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Chapter 1490: You Can Take Half As Reward

 Fang Gan immediately checked Fang Xuanxuan's condition using his divine sense. His heart fell back to his chest after confirming that his daughter was merely unconscious and had no other negative sequel.

A figure condensed of colorful lights walked out from the crack in the void. No one felt any ripples of energy fluctuations from this light-man, but when they felt his gaze passing over them, even Emperor Realm masters' felt palpitations.

The light-man's facial features were a little vague which made it hard for others to recognize his identity. However, his attention mainly fell on Huang Xiaolong after he came out of the void. Huang Xiaolong was still in his primordial divine dragon form.

The light-man's eyes were in fact empty holes and his voice was low and a little gruff. "How many years has it been since a new king of supreme godhead genius has appeared again in the Divine World? Huang Xiaolong, is it? I have remembered your name, there aren't a lot of people in this universe who are worthy for me to remember them. I hope you would have grown much stronger by time of the Battle of the Heavenly Court, enough to contend with our Fiend God Emperor Palace's Emperor's Disciple."

Wang Yongsen floated up from the square without the light-man making any gesture in particular and both of them disappeared into the black void crack.

Li Shan and Chen Yirong both made a move to chase after them, but Fang Gan shook his head to stop them.

As the light-man was merely a body of energy condensed by one of the Fiend God Emperor Palace's master with some kind of technique, it wasn't much of a use to capture 'him.'

For now, none of this mattered as long as his daughter Fang Xuanxuan was safe.

As the light-man and Wang Yongsen disappeared, the void crack shrunk until space returned to normal.

Though Wang Yongsen was taken away by the light-man, the spatial rings containing three million Fortune Divine Fruits and six low-grade chaos spiritual veins were left behind on the ground. The Fiend God Emperor Palace had kept their part of the bet.

A light glimmered in the air as Huang Xiaolong returned to his human body, and leisurely put on a new set of robe.

Looking at the spatial rings containing three million Fortune Divine Fruits and six low-grade chaos spiritual veins, Huang Xiaolong's hand reached out, as he was about to collect the items from the ground, when a voice shouted, "Wait!"

Everyone turned to see that Zhou Chen was the one who had asked Huang Xiaolong to stop.

Seeing he had become the center of attention all of a sudden, Zhou Chen's voice weakened by half as he said, "Huang Xiaolong, those three million Fortune Divine Fruits originally belonged to our Fortune Emperor Palace. Since you are a disciple of Fortune Emperor Palace, and even if you won the competition, those three million Fortune Divine Fruits should be returned to the Fortune Emperor Palace!"

"As for those six low-grade chaos spiritual veins, you can take half as your reward."

The great hall fell into a strange silence after Zhou Chen finished speaking. The masters of various Emperor Palaces were watching Zhou Chen with weird expressions.

It was obvious that all of them were thinking the same thing-this Zhou Chen has got quite the thick face.

Those three million Fortune Divine Fruits did belong to the Fortune Emperor Palace, but when Wang Yongsen had defeated Sun Shihai and won the three million Fortune Divine Fruits, they had become Wang Yongsen's instead of the Fortune Emperor Palace. Since Huang Xiaolong had defeated Wang Yongsen, they naturally and rightfully belonged to Huang Xiaolong now.

In truth, whether it were the three million Fortune Divine Fruits or six low-grade chaos spiritual veins, all of those items were won by Huang Xiaolong using the Yellow Springs Magic Robe and a soul defensive grandmist spiritual artifact as stakes.

This Zhou Chen has the cheek to say half of the low-grade chaos spiritual veins can be given to Huang Xiaolong as a reward?

Zhao Lei's face darkened instantly upon hearing Zhou Chen's words, but he smirked with satire at Zhou Chen. "Zhou Chen, I believe everyone is clear whether these Fortune Divine Fruits and low-grade chaos spiritual veins belong to my disciple or the Fortune Emperor Palace. And when mentioning rewards, Sect Chief had said earlier that anyone who could defeat Wang Yongsen would be rewarded with two million Fortune Divine Fruits, as well as one promise from him."

When Zhou Chen tried to argue, Fang Gan raised his hand and interrupted him. Fang Gan looked at Zhao Lei and smiled, "I say, now that you've a treasure of a disciple, there's no longer this good brother in your eyes. Do you need to protect him so?" He then looked at Huang Xiaolong amiably and said, "Xiaolong ah, don't worry, Uncle Fang Gan's words are good as gold. You'll get your rightful reward."

A soft light glimmered as the spatial ring containing two million Fortune Divine Fruits appeared in his hand. Fang Gan gave the spatial ring to Huang Xiaolong while saying, "As for that request, tell me, as long as it's within Uncle's ability, Uncle will fulfill it."

Now that Huang Xiaolong had 'exposed' his king of supreme godhead, Fang Gan's behavior towards Huang Xiaolong had taken a hundred and eighty degrees turn. Fang Han was smiling as if he and Huang Xiaolong had always been close, and he had even changed his salutation to Uncle for Huang Xiaolong.

Others blanked for a second hearing Fang Gan call himself uncle, but immediately understood his actions.

Huang Xiaolong cupped his fists at Fang Gan as he responded, "Uncle Fang Gan, I understand that the Fortune Emperor Palace needs Fortune Divine Fruits, so I won't take these two million Fortune Divine Fruits. The three million Fortune Divine Fruits are enough for me to cultivate for a long time. As for that request, I still have not decided, but when I think of it, I would tell Uncle Fang Gan."

Fang Gan hesitated. "Alright then, then Uncle Fang will keep these two million Fortune Divine Fruits." He gave Huang Xiaolong a grateful look as he went on, "Xiaolong ah, Xuan'er safe return is all due to your effort, and Uncle Fang thanks you for saving Xuan'er's life."

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, and said quickly, "Uncle Fang is too polite."

Fang Gan smiled kindly and praised Huang Xiaolong before turning around to face the guests. He cupped his fists and said to everyone, "The banquet continues."

Huang Xiaolong put away the spatial rings containing three million Fortune Divine Fruits and six low-grade chaos spiritual veins.

Everyone returned to their seats.

However, when Huang Xiaolong was about to return to his seat beside Senior Brother Chen Hao, Fang Gan refused no matter what Huang Xiaolong said, and insisted him to sit at the front table, beside his Master Zhao Lei.

Huang Xiaolong relented under Fang Gan's persistence.

Azure Dragon Emperor Chen Jianwei as well as other Emperor Palaces' Emperors came up to Fang Gan, and undulating wishes of congratulations rang in the hall.

Azure Dragon Emperor Chen Jianwei laughed as he spoke to Fang Gan and Zhao Lei, "Brother Fang Gan, Brother Zhao Lei, congratulations to the both of you. The Fortune Emperor Palace has received a king of supreme godhead disciple ah. There'll be a day when Xiaolong will stand at the top of the world, so would the Fortune Emperor Palace."

Chen Jianwei had called Huang Xiaolong as Xiaolong, which roused faint furrows between Huang Xiaolong's brows.

Fang Gan laughed heartily as he cupped his fists at Chen Jianwei as a thank you gesture. Beside him, Zhao Lei said with a big smile, "This kid had hidden this matter from us before, making us worry for half a day in vain. When we get back, I should smack his backside as punishment."

Huang Xiaolong broke out in cold sweat imagining the sight.

Chen Jianwei as well as other Emperors could only chuckle in response.

Sun Shihai followed closely behind Zhou Chen. He watched as various Emperor Palaces' masters praised and complemented Huang Xiaolong, while the main stars of the apprenticeship ceremony who should have been him and Peng Xiao were completely ignored. Everyone had seemed to have forgotten his existence, and the gaze in his eyes turned gloomy and venomous.

The apprenticeship ceremony ended ten hours later than the Fortune Emperor Palace had estimated.

After the ceremony, some Emperor Palaces' masters chose to stay a few days at the Fortune Emperor Palace so the disciples they had brought along with them could befriend Huang Xiaolong.

Thus, in the next few days, the doorsteps of Huang Xiaolong's cultivation palace were crowded with other Emperor Palaces' disciples.

A few days later, Huang Xiaolong could finally catch his breath after all these guests left Fortune Emperor Palace.

However, Bei Xiaomei was still around. She continued to stay at the Fortune Emperor Palace and run to Huang Xiaolong's cultivation palace every day, calling for him, "Uncle, Uncle."

Huang Xiaolong sighed inwardly and looked at the sky.

This went on for a month until Huang Xiaolong finally said that he needed to enter seclusion and cultivation to breakthrough to God King Realm at the earliest, as an excuse to Bei Xiaomei. Bei Xiaomei pouted unhappily and agreed, "Alright, it's more important for Uncle to cultivate, but you must come find me at the Silver Fox Commerce's headquarters."

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head and promised, "Sure."

Bei Xiaomei hooked Huang Xiaolong's pinky with hers and said, "The liar is a piggy."

Huang Xiaolong gave birth to a strong impulse to run.