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Chapter 1399: Face Slap!

 The moment Luo Fan's voice fell, the auction hall suddenly quieted down by half. Almost every pair of eyes in the hall zoomed towards the auction stage.

Many guests were attending the auction just for these space velocity stones this time.

Luo Fan smiled brightly as he saw everyone's reaction. "I believe everyone is aware of the value of these space velocity; if space velocity stones are added to a flying ship's core formation, they can increase the flying ship's speed. The flying ship will fly faster if more number of space velocity stones are added. Also, if a flying ship's core formation is damaged, the best repair material is also the space velocity stones!"

Luo Fan explained calmly The auction hall had quieted down as the guests listened attentively.

Luo Fan continued to introduce the space velocity stones' uses in more details.

He ended the introduction with a few more sentences. "As per the consignor request, these three hundred and sixty-two pieces of space velocity stones are going to be auctioned together, and there is no starting price. All guests can offer voluntarily as long as it's low grade-seven spirit stones and above, better yet, high-grade stones!"

"Now, the bidding begins, please state your offer!"

Just as Luo Fan finished speaking, someone shouted immediately, "One hundred low grade-seven spirit stones!"

Suddenly, the auction hall erupted in laughter.

However, no one mocked or ridiculed him as Luo Fan had stated there was no starting price.

"One thousand low-grade seven spirit stones!" Another person shouted.

"Ten thousand low grade-seven spirit stones!"

Subsequently, the bidding price rose by the thousands at a rapid pace.

Inside private room number five, Gudu Yue watched in a relaxed manner. He was confident that he would win these space velocity stones in the end.

The price had gone up to a hundred thousand low grade-seven spirit stones in less than five minutes since the bid started.

Gudu Yue said to Song Rui, "It's time we make our move!" With that, he slowly called out to the auction hall below, "Five hundred thousand high grade-seven spirit stones!"

Five hundred thousand!

On top of that, high grade-seven spirit stones!

The lively shouting came to a sudden halt.

The crowd was astounded as they looked in the direction of the private room number five.

Luo Fan was surprised as well. Although these space velocity stones were precious, he had estimated this batch of space velocity stones to fetch around one million low grade-seven spirit stones. The exchange rate between low grade-seven spirit stones and mid grade-seven spirit stones was half the amount. The exchange rate between mid grade-seven spirit stones and high grade-seven spirit stones was also by half. Based on that calculation, these space velocity stones were worth two hundred and fifty thousand high grade-seven spirit stones.

Now, someone had actually made a bid for five hundred thousand high grade-seven spirit stones!

Twice as much!

Song Rui grinned looking at the astonished faces in the auction hall below them and said, "Looks like all the people are frightened by Brother Gudu, but it makes me feel bad that Brother Gudu spent five hundred thousand high-grade seven spirit stones."

"It's just five hundred thousand high grade-seven spirit stones. I would get them for Brother Song even if they were to cost six hundred thousand, or seven hundred thousand!" Gudu Yue said generously.

A voice suddenly rang in the hall out of nowhere, "One million, high grade-seven spirit stones!"

One million!

High grade-seven spirit stones!

Everyone was dumbfounded, then turned to look at private room number six.

Yes, Huang Xiaolong was the one who had made this out-of-the-world offer.

Gudu Yue and Song Rui both blanked for a second, then an ugly expression crept up their faces, especially Gudu Yue's face. His chest throbbed as if Huang Xiaolong had just punched him hard.

"It's that punk! He actually has one million high grade-seven spirit stones?!" A gloomy light flickered across Song Rui's eyes.

Even though he had robbed a lot of treasures in recent years, the amount of the grade seven spirit stones from all of the Blood Wolf Gang's flying ships won't add up to one million high-grade seven spirit stones.

Gudu Yue said icily, "Looks like we underestimated that kid, but I don't believe he can compete with me, and have more spirit stones than me!"

"1.05 million high-grade seven spirit stones!" Gudu Yue called out.

It was fifty thousand higher than Huang Xiaolong's bid.

Inside private room number six, Huang Xiaolong called out without missing a beat, "Two million, high grade-seven spirit stones!"

Two million!

The guests below sucked in a breath of cold air, as they were shocked and speechless.

This... ruthless! Too ruthless!

Even the corners of Luo Fan's eyes were twitching from shock.

The two million price was seven times more than the two hundred and fifty thousand he had estimated!

Gudu Yue was stupefied and dumbstruck. Did that kid call out 'two million,' just now?

"He, he shouted two million... high grade-seven spirit stones?" Gudu Yue asked one of his subordinates for confirmation. He was afraid he had heard something wrong.

That subordinate hesitated but honestly answered Gudu Yue, "It is so, Young Master, it's two million high grade-seven spirit stones!"

Gudu Yue was beyond speechless. He turned to look at Song Rui, and Song Rui nodded with affirmation. Gudu Yue's head buzzed at Song Rui's confirmation.

About sixty seconds passed before the crowd finally reacted in a furor.

Luo Fan tried hard to calm his racing heart before speaking, "The guest in private room number six offers two million high grade-seven spirit stones. Anyone else with a higher price?"

Luo Fan's voice echoed in the hall.

Song Rui saw Gudu Yue was still in a state of astonishment, therefore, he couldn't help but say, "Brother Gudu, this matter... why don't we just forget it!"

Forget it!

Gudu Yue regained his senses despite his twisted expression. His fingers dug into the flesh of his palms as his eyes glimmered scarlet, and he shouted at the auction stage below, "2.01 million high grade-seven spirit stones...!"

2.01 million high grade-seven spirit stones! Gudu Yue bid surprised the crowd below.

"Three million high grade-seven spirit stones!" Huang Xiaolong's cold, and calm voice rang again almost in an instant.

Three million!

The crowd below went crazy again, and Luo Fan's legs weakened on the auction stage.

Gudu Yue's twisted expression now completely disappeared, as he fell into the chair with a gray face, as if all his energy was drained away.

Huang Xiaolong bought the three hundred and sixty-two pieces of space velocity stones by paying three million high grade-seven spirit stones on the spot. The auction hall's staff respectfully sent the three hundred and sixty-two pieces of space velocity stones to Huang Xiaolong at private room number six.

Huang Xiaolong breathed in relief as he received the space velocity stones. With these space velocity stones, he would be able to repair the Giant Shark Flying Ship, which will allow him to reach the Royal Buddha Great Worlds in seven to eight years.

As this matter was related to Li Lu, Huang Xiaolong was willing to pay even five million, or even higher if it would have come to that.

The little cow said to Huang Xiaolong, "That Gudu Clan's kid was being arrogant at the entrance, when he called an idiot, and told you that you won't be able afford the space velocity stones. But now, he's got a face slap, and I wonder how swollen his face is looking!"

The others in the room laughed.

At the same time inside private room number five, Song Rui said to Gudu Yue, "Brother Gudu Yue, in truth, there's nothing wrong in letting that punk buy the space velocity stones. We only need to take it back after we kill him."

Gudu Yue nodded sullenly. "That's right, let's see if he has enough spirit stones left to compete over the Flaming White Phoenix Divine Fruits and Thunderstorm Divine Robe with me! That kid is really an idiot for spending three million high grade-seven spirit stones on several hundred space velocity stones!"

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