low-grade grandmist spiritual artifact. Only Emperor Realm masters are able to refine grandmist spiritual artifacts. Tianwu, that kid collected many materials and invited Emperor Realm masters to help him forge this Tianwu Treasure according to his own design."

"For example, the thousands of grand formations inside this Tianwu Treasure were all laid out according to his design."

So, it's like that. Everyone thought inwardly.

"Also, apart from researching formations, Tianwu especially liked to collect items related to the ancient Dragon Clan." The little cow went on, "There are things like Ancient Dragon Pills, primordial divine dragon crystals, dragon heart stones, various kinds of dragon blood, and even various Dragon Clan's dragon pearls. Wait until you take control over the Tianwu Treasure's core formation, you will surely smile so widely that your mouth will look crooked. All these things are beneficial to your True Dragon Physique. Maybe, you could even find things left behind by a Dragon Clan's Emperor Realm master!"

Huang Xiaolong's eyes were sparkling as he listened to the little cow.

"You know where this Tianwu Treasure's core formation is?" Huang Xiaolong asked anxiously.

The little cow chuckled mischievously before speaking, "You kid can't wait any longer, right?" Her tone then changed as she said, "I'm not Tianwu, so how would I know the location of the Tianwu Treasure's core formation?"

This was not the answer Huang Xiaolong had expected, and he felt an impulse to kick the old cow.

"Though I don't know where the Tianwu Treasure's core formation is located, it should be at the end of this maze." The little cow swiftly added.

At the end of this maze?

Huang Xiaolong looked ahead of him. The so-called end of the maze was enshrouded in white mist, impenetrable by his eyesight and even divine sense. He could not tell how deep or how far the maze went.

"Don't look anymore, this maze is an ancient grand formation, you won't be able to see the end of it, nor you can fly to its end!" The little cow curled her lips.

Can't fly to the end?

Why? Everyone had the same question in their heads.

"You all will know soon enough." The little cow answered like a lofty sage.

Without another word, Huang Xiaolong flew towards the maze, and the others followed. But when he reached the border of the buildings maze, an overwhelming power swooped down on them, which Huang Xiaolong nor his group could resist, forcing them to the ground. Even Xiang Xun was powerless to resist it.

Only then did everyone understand what the little cow meant by 'can't fly to the end of the maze.'

Huang Xiaolong's head throbbed looking at the complicated looking buildings maze. Flying was prohibited, so did that mean they would need to walk all the way until the other end of this maze? How long would that take?

"Senior Xiaoniu, do we have to walk until the other end of this maze? How long is that going to take?" Xiang Xun couldn't help blurting out the depressing question in Huang Xiaolong and the others' minds.

"If you don't know this maze's map, then even if you spend a hundred thousand years in here, you still won't be able to reach the end of this maze. But if you know the route, it would only take two months." The little cow went on, "This maze formation is the combination of Nine Palace Cosmos Formation and Boundless Space Formation. To pass this formation, one needs to know the route of both formations, as well as possess a certain degree of strength. I know the route and with Kiddo Xiang Xun's current strength, with the two of us, it's only a matter of time we reach the end of the maze."

Huang Xiaolong relaxed after hearing that.

Hence, under the little cow's guidance, everyone stepped into the maze.

Half a day later, Huang Xiaolong and the others discovered these buildings were exactly the same; whether it was the materials, color, or shape. Everything was the same. If it wasn't for the little cow guiding them, they really would have been lost in this maze for a hundred thousand years or more.

"Don't look at the spiritual grass and spiritual flowers around you. It will seem tempting, but if you go pick up the grass and flowers, you will trigger the formation, and we will suffer endless attacks. Even if you're a Heavenly Monarch, you won't remain unscathed." The little cow pointed at the spiritual grass and spiritual flowers exuding alluring fragrances along the way.

Hearing that, everyone subconsciously moved closer to the little cow, not daring to wander around.

Several days soon passed by.

During this time, Huang Xiaolong's group often saw some forces' Ancestors and experts encircling the same ten meters radius not far from them, unable to extricate themselves from the maze.

Clearly, these forces' experts had triggered certain parts of the formation, ending up getting trapped within it. Among them were high-level God King Realm masters which made Huang Xiaolong's group even more cautious.

Even if Huang Xiaolong wanted to help these forces' Ancestors and experts, he was powerless. To save one person, it required a lot of effort to resolve the formation entrapping them. Even if Huang Xiaolong spent ten million years, he won't be able to save each and everyone of these entrapped experts.

Therefore, everything depended on Huang Xiaolong taking control of the Tianwu Treasure's core formation to release these experts.

With the little cow leading them in front, Huang Xiaolong's group proceeded smoothly. Roughly a month later, they finally reached the end of the maze.

Looking at the maze's end, everyone was a little astonished. In front of them was actually a mountain! Nothing else! Moreover, this mountain was a common looking mountain, nothing extraordinary could be made out of it.

Is this really the end of the maze?

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