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Chapter 1442: Arriving At the Fortune Emperor Palace

 The Silver Fox Commerce's silver fox tokens had four grades. On the surface, all the tokens looked the same, however, there were distinctive differences between the four grades of the silver fox tokens.

The silver token that Huang Xiaolong had thrown to the Silver Fox Commerce's Supervisor was the highest grade silver fox token.

Only a handful of the highest grade silver fox tokens had been issued in the whole Silver Fox Commerce.

Chen Zhao, Fang Xuanxuan, and the others didn't recognize the silver fox token, except Liang Yuan as one of the branch supervisors, how could he not recognize it?! His hands were shaking as if the silver fox token was a giant mountain that was pressing down, making his knees weak.

"Young Master, please wait a moment, I'll immediately go invite our branch chief." Liang Yuan was still shaking as he respectfully said to Huang Xiaolong, and returned the silver fox token to Huang Xiaolong with both hands.

Huang Xiaolong took the silver token and nodded indifferently.

Liang Yuan turned and hurried away after getting Huang Xiaolong's permission.

Chen Zhao, Fang Xuanxuan, Li Qunhao, and the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace's disciples, as well as the other disciples from other forces were stupefied watching this scene.

Chen Zhao, Fang Xuanxuan, and the others' attention fell onto the silver fox token in Huang Xiaolong's hand, and they all made a mental note about it.

It didn't take long for Liang Yuan to appear in front of Huang Xiaolong at the lobby, and he was accompanied by an old man.

That old man had white hair and beard, and a sharp piercing gaze.

He looked around the lobby as he entered it and was surprised when he saw Chen Zhao and Fang Xuanxuan. Lastly, his gaze fell upon Huang Xiaolong. A radiant smile spread over his face as he approached Huang Xiaolong. He stopped in front of Huang Xiaolong and bowed respectfully and said, "Silver Fox Commerce's Brimming Snow branch chief Tang Di greets Young Noble."

Everyone was flabbergasted and their jaws dropped to the floor.

Tang Di, the Silver Fox Commerce's Brimming Snow branch chief was actually saluting Huang Xiaolong!

Could it be...?!

Once again, all the attention was fixed on the silver fox token in Huang Xiaolong's hand.

Tang Di inquired respectfully and cautiously, "Young Noble, your token, may I take a look?"

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head and passed the silver fox token to him. Tang Di respectfully accepted the silver token and checked it with care, and his hands trembled. There was an obvious light of excitement in his eyes.

Roughly ten seconds or so passed when Tang Di respectfully returned the silver fox token to Huang Xiaolong, and smiled amiably as he said, "I have heard from Liang Yuan that Young Noble is interested in purchasing the Worldly Harmony Residence. Though the Worldly Harmony Residence is quite good, the location is a little remote, and all the spiritual woods and spiritual stones used to construct the residence are below ten million years old. Among the six Silver Fox Commerce residences, the best one is the Great Firmament Residence. This old man will lead Young Noble to view the Great Firmament Residence right away, and if Young Noble is satisfied, please accept the Great Firmament Residence as a gift from us."

As Tang Di said this, he collected the 19,940 pieces of top grade-nine spirit stones from the floor and returned them to Huang Xiaolong. "Young Noble, please take back these top grade-nine spirit stones."

Others sucked in a breath of cold air listening to Tang Di's words.

The Great Firmament Residence!

The Great Firmament Residence had been empty for tens of thousands of years, since no buyer had been able to afford it, priced at over ten billion low grade-seven spirit stones, but now, Tang Di was actually giving it to Huang Xiaolong as a gift!

Huang Xiaolong hesitated only for a second then agreed, "Alright then."

In that case, he might as well follow along and accept the Great Firmament Residence. When he would see Bei Xiaomei in the future, he could just give her the spirit stones.

Tang Di's taut nerves relaxed as Huang Xiaolong agreed to accept his gift. A wide smile spread over his face as he invited, "Please follow me."

Everyone was shocked once more at Tang Di's behavior. They were in a daze for a long time even after Tang Di had led Huang Xiaolong's group out of the Silver Fox Commerce branch and walked out of sight.

A cold light gleamed in Chen Zhao's eyes as he watched Huang Xiaolong leave, nothing could be made out of his facial expressions.

At this time, one of the old women behind Fang Xuanxuan, Elder Tong, said, "That silver fox token is most likely the highest grade of Silver Fox Commerce's token."

Judging from Tang Di's reaction and subsequent attitude, it wasn't hard to guess the grade of Huang Xiaolong's silver fox token.

Everyone was thinking the same thing as Elder Tong had mentioned, but they were still shocked to hear her say it aloud.

The highest grade silver fox token!

Li Qunhao and the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace's disciples had yet to calm down.

"The highest grade of silver fox token." Fang Xuanxuan repeated absentmindedly, then took a deep breath. How could a branch disciple possess the Silver Fox Commerce's highest grade silver fox token?!

And he planned to pay with top grade-nine spirit stones!

That Huang Xiaolong...!

Until now, she had remembered Huang Xiaolong due to the Flaming White Phoenix Divine Fruits, but from now on, she would remember him for the fruits as well as the silver fox token.

"Elder Tong, we're leaving." Fang Xuanxuan said to Elder Tong and the other old woman and walked away without a word of farewell to Chen Zhao.

Chen Zhao opened his mouth to say something but no sound came out in the end. However, Li Qunhao and the other Nine Dragons Emperor Palace's disciples standing in close proximity to him felt the chill coming from Chen Zhao's body.

On another side, Tang Di led Huang Xiaolong on a tour around the Great Firmament Residence.

The Great Firmament Residence was many times more luxurious than all the mansions Huang Xiaolong had bought in the past, and no fault could be picked regarding the residence. Huang Xiaolong accepted the residence, with full satisfaction.

Huang Xiaolong tried to give Tang Di some top grade-nine spirit stones as a token of appreciation but Tang Di declined, and refused to accept no matter what.

Tang Di asked if Huang Xiaolong had any other requests or instructions before he left, thus, Huang Xiaolong requested him to get as many top grade chaos spiritual pills as possible. Lastly, Huang Xiaolong had Tang Di investigate the whereabouts of Xu Baisheng's father, Xu Huanying, and his elder brothers, Xu Baiqiang and Xu Baifeng.

When Huang Xiaolong was at the Royal Buddha Great World's Silver Fox Commerce branch, he had also requested the branch to investigate Xu Baisheng's family's whereabouts, but he hadn't received any news yet.

After Tang Di left, Huang Xiaolong sat in the main hall of the Great Firmament Residence, and took out the cow hair.

He could barely wait to see what was inside the cow hair. Furthermore, he was also curious about how the little cow knew that it was left behind by the desolate era Emperors?

This cow hair belonged to the Heavenly Python Azure Bovine divine beast, and the little cow was the all cow tribe's ancestor, so he would not believe if someone were to tell him that the little cow had no connection with those Emperors.

Half a day later, following the method the little cow had taught him, Huang Xiaolong opened the restrictions over the cow hair and finally came face to face with the items stored inside it.

Huang Xiaolong, Xiang Xun, Xu Baisheng, and the others were astounded seeing what was inside the space.

Inside the cow hair's space, there were mountains of grandmist spiritual pills! And all of these pills were low-grade grandmist spiritual pills! But Huang Xiaolong couldn't find one top-grade grandmist spiritual pills...

Huang Xiaolong was dumbfounded by this discovery.

The little cow was swinging her tail as she watched from the side without any changes to her expression.


Huang Xiaolong's group stayed for three days at the Brimming Snow City.

At one point, Huang Xiaolong asked the little cow about her relationship with the Emperors, but she kept mum, and Huang Xiaolong failed to dig out any information from her.

The days passed peacefully.

Three days later, Huang Xiaolong's group left the Brimming Snow City and continued towards the Fortune Emperor Palace.

With the windfall of low-grade grandmist spiritual pills from the cow hair's space, Huang Xiaolong stopped procuring top-grade chaos spiritual pills. The amount of pills inside the cow hair's space was enough to support him, the little cow, Xiang Xun, and the others for two to three decades despite his frightening refining speed.

Half a year later, Huang Xiaolong's group finally reached the Fortune Emperor Palace.