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Chapter 1451: This Kid’s A Little Rash

 Since Huang Xiaolong had not hidden himself, the six disciples discovered Huang Xiaolong flying towards them.

Their thoughts synchronized for a moment as all of them stopped their battles and leaped to the sides, whilst remaining vigilant against their opponents.

"It's this kid! Didn't this Huang-something kid offend Senior Brother Liu Qin and Senior Brother Fu Feiyu earlier?"

"That's right, it's him! I think his name is Huang Xiaolong, a peak early-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm disciple."

The six disciples immediately recognized him when Huang Xiaolong got a little closer to them.

Since the scene from the day before, where Huang Xiaolong had 'offended' Liu Qin and Fu Feiyu had taken place in public, it wasn't hard for them to recognize Huang Xiaolong.

It had only taken a fraction of a second for these six disciples to recognize Huang Xiaolong, during which Huang Xiaolong had already descended on the ground in front of them.

Huang Xiaolong's gaze swept over the six disciples and stopped on one of them. A sneer rose up on the corners of his mouth. This disciple was one of the many disciples who had flattered Liu Qin in front of the Supreme Harmony Hall and he had also screamed about teaching Huang Xiaolong a lesson on behalf of Liu Qin.

This disciple was a mid-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm.

The disciple widened his eyes and glared fiercely when he saw Huang Xiaolong looking at him, and scolded, "Punk, watcha looking at? Roll over here and handover your Fortune Divine Fruit!"

"Or else, I'll cripple you down below!" The disciple sneered, "The competition's rules prohibit killing, but it doesn't break the rules if I violate you down below!"

An early Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm disciple interjected, "This kid is Senior Brother Liu Qin and Senior Brother Fu Feiyu's bet target, so if we defeat him here and snatch his Fortune Divine Fruit, would they blame us if they found out?"

His worries were not unreasonable.

After all, Liu Qin and Fu Feiyu's bet was no secret as they had literally agreed to see who had better luck to be the first to find Huang Xiaolong and snatch his Fortune Divine Fruit. The winner was going to win a million low grade-seven spirit stones.

The same mid-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm disciple frowned. A while later, he said, "In that case, we capture this kid first, and when we find Senior Liu Qin, we'll hand him over to Senior Brother Liu Qin, so he can win the bet. He'll surely be happy, maybe, he'd even reward ten thousand low grade-seven spirit stones to each of us!"

The peak early Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm disciple and the remaining four disciples smiled hearing his suggestion.

"That's a wonderful idea! We can please Senior Brother Liu Qin and get some spirit stones. On top of that, we will also win a favor with Senior Brother Liu Qin, and he will cover for us in the future at the Fortune Emperor Palace. And that's like getting whatever we want!"

"I think we should first contact Senior Brother Fu Feiyu after we've captured this kid. Senior Brother Fu Feiyu's talent and strength are a little better than Senior Brother Liu Qin, Senior Brother Fu Feiyu's future status in Fortune Emperor Palace would certainly be higher!"

The six disciples continued to discuss their options.

They started with being worried about offending Liu Qin and Fu Feiyu if they defeated Huang Xiaolong. Subsequently, they decided to capture Huang Xiaolong and offer him to them, and lastly, they weighed whether Liu Qin or Fu Feiyu would give them more benefits.

Each disciple had his own opinion which contradicted with others.

The six disciples' strength was between peak early Tenth Order to mid-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm, thus, in their minds, the six of them could easily subdue Huang Xiaolong, and he would have no chance of escaping.

They were not able to think of any other possible ending.

Huang Xiaolong watched them indifferently as they discussed among themselves. He then punched at the disciple who had snapped at him earlier. He was the same mid-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm disciple who told him to roll over.


There was a giant palace hovering somewhere above the Fortune Emperor Palace.

The Fortune Emperor Palace's Elders, Grand Elders, and Hall Masters were gathered inside this giant palace.

Above the palace were a thousand pieces of mirror jades, displaying various images on their surfaces. These images were showing Huang Xiaolong and other disciples' actions in the rankings competition.

These Elders, Grand Elders, and Hall Masters came here to watch every batch of disciples' rankings competition to judge their performance.

Then again, these one thousand pieces of mirror jades only showed them the disciples who had the potential of rising to the top one thousand rankings.

Only these disciples were worthy of the Fortune Emperor Palace's Elders, Grand Elders, and Hall Masters' attention.

Elder Bai and the Supreme Harmony Hall's Hall Master Zhang Dong were standing in front of a mirror jade. The scene displayed on this mirror jade was Huang Xiaolong's.

Both Elder Bai and Hall Master Zhang Dong were surprised as they watched Huang Xiaolong throw his fist at the mid-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm disciple.

"I'm very curious to see if this kid's True Dragon Physique is as powerful as you've said." Zhang Dong murmured.

Elder Bai laughed confidently, "Rest assured, Hall Master, this kid's True Dragon Physique is certainly comparable to a peak late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm disciple's body. Combined with his peak early Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm cultivation, it will not be a problem for him to defeat that mid-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm disciple!"

Elder Bai paused slightly before continuing, "However, this kid's a little rash. At his current strength, along with his True Dragon Physique, he could only deal with two mid-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm disciples, he's bound to lose against six people!"

Zhang Dong nodded. "If he's captured, then he's done. He won't be able to enter the top one thousand rankings, much less the top one hundred."

Right at this time, Huang Xiaolong's fist closed in on the mid-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm disciple.

The mid-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm disciple laughed mockingly watching Huang Xiaolong's action. "Look, this punk's seeking death." He circulated his godforce to the limit and punched out to meet Huang Xiaolong's fist. As Huang Xiaolong had dared to initiate an attack, he needed to teach this punk a bitter lesson.

Two fists collided in midair.

In the next moment, the disciple was agape with horror, while his five companions watched him thrown backwards like a sandbag. His fist that had collided halfway in the air, with Huang Xiaolong's, exploded down to the bones, all the way up to his shoulder.

The ground quaked with a resounding boom.

The other five disciples were dumbfounded.

Zhang Dong was also dumbfounded. So was Elder Bai.

One move?!

It merely took him one move? Elder Bai muttered inwardly. He already knew that Huang Xiaolong's True Dragon Physique was powerful, but what he saw was more than just powerful! That's...!

Zhang Dong recovered from his shock, and his eyes shone brightly as he nodded with a big smile, "Not bad, not bad, this kid's True Dragon Physique is indeed very strong. Looks like, even if these six disciples join hands, they won't last past twenty strikes from him, and he might enter the top one hundred."

On the mirror jade surface, they could see Huang Xiaolong flickering in and out, and every time, one of the disciples would be sent flying into the air. Five strikes later, all five remaining disciples were grunting with blood flowing out from their mouths and some of them completely fainted into oblivion.

In this short lapse of time, Zhang Dong was agape.

Elder Bai's jaw dropped to his chest.

On the island, Huang Xiaolong walked towards the mid-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm disciple, and stomped down on his lower part. A blood-curdling scream pierced the air as the disciple bent over and clutched his crotch.