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Chapter 1458: Fifty Moves?

 Upon entering the examination hall, Fang Gan and his group discovered that the Chief of Hall Masters Zhao Lei was also present, grouped together with Gongsun Chi, Zhang Dong, and the others. All of them were staring at the mirror jade in front of them.

Fang Gan's group was surprised to see Zhao Lei and they realized that he had arrived much earlier than them.

Could he be here for the same disciple, Huang Xiaolong?

"Sect Chief!

"Ancestor Li Shan!"

Several Hall Masters were astonished when they noticed Fang Fan, Li Shan, and the others' presence in the examination hall. Zhao Lei, the Hall Masters, Grand Elders, and Elders quickly knelt on one knee in salute.

Fang Gan nodded at everyone and had them stand up from the floor. He then turned to Zhao Lei and said, "I hadn't expected to see you here."

Even though Fang Gan was the current Fortune Emperor, he had been accepted into the Fortune Emperor Palace in the same batch as Zhao Lei, and the two of them had remained good friends since then, experiencing life and death together.

Zhao Lei grinned as he responded to Fang Gan, "I've been here for a while now. You're one step late. Huang Xiaolong has just defeated Liu Qin, and you missed an exciting part."

Fang Gan, Li Shan, Zhou Chen, and Chen Yirong knowingly exchanged a secret glance. The four stepped towards the most center piece of mirror jade.

"How many moves did Huang Xiaolong use to defeat Liu Qin? One hundred? Or two hundred?" Fang Gan casually asked Zhao Lei as he walked towards the mirror jades.

Zhao Lei erupted in a hearty laughter hearing Fang Gan's question.

"You've guessed wrong this time." Zhao Lei stated casually.

"Ei, too many? Is it, perhaps, fifty moves?" Fang Gan was surprised. Li Shan, Zhou Chen, and Chen Yirong also looked at Zhao Lei, waiting for the answer.

Zhao Lei couldn't help breaking into another wave of laughter before saying, "Fifty moves? You've, by far, underestimated Huang Xiaolong! He only used one move!" Zhao Lei wriggled one finger to emphasize his word.

One move!

Fang Gan, Li Shan, Zhou Chen, and Chen Yirong were dumbfounded. After a while one of them shrieked, "What? One move!" Disbelief was obvious on their faces.

For real?!

A peak early Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm has defeated an early First Order God King Realm master with one move?!

The four of them felt like they had heard something ridiculous.

However, they knew that Zhao Lei never lied.

Seeing the expressions on Fang Gan and several Ancestors faces, Zhao Lei chuckled. "That's why I said that you've underestimated Huang Xiaolong too much." There was anticipation in his voice as he went on, "But this kid is surely going face off against Fu Feiyu. Who knows, that could be more exciting than his battle with Liu Qin!"

Fang Gan, Li Shan, Zhou Chen, and Chen Yirong each had their own doubts.

"One move!" There were great waves of shock in Fang Gan's heart. His gaze was fixed on Huang Xiaolong's figure on the mirror jade surface.

"Can Huang Xiaolong's godhead be really high emperor rank Five Elements Godhead?" Zhou Chen asked suspiciously a few moments later.

At Zhou Chen's question, Zhang Dong hurriedly stepped forward and answered, "According to the testing stone's assessment, it is the Five Elements Godhead; also, Elder Bai has personally checked Huang Xiaolong's physique with his godforce, therefore, there should be no mistake! The strange thing is that Huang Xiaolong's bone-age is below one thousand years!"

"What-?! Come again? Huang Xiaolong's bone-age is below one thousand years?!" Zhao Lei looked dumbstruck as he stared at Zhang Dong. This was the first time he heard that Huang Xiaolong's bone-age was below one thousand years!

Some other Hall Masters also didn't know about Huang Xiaolong's bone-age, hence they were just as astonished as Zhao Lei after hearing Zhang Dong's words.

The astonishment on Fang Gan, Li Shan, Zhou Chen, and Chen Yirong's faces mirrored Zhao Lei's.

"We've already investigated Huang Xiaolong-he's a disciple from the Vientiane branch, Golden Brow and Blood Knife's personal disciple. He entered the Vientiane branch forty to fifty years ago,and at that time, he hadn't even broken through to Ancient God Realm. Moreover, according to our investigation, Huang Xiaolong has encountered a heaven-defying adventure, where he was able to refine the grandmist aura!" Zhang Dong revealed all the shocking details of his investigation to Fang Gan, Li Shan, and the others, without daring to conceal anything.

The more they heard, the more they were astonished.

A genius, a monstrous genius!

Even a genius of all ages would be hard-pressed to surpass Huang Xiaolong's achievements!

Forty or fifty years ago, Huang Xiaolong hadn't even broken through to Ancient God Realm, but fast forward fifty years in the future from that time, and he had grown to this degree in such a short amount of time!

Zhou Chen's eyes sparkled as he mused, "If that is really the case, then this child's good luck is unparalleled, and even if his godhead is only a high emperor rank Five Elements Godhead, he still has a high chance of cultivating to the Emperor realm!"

Fang Gan, Li Shan, Chen Yirong, Zhao Lei, Gongsun Chi, Xu Wen, and Zhang Dong nodded in agreement.

In cultivation, talent was essential, so was luck.

If the cultivators with slightly less talent had good enough luck that allowed them to encounter fortuitous adventures again and again, their growth would be as amazing compared to the highly talented cultivators.

"This child is worthy for us to cultivate him with attention." Chen Yirong praised.

Listening to Chen Yirong's tone, Fang Gan couldn't help asking, "Is Ancestor Yirong planning to take this child as disciple?"

Zhao Lei's brows creased unknowingly after hearing that.

Chen Yirong said with a faint smile, "Even though this child's godhead is merely a high emperor rank, I can bend the rules a little and accept him as my disciple-in-name because of his luck."

In truth, someone with Chen Yirong's status and identity did not accept any disciple-in-name, as he only selected supreme godhead geniuses as his personal disciples. But Huang Xiaolong's battle power and luck had tickled Chen Yirong's fancy, so he was willing to bend the rules for him.

After hearing Chen Yirong's plan, Fang Gan said playfully, "I'm afraid Brother Zhao Lei won't agree with Ancestor Yirong taking this child as a disciple-in-name."

Chen Yirong was surprised by this comment, but quickly regained his composure as his gaze fell upon Zhao Lei. "That's fine as well. Just let Huang Xiaolong choose for himself. If he's willing to worship me as his Master, and become my disciple-in-name, then I would accept him. If he's willing to worship Zhao Lei as his Master, then let Zhao Lei accept him as his disciple, how's that?"

Zhao Lei's identity in the Fortune Emperor Palace was a little special, and even Chen Yirong had to consider Zhao Lei's feelings in certain matters.

Then again, in Chen Yirong's opinion, as long as Huang Xiaolong was not a fool, he should know who to choose.

Zhao Lei lowered his head slightly in agreement to Chen Yirong's suggestion, but no one saw the lightning flickering in his eyes.

Subsequently, everyone's attention fell back on the mirror jade that was displaying Huang Xiaolong's actions.

Sometime later, when Huang Xiaolong was passing by a forest, a disciple entered his line of sight, as the disciple was flying straight towards him.

"The disciple flying towards Huang Xiaolong is called Liang Lin. He is a peak late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm disciple with top emperor rank godhead from the Eastern Star branch." Zhang Dong immediately got the disciple's details and reported to Fang Gan and the Ancestors.

Fang Gan nodded, smiling faintly as he commented, "Does everyone think that Huang Xiaolong can send Liang Lin flying with one punch?"

Everyone chuckled softly but no one answered.

As Fang Gan and the others watched through the mirror jade, Liang Lin arrived in front of Huang Xiaolong. However, Liang Lin's next action came as a shock to everyone-Liang Lin stopped a few meters from Huang Xiaolong and respectfully offered him his Fortune Divine Fruits with both hands.

Huang Xiaolong accepted Liang Lin's Fortune Divine Fruits, and left without another look at him.

The examination hall was deathly quiet.

Everyone turned to look at the person beside them.

"Such a powerful soul force!" A few seconds later, Li Shan sighed.

He had been able to see through Huang Xiaolong's move. Huang Xiaolong had used his soul force to directly force Liang Lin to hand over all his Fortune Divine Fruits against his will. Huang Xiaolong had not needed to attack physically at all.

A light glimmered in Zhou Chen's eyes. He spoke, "A freak of a physique and a powerful soul force; I really can't figure out how Huang Xiaolong cultivates! Pity ah!"

Pity that Huang Xiaolong's godhead wasn't a supreme rank godhead!

"Wait till the rankings competition ends, I'll check it myself." Chen Yirong stated. Even though Zhang Dong had said that Elder Bai had personally checked Huang Xiaolong's attributes, he still wanted to check Huang Xiaolong in person.

In the blink of an eye, half a month passed by...

In this half a month, Huang Xiaolong had appeared to be too lazy to attack physically, and all his subsequent encounters with other disciples were dealt by using his godforce to suppress them, making them surrender their Fortune Divine Fruits.

Half a month later, under Fang Gan, Li Shan, and others' constant watch, Huang Xiaolong, Fu Feiyu, and Peng Xiao were actually flying towards the same valley. Without accident, these three people were bound to run into each other in this valley.