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Chapter 1502: Repairing the Dragon Shark Flying Ship

 Bei Xiaomei asked first, "Uncle, what did my father say to you when you were inside?"

Huang Xiaolong leaned back slightly. This question was not difficult in itself, but answering that question was definitely difficult. Was he supposed to say that her father didn't object to her getting along with him? That he didn't object that he had 'quite a few companions?'

"You can ask your father about that later." Huang Xiaolong stammered.

Bei Xiaomei immediately pouted, "Uncle, just tell me." He is telling her to ask her father? How would she dare to do that?

Huang Xiaolong was really rendered helpless by Bei Xiaomei's persistence, and roughly made an excuse, "We were just talking about the upcoming Treasures Assembly."

"Treasures Assembly?" The four women repeated almost in unison.

Huang Xiaolong quickly nodded, "Here, look at this high-grade invitation your father gave me." Afraid that they wouldn't believe his words, a soft light glimmered as he took out the invitation and showed it to them.

The Treasures Assembly's high-grade invitation was intricately made, emitting a gem-like luster. On the invitation's surface was an embossed drawing of the Heavenly Palace. The invitation immediately attracted Fang Xuanxuan, Peng Xiao, Li Lu, and Yao Chi's attention.

"Wah, it really is the Treasures Assembly's high-grade invitation!" Bei Xiaomei's eyes glimmered as she stared at the invitation. "Uncle, my father is so good to you, he actually gave you a high-grade Treasures Assembly's invitation!"

Huang Xiaolong stiffened, "You, don't have this?"

Bei Xiaomei shook her head and said, "Even though I have an invitation, the Treasures Assembly's invitations are graded. My invitation is only a middle-grade invitation. High-grade invitations for the Treasures Assembly are limited, and only several hundred of them exist in the entire Divine World."

"Only several hundred!" It was Huang Xiaolong's turn to be surprised. Doesn't that mean even an Emperor Palace's Emperor might not have a high-grade invitation?! His Master Zhao Lei very likely doesn't have one either...

Huang Xiaolong looked inquiringly at Fang Xuanxuan.

Fang Xuanxuan nodded her head heavily in affirmation, "What Xiaomei says is true, my father only has one low-grade invitation."

Huang Xiaolong was surprised as he looked at the high-grade Treasures Assembly's exclusive card in his hand, 'Looks like this toy is quite valuable, isn't it?'

"What's the benefits of this Treasures Assembly's high-grade card?" Huang Xiaolong asked Bei Xiaomei and Fang Xuanxuan.

"Lots of benefits, of course!" Bei Xiaomei went on to elaborate to Huang Xiaolong, "The Treasures Assembly has high-grade private rooms. Inside each room are Spiritual Plums and Jade Liquor brewed by the Heavenly Court. The Jade Liquor is so much tastier than the Spiritual Plums, and I've only tasted it a couple of times!"

Huang Xiaolong could see Bei Xiaomei drooling from her sparkling eyes that one wouldn't help thinking that the jade liquor tasted exceptional. Or else, Bei Xiaomei would not reveal this kind of expression.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong was slightly astonished upon hearing Spiritual Plum. "The Spiritual Plums ranked second among the seven wonder fruits, right?"

Among the seven wonder fruits, Huang Xiaolong had merely consumed the Ancestral Dragon Fruit, Seven-Colored Metal Fiend Fruit, and the Flaming White Phoenix Divine Fruit. Hence, he knew how precious and beneficial these seven wonder fruits were.

"It's the Spiritual Plum at second place." Fang Xuanxuan chimed in, and added, "There are several spiritual plum trees within the Heavenly Court's Heavenly Palace, nurtured for many years by the Heavenly Court's spiritual elixir with a secret method. The trees can bear many fruits every ten thousand years. These Spiritual Plums are only distributed to the Treasures Assembly, and like what Xiaomei said, only served in the Treasures Assembly's high-grade private rooms. I think there are ten Spiritual Plums in each private room, is that right?"

Fang Xuanxuan looked at Bei Xiaomei for confirmation as she wasn't sure of the exact number.

Bei Xiaomei nodded and confirmed, "Yes, ten."

"If it's like that, then every time there's a Treasures Assembly, those holding a high-class guest card would be able to take ten Spiritual Plums for free?" Li Lu summarized.

Peng Xiao and Yao Chi also had the same question.

Bei Xiaomei laughed, "Haha, the Heavenly Court's Heavenly Emperor is definitely not stupid. You need to pay for these ten Spiritual Plums, you eat one, and then pay ten million top grade-nine spirit stones."

"Ten million top grade-nine spirit stones!" Peng Xiao, Li Lu, and Yao Chi smacked their lips.

"However, high-grade card give guests a twenty percent discount when purchasing things from the Treasures Assembly." Bei Xiaomei continued, "All the things from the Treasures Assembly are not cheap, twenty percent of a few items can save a lot of spirit stones!"

"The middle-grade card gives a ten percent discount, and low-grade card, five percent."

"Of course, the high-grade card holding guests also enjoy other exclusive treatment and benefits, which the other two grades card holders cannot."

Bei Xiaomei continued, "For example, if two people fancied the same treasure, and if I have a high-grade card, then I have the privilege of buying it first."

"What if both people have high-grade cards?" Yao Chi asked.

"Then, they compare who gives the higher price." Bei Xiaomei answered matter-of-factly.

At this time, the door to the inner hall opened. Bei Lengyang stepped out and smiled contentedly seeing his daughter Bei Xiaomei chatting happily with Huang Xiaolong and other girls.

"Senior Bei!" Fang Xuanxuan, Peng Xiao, and the others immediately greeted noticing him.

Seeing Bei Lengyang's smile, Huang Xiaolong squeezed a smile as he took a step forward to greet, "Uncle Bei."

Uncle Bei? The several women glanced strangely at Huang Xiaolong.

But Bei Lengyang seemed to like it very much, and he let out a hearty laugh. "Xiaolong ah, what are you all talking about so happily?"

"Uncle Bei, we were just talking about the Treasures Assembly." Huang Xiaolong answered frankly.

Bei Lengyang smiled at Bei Xiaomei as he said, "Tomorrow's the Treasures Assembly, so go accompany your Uncle around, and if you see anything good, have your Uncle buy it for you!"

Bei Xiaomei felt awkward due to her father's look. Is this really her father? Even though her father dotes on her, he has never teased her like this in front of others before.

Bei Lengyang spoke a while longer with Huang Xiaolong, circling around the topic of 'come-visit-more-often' before taking his leave.

After Bei Lengyang left, the four women were staring down at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong made an awkward 'haha' then fled for his life.

The next day, Huang Xiaolong, the five women, the little cow, and the rest went to the Treasures Assembly and enjoyed some of the treatment Bei Xiaomei had claimed that the middle-grade and low-grade card holders could not enjoy. He also tasted the second ranked wonder fruit, Spiritual Plums, as well as Heavenly Court's famous brew, Jade Liquor.

Huang Xiaolong was pleasantly surprised when he bought some Devil World's spirit stones and spiritual springwater of extreme yin and extreme cold nature. These two items could repair the Yellow Springs Magic Robe to a certain extent. Even though both of these items were less effective compared to the Devil Holy Land's devil holy water, they could still raise the magic robe's power.

After the Treasures Assembly ended, Huang Xiaolong accompanied the five women while they shopped around Heavens Avenue for half a month before departing back to the Fortune Emperor Palace with Li Lu, Yao Chi, Fang Xuanxuan, Peng Xiao, and the others under Bei Xiaomei's reluctant gaze.

Back at the Fortune Emperor Palace, Huang Xiaolong had Xiang Xun, Xu Baisheng, Xu Yong, Xu Jiang, and Xu Shi assist the little cow in repairing the Dragon Shark Flying Ship.

Though the materials were sufficient, it still took them more than a year's time to repair the Dragon Shark Flying Ship.


A little over a year later, a flying ship was tearing through space in the direction of the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield.

This flying ship was naturally the Dragon Shark Flying Ship.

After the Dragon Shark Flying Ship was fully restored, Huang Xiaolong had remained at the Fortune Emperor Palace for another two months before departing to the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield.

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