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Chapter 1444: Below 1000 Years

 Huang Xiaolong nodded and accepted He Lai's communication talisman.

Since Huang Xiaolong was a rookie at the Fortune Emperor Palace, having a few connections would prove beneficial.

He Lai was able to send Huang Xiaolong to the lead disciples for registration. This showed that he had above average status among the inner sect disciples, and definitely had a decent backing.

Huang Xiaolong stood out from the rest as he joined the registration line. Compared to the other emperor rank godhead geniuses in the registration line, Huang Xiaolong seemed a little shabby. They all were clad in conspicuous ancient divine armors that bespoke wealth and exuded lofty air. On the other hand, Huang Xiaolong was clad in a common brocade robe.

Though Huang Xiaolong's brocade robe was made from rare materials, it looked extremely common on the surface.

The disciple in front of Huang Xiaolong turned back and scrutinized Huang Xiaolong from head to toes, and said with a faint smile, "Say, this Brother, your dressing is quite vogue. If I knew dressing this way would attract attention, I would have done the same." Satire and mockery were obvious in his voice.

This disciple was tall and burly. He was half a head taller than Huang Xiaolong, who himself was six feet two, and his cultivation realm was late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm. Maybe, he had the guts to mock Huang Xiaolong because Huang Xiaolong's cultivation was only at early Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm.

Huang Xiaolong was unaffected by his mockery, and totally ignored him, pretending to have not understood the disciple's words at all.

The disciple looked a little affected as he had failed to incite a reaction from Huang Xiaolong, but quickly covered it with a smile, "Which branch does Brother come from? I'm Zhou Wen from the Ice Peak branch, and I'm its Young Lord. Mine is a top emperor rank godhead. What is the level of Brother's emperor rank godhead?" There was complacence in his voice.

The Ice Peak branch's Young Lord, Zhou Wen!

The Ice Peak Fortune Gate branch ranked within the top ten amongst all branches.

No wonder, Zhou Wen's gestures and expressions were exuding bone-deep loftiness and arrogance. Then again, his identity, godhead rank, and talent were indeed a capital for his arrogance.

However, Huang Xiaolong remained indifferent and continued to ignore Zhou Wen.

Anger flashed across Zhou Wen's eyes as Huang Xiaolong continued to ignore him, even after he had stated his identity.

"Oh right, I still have a few sets of good divine armors inside my spatial ring that I had obtained during my fortuitous adventures," Zhou Wen went on, "If Brother wants it, you can tell me after our registrations are completed. Since we are fated to become brothers, I would give you one, as long as brother asks for it."

Zhou Wen opened his spatial ring for Huang Xiaolong to see the numerous grade-five and grade-six spirit stones, as well as the large number of divine armors and artifacts.

Light rippled on the divine armors' surfaces, displaying their quality.

Perhaps, the quality of these divine armors were quite good in other disciples' eyes, but Huang Xiaolong found them to be equivalent to scrap metal. Each of the divine armor inside Huang Xiaolong's spatial ring was better than the ones inside Zhou Wen's spatial ring.

Zhou Wen's face sank after seeing Huang Xiaolong's continued indifference and lack of temptation, so he turned to give Huang Xiaolong the cold shoulder.

It was obvious from Zhou Wen's expression that he had no goodwill towards Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong stood in the line quietly. From the beginning, he hadn't looked at Zhou Wen even once.

Happy cheers sounded as the disciples ahead of Huang Xiaolong successfully passed the testing.

As the Fortune Emperor Palace's recruitment requirements had been published earlier, some of the disciples had come to register with fulfilled requirements.

There were not a lot of disciples in the line ahead of Huang Xiaolong, and soon it was soon Zhou Wen's turn.

Zhou Wen stepped towards the inner sect disciple who was in charge of the testing, and stated his name and branch. After that he proceeded to the testing jade for his godhead's assessment.

"Battle Star Godhead, top emperor rank godhead ranked at one hundred and ninety-second place." After the testing results were announced, the remaining disciples were slightly surprised.

Even the inner sect disciple in charge of the testing was a little surprised and gave Zhou Wen another glance.

Even though the Fortune Emperor Palace had recruited over twenty thousand emperor rank godhead geniuses during this recruitment period, there weren't many top emperor rank godhead geniuses, barely exceeding three hundred disciples.

Within these three hundred disciples, those with godhead ranking in the top two hundred were even rarer.

With such a degree of talent, if they performed well in the ranking competition, they were likely to be accepted as a personal disciple by a Grand Elder, maybe even a Hall Master.

Next, the inner sect disciple began activating the testing stone's formation to assess Zhou Wen's strength.

"Late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm, close to peak late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm." The words appeared on the surface of the testing stone which was as tall as an adult man.

The crowd of disciples stirred.

Most of the disciples taking the recruitment test had a mid-level Ancestor God Realm strength on an average. Even though there were some high-level Ancestor God Realm disciples, there were only a handful the Ninth Order Ancestor God Realm disciples among them, and the late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm disciples were scarce.

Subsequently, the inner sect disciple proceeded to verify Zhou Wen's bone-age.

"Bone-age, 12,353 years old."

This number sent a small wave of shock through the spectating disciples.

Achieving the late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm in a little over twelve thousand years of cultivation was already a shocking cultivation speed.

Even Huang Xiaolong was inwardly shocked, just a little.

Zhou Wen's talent was not as simple as a top emperor-rank godhead. The average top emperor-rank godhead disciples' cultivation were far from reaching late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm.

For instance, his Master Blood Knife Ancestor who was currently a peak late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm master, had cultivated for more than twenty thousand years.

"Pass!" The inner sect disciple announced loudly, then inscribed Zhou Wen's information and testing results on a jade token and gave it to Zhou Wen.

This identity jade token signified Zhou Wen's entry into the Fortune Emperor Palace as the future outer sect disciple.

When the inner sect disciple gave Zhou Wen his identity token, he kindly reminded Zhou Wen about several things. Interestingly, the disciple before Zhou Wen had not received the same treatment.

Zhou Wen did not leave after receiving his identity token. Like other disciples who had passed the test before him, he stood at the side sneering inwardly as he watched Huang Xiaolong. He wanted to know Huang Xiaolong's godhead rank.

Low-emperor rank? Or mid-emperor rank?

Zhou Wen confidant that Huang Xiaolong didn't have a top emperor rank godhead, similar to his.

Huang Xiaolong stepped up towards the inner sect disciple who was in charge of testing. Similar to all disciples who had taken the test before him, Huang Xiaolong stated which branch he came from and his full name. After that he proceeded to stand in front of the testing stone.

The inner sect disciple activated the formation within the testing stone. Rings of light were emitted from the testing stone, enshrouding Huang Xiaolong.

Moments later, the testing light glimmered and following words appeared in on its surface:

"Five Elements Godhead, high emperor rank godhead, ranked at four hundred and fifty-eighth place."

Being his prudent self, Huang Xiaolong had decided against exposing his supreme godhead at this point. He could always disclose it in the future, if it became utterly necessary.

The inner sect disciple slightly nodded his head with satisfaction, as he saw that Huang Xiaolong's godhead was the high emperor rank Five Elements Godhead. Though it couldn't be compared to Zhou Wen's godhead, it was still not bad.

Zhou Wen was surprised at the words on the testing stone, but he swiftly recovered and a sneer rose at the corners of his mouth.

Subsequently, the testing stone displayed peak early-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm for Huang Xiaolong's cultivation realm. But when it came to Huang Xiaolong's bone-age, the testing stone emitted a harsh blinding light that hurt the eyes of the onlookers. When they could see again, they saw the following on the testing stone surface: "Bone-age, below one thousand years!"

Below one thousand years!

Everyone was stupefied.