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Chapter 1421: Cauldron Dragon Flying Ship

 Under Wang Tong's cold glare, Huang Xiaolong once again called out a bid without any apprehension, "Sixteen million low grade-eight spirit stones!"

Sixteen million low grade-eight spirit stones!

A cold gleam flashed in Wang Tong's eyes as Huang Xiaolong had still dared to bid against him, even though he had used the Royal Buddha Emperor Sect's banner.

The private room's temperature fell sharply due to the killing intent from his body.

Chen Xiao was also exuding a murderous aura as he ordered one of the Venerable Buddha Sect's disciples standing behind him, "After this auction ends, send people to keep watch over that kid's movements, and report to me immediately when he leaves the Esteemed Buddha City."

"Yes, Sect Chief."

The auctioneer gestured to everyone to calm down, and questioned Huang Xiaolong, "This friend, are you sure it's sixteen million low grade-eight spirit stones? Are you certain that you're not playing around? You must know the severe consequences if you bid falsely and are unable to pay the required amount?!"

Everyone turned to look at Huang Xiaolong, as many of them were filled with doubt.

There were no changes in Huang Xiaolong's calm expression. Usually, an auctioneer would never ask such a question to a guest. It was obvious that this auctioneer was simply trying to express goodwill towards the Royal Buddha Emperor palace by asking such a question to Huang Xiaolong; after all, hadn't Huang Xiaolong just slapped Chen Xiao and the Royal Buddha Emperor Palace in their faces by making this lump-sum bid.

Huang Xiaolong simply waved his hand, and countless spirit stones immediately fell from the air onto the floor, rumbling loudly.

These rumbling noises continued for a few seconds, as if the whole auction hall was crumbling down.

Within seconds, a hill spirit stones appeared in front of everyone, exuding startling spiritual energy, which greatly astounded the other guests.

"Here are sixteen million low grade-eight spirit stones, check it. If no one offers a higher price, then those God King's Buddha Pellets and Buddha Pastes are mine, right?" Huang Xiaolong questioned flatly.

The auctioneer finally reacted a moment later, but shock was still written clearly all over his face. He glanced towards private room number one, waiting for Chen Xiao or Wang Tong to speak. Thirty seconds passed... but there was still no movement from private room number one. Finally the auctioneer had no choice but to announce that Huang Xiaolong had won the bid for the God King's Buddha Pellets and Buddha Paste.

In front of the hushed auction hall crowd, an auction hall staff collected the three high-level God King Realm masters' Buddha Pellet and ten pieces of high-level God King Realm's Buddha Paste and handed them over to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong was ecstatic as he looked at the God King's Buddha Pellets and Buddha Pastes.

He could use these to suppress the evil spirit inside Li Lu's body.

"Erm, Uncle, the God King's Buddha Pellets, can you sell one to me?" Bei Xiaomei asked Huang Xiaolong in a small voice, but eyes were filled with anticipation.

Huang Xiaolong leaned back and looked at the little cow with an inquiring look. The little cow nodded.

"It's not for sale." Huang Xiaolong answered.

Bei Xiaomei's face crumbled in disappointment.

"I will give it to you as a gift instead." Huang Xiaolong subsequently added. While Bei Xiaomei was still dazed, he took out one late-Seventh Order God King Realm's Buddha Pellet and placed it on Bei Xiaomei's palm.

Bei Xiaomei held the Buddha Pellet in her palm and looked at Huang Xiaolong, without being able to react for a dozen seconds.

Suddenly, a sweet smile bloomed over her face, and her delicate finger lightly tapped Huang Xiaolong's forehead as she said, "Thank you, Uncle."

"Wait till I go back. I promise to send you a lot, a lot of spirit stones." Bei Xiaomei said with certainty.

Huang Xiaolong smiled and didn't really put her words to heart. Spirit stones? He could absolutely become the richest person in the Divine World, if he decided to use all of his cultivation time to solely condense spirit stones for ten thousand years.


The auction moved on to the next item.

Huang Xiaolong and Bei Xiaomei stopped talking. No sound came from Chen Xiao and Wang Tong from the private room number one.

Almost another hour had passed, when the auctioneer announced, "Next, are the two superior treasures, also the final two auction treasures."

In an instant, everyone straightened up their backs.

Huang Xiaolong's eyes lit up as he watched.

Inside private room number one, there was a flash of excitement in Wang Tong's eyes, "Finally, it's time for these two items." He was specifically attending this auction for these two superior treasures.

Although the auction hall had not released any information related to the two superior treasures, he had managed to find out some information through the Royal Buddha Emperor Palace's connections.

Watching the looks of anticipation around him, the auctioneer smiled and said, "I believe everyone wants to know the names of these two superior treasures."

An auction hall staff walked up to the stage and placed a spatial ring on the table on the auction stage.

The auctioneer opened the spatial ring and inside its space was a flying ship, resembling a primordial divine dragon!

Though it was inside the spatial ring's space, everyone could sense the shocking dragon might and spiritual energy from the primordial divine dragon.

All eyes lit up at this sight. Could it be a top-grade chaos flying ship?!

Huang Xiaolong had the same thought.

"This flying ship that everyone is looking at right now, is a heritage treasure of an ancient Dragon Clan's settlement called the Cauldron Dragon Flying Ship. In the old days, this Cauldron Dragon Flying Ship was a low-grade grandmist spiritual artifact. Other than it's fast speed, inside this flying ship is an ancient grand spiritual energy gathering formation, a pill refining hall, and inside the pill refining hall is a top-grade chaos cauldron. There is also cultivation room where the ancient Dragon Clan's techniques are inscribed on it's walls!" The auctioneer introduced the auction item.

That's actually a low-grade grandmist flying ship!

The crowd was shocked, a furor exploded.

Even Huang Xiaolong's breath quickened unknowingly.

Bei Xiaomei too had an amazed expression on her face.

The little cow became more spirited, while Xiang Xun, Xu Baisheng, and others' eyes shone with desire.

"However, this Cauldron Dragon Flying Ship was dealt with some damages to the core formation in the past from a peerless master, affecting it's speed slightly. Even so, the Cauldron Dragon Flying Ship's speed is faster than the general top-grade chaos flying ships. Other than the speed being slightly affected, its other functions are unaffected; everyone can be reassured about this." Said the auctioneer.

Everyone in the hall blanked for a second.

Even though the flying ship's speed was affected, it was still a low-grade grandmist flying ship. This was a fact, therefore, there was still desire for the flying ship in everyone's eyes.

Huang Xiaolong turned and asked the little cow, "Xiaoniu, do you have a way to repair the Cauldron Dragon Flying Ship?"

"There is." The little cow nodded. Huang Xiaolong was still immersed in delight when the little cow added, "But the materials needed to repair this flying ship can only be found at Heaven's Avenue!"

Huang Xiaolong's delight shattered, leaving behind only depression in his heart.

Heaven's Avenue?! How long would it take, before he could have an opportunity to go to Heaven's Avenue?

After introducing more wonderful functions of the Cauldron Dragon Flying Ship, the auctioneer went on, "The bid begins now at twelve million low grade-eight spirit stones."

Twelve million low grade-eight spirit stones!

All experts sucked in a breath of cold air, while Bei Xiaomei mumbled something under her breath.

"Thirteen million low grade-eight spirit stones!" Wang Tong's voice sounded slightly urgent from private room number one.

"13.1 million low grade-eight spirit stones!" Almost immediately after Wang Tong's bid, another voice sounded. However, it wasn't Huang Xiaolong, but it was someone from private room number three; it was a woman with a very cold voice.

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