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Chapter 1431: Greetings Master

 Upon reaching the Barbarian God Sect's inner disciple's accommodation, Prince Chen was panting heavily as he stood in front of Luo Ding, fear still lingering in his heart.

The Barbarian God Sect's inner disciple Luo Ding was shocked looking at Prince Chen's blood-stained body, and his miserable appearance.

"Brother Chen, you, this..?" Luo Ding asked in alarm.

Prince Chen finally calmed down slightly upon seeing Luo Ding. He cried bitterly, "Brother Luo Ding, you must save me."

Luo Ding shook his head and invited him inside, "Come in first. Let's sit down and talk."

But Prince Chen was too anxious to sit down, crying anxiously, "Dead, all of them are dead, Da Li was killed, only I survived and ran back!"

'Da Li' naturally referred to the Herculean God of War.

Luo Ding was even more solemn when he heard that. "What? All dead? Who killed them? The Tie Family Fort's people?" He remembered that Prince Chen had gone to the Tie Family Fort earlier that day.

'Isn't the Tie Family Fort merely a small force in the Chen Country? Or is there a peerless master hiding in its ranks?'

Prince Chen was shaking as he confirmed, "I indeed went to the Tie Family Fort." Just as he said the name, Prince Chen shuddered as if he was speaking about a horrifying place.

Then, he suppressed his fear and recounted what had happened to Luo Ding in detail.

Doubt and hesitation flickered back and forth on Luo Ding's face as he listened to Prince Chen.

"Did he say that he's a Barbarian God Sect's inner disciple?" He asked Prince Chen.

Prince Chen nodded, "The Tie Family Fort's siblings said so, and he didn't deny it, so it's likely true."

Luo Ding's brows were locked together in a tight frown. "His mount is really that powerful? Is he really capable of killing all the experts by your side with one kick? That female guard by his side also seems to be very powerful."

Prince Chen answered fearfully, "Every word is true."

Luo Ding was inwardly shocked despite his calm demeanor on the surface. 'How strong is that mount? Is that mount a high-level Heavenly God Realm master? That female guard is probably a Fifth Order or Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm.'

Hesitation flashed in his eyes.

"Brother Luo Ding, that person put a mark on me, can you take a look?' Prince Chen cried urgently as Lou Ding kept silent for some time.

Luo Ding placed his palm on Prince Chen's arm, and channeled his godforce into Prince Chen's body to check Prince Chen's internal condition, but a powerful force repelled his godforce, sending Luo Ding reeling backwards.

Both Luo Ding and Prince Chen were beyond alarmed.

"I'll take you to see my Master." Luo Ding calmed himself down, and said through gritted teeth.

"Thank you, Brother Luo Ding." Prince Chen was overjoyed and hurriedly thanked Luo Ding.

However, a while later when Luo Ding's Master, Zhang Ping, tried to examine the situation within Prince Chen's body, he too was sent reeling back.

At this point, all three were beyond shocked.

"Master, could this be some kind of ancient secret technique?" Luo Ding asked Zhang Ping.

A light glimmered in Zhang Ping's eyes. "Our Barbarian God Sect doesn't have this kind of secret technique. If that kid is really a Barbarian God Sect's disciple, he must have gained this kind of secret technique from his adventures. Even if this is not an ancient technique, it's still a very powerful one!"

If he, Zhang Ping were to successfully cultivate this secret technique, his strength would definitely rise by leaps and bounds.

"Master, then, we...?" Luo Ding asked.

Zhang Ping said to Prince Chen, "You lead the way, I, Zhang Ping, want to see which one of our Barbarian God Sect's inner disciples is so arrogant to unreasonably kill a prince's subordinates!"

This was what Prince Chen had wished for the most, thus he swiftly complied.

With that, the three of them rushed off to the Tie Family Fort.


At this time, Tie Xinlan and Tie Mu were accompanying Huang Xiaolong inside the Tie Family Fort's main hall. The siblings' furtive glances fell on Xu Yong and Feng Er from time to time.

"Big brother Huang, this elder sister and this beast mount, are they mid-level Heavenly God Realm masters?" Finally, Tie Xinlan asked as she couldn't restrain her curiosity any longer.

Xiang Xun, Xu Baisheng, and the others chuckled at her question.

Huang Xiaolong smiled in answer, "Their strengths are higher than mid-level Heavenly God Realm."

Higher than mid-level Heavenly God Realm? Tie Xinlan and Tie Mu's eyes widened in astonishment. 'Does that mean? ... High-level Heavenly God Realm!'

The siblings couldn't be blamed for their limited vision, as the Barbarian God Sect's Ancestor and Sect Chief were only Ancient God Realm masters. Due to this, they thought that the high-level Heavenly God Realm cultivators were very powerful masters.

Huang Xiaolong subsequently changed the subject, asking the siblings about Tie Family Fort's situation during the last few decades.

The sister and brother answered, telling Huang Xiaolong everything they thought was interesting.

When they were done, Huang Xiaolong asked suddenly, "Would you two like to enter the Barbarian God Sect?"

This question astounded the siblings.

"Big, Big brother Huang, you're saying, we, we can enter the Barbarian God Sect as outer sect disciples?" Tie Mu asked with disbelief.

Outer sect disciple? Huang Xiaolong blanked for a second, then smiled as he said, "Of course, you can tell me which Grand Elder you want to worship as your Master."

Tie Xinlan and Tie Mu's minds buzzed.

Huh?! Worship a Barbarian God Sect's Grand Elder as Master?!

"Big, Big brother Huang, for real?" Tie Xinlan was over the moon as he asked, "Can you really do that for us? But, wouldn't this make things difficult for you? Moreover, our talents are not very high, so would those Barbarian God Sect's Grand Elders be willing to accept us!"

Tie Mu was blushing with excitement. "Yes ah, Big brother Huang, actually, you can speak with your Master to have a Barbarian God Sect Elder to accept us as their disciples in name. We would be content if we could enter the Barbarian God Sect under an Elder."

Xiang Xun, Xu Baisheng, Feng Er, and the others let out another wave of laughter.

Huang Xiaolong was still wearing a smile on his face as he said, "It's alright. Wait a few days, after your father's injuries are healed, I will take all three of you back to the Barbarian God Sect. At that time, your father can also choose to worship a Barbarian God Sect's Grand Elder as his Master."

Tie Xinlan and Tie Mu were dazed for a long time in disbelief after hearing this.

Was their Big brother Huang telling them a white lie to make them feel happy?

"Prince Chen came back quite fast." Huang Xiaolong suddenly stood up and sneered. "Come on, let's go out to welcome them." He was looking forward to seeing the Barbarian God Sect's inner disciple and Elder.

Tie Xinlan and Tie Mu followed behind Huang Xiaolong. The group once again went out to the Tie Family Fort's fort gates.

The moment they walked out from the fort, they spotted Prince Chen flying towards them, accompanied by two other people. Soon, the three arrived and descended in front of the Tie Family Fort.

Initially, Zhang Ping didn't really pay close attention to the group coming out from the fort, but when he caught sight of Huang Xiaolong, his body stiffened. An icy coldness spread from his heart to his limbs, and his expression turned fearful in an instant.

However, Prince Chen and Luo Ding did not notice this sudden change in Zhang Ping's demeanor.

Luo Ding fixed his stare on Huang Xiaolong and asked Prince Chen, "Is it him?"

Prince Chen nodded in confirmation. He looked coldly at Huang Xiaolong and introduced Luo Ding, "Punk, this is my sworn brother Luo Ding, a Barbarian God Sect's inner disciple." But just as he was about to introduce Zhang Ping, he saw Zhang Ping's fearful expression, and was baffled by it.

At the same time, Luo Ding also finally noticed his Master Zhang Ping's terrified face.

Right before Prince Chen, Luo Ding, Tie Xinlan, and Tie Mu's eyes, Zhang Ping stooped low as he walked towards Huang Xiaolong, then prostrated on the ground saluting respectfully, "Barbarian God Sect's Zhang Ping greets Master respectfully!"

Greets Master respectfully?!!

Prince Chen, Luo Ding, Tie Xinlan, and Tie Mu's heads buzzed as they looked at Zhang Ping with their mouths agape.