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Chapter 1398: No Need To Worry

 Huang Xiaolong ignored Song Rui. His attention was on Gudu Yue instead, and he spoke indifferently, "I indeed had not expected that a Gudu Clan's disciple would be mingling with the Blood Wolf Gang pirates."

Gudu Yue's expression clouded immediately. His words were a naked threat, "Kid, some words cannot be spoken casually as the calamity comes from the mouth, and people might die from it!"

Huang Xiaolong agreed, "You are right, some words cannot be spoken casually as the calamity comes from the mouth, and people might die from it!"

One of the Gudu Clan's disciples who was standing behind Gudu Yue pointed a finger at Huang Xiaolong's face and reprimanded, "Punk, how dare you threaten our Young Master Gudu? Do you want to die?!"

Duan Zhen's soft chuckling broke the tense atmosphere. He invited them, "Since several guests are already at the entrance, please come in."

Gudu Yue looked coldly at Huang Xiaolong and snorted coldly. "Kid, I know you're going to bid for the space velocity stones, but those three hundred plus space velocity stones are out of the reach for someone like you. Do you think a mere a hundred thousand or two hundred thousand grade seven spirit stones are enough? What an idiot! Let me tell you, I'm the one who's going to get those space velocity stones!"

Gudu Yue strode away with a flick of his sleeve. Blood Wolf Gang's Head Song Rui and the rest of the Gudu Clan's disciples stepped inside the auction building after Gudu Yue.

Huang Xiaolong watched Gudu Yue and Song Rui's back and a cold sneer rose at the corner of his mouth. A second later, he too stepped into the auction hall with Xiang Xun and the rest of the group.

Upon entering the auction hall, Huang Xiaolong requested a high-class private room from one of the auction attending staff.

One does not require any identity or status to request for a high-class private room as long as they can afford the ten thousand low grade seven spirit stones. Yes, as long as one has money.

Huang Xiaolong was led into a high-class private room after spending ten thousand low grade seven spirit stones. The number of this room was six.

The four walls inside each of the high-class private rooms were made up of precious stones. Spiritual fruits and wine were generously placed on the table.

Inside the private room, guests could bid while enjoying these spiritual fruits and wine.

Not long after Huang Xiaolong's group settled down in high-class private room six, Gudu Yue received a report from his subordinate as he sat in the private room number five.

"That punk actually spent ten thousand low grade-seven spirit stones and entered the high-class private room six?" Song Rui repeated with a deep frown. "It seems this punk's richer than we had estimated."

Since that kid can casually spend ten thousand low grade-seven spirit stones for one high-class private room, his pocket surely has two hundred or three hundred thousand grade-seven spirit stones.

Gudu Yue didn't put this matter to mind, instead he smiled and said to Song Rui, "It's merely a high-class private room, don't think too much about it. Let me tell you frankly-some years ago, I obtained an ancient treasure trove. In short, I have a lot of spirit stones, and I have prepared ten million high grade-seven spirit stones!"

"Ten million!" Song Rui was astounded, then chuckled as he relaxed. "I am really astonished that Brother Gudu has prepared ten million high grade-seven spirit stones. I am worrying needlessly!"

Gudu Yue smiled. "Therefore, there's zero worry about your space velocity stones being snatched away by that kid. I've already promised you that I would get you those space velocity stones! Other than the space velocity stones, the Flaming White Phoenix Divine Fruits and Thunderstorm Divine Robe are bound to be mine!"

Under normal circumstances, ten million high grade-seven spirit stones could absolutely win the bid for these three items!

This was the reason why Gudu Yue was so confident.

"Brother Gudu's strength will rise exponentially once again after getting the Flaming White Phoenix Divine Fruits and Thunderstorm Divine Robe! I congratulate Brother Gudu in advance!" Song Rui said.

Gudu Yue smiled. "We'll have a good drink after the auction ends!" Gudu Yue paused briefly, then went on with a meaningful smile. "It's a pity though that I won't be able to see that kid's face. I really would like to see that kid's ugly expression when I successfully win those space velocity stones. My heart feels comfortable, by just thinking of it right now."

The two laughed softly.

"I have heard that Brother Gudu would be reporting to the Solitude Emperor Palace soon, am I right?" Song Rui smiled as he went on, "Brother Gudu's talent would surely attract the Solitude Emperor Palace's Grand Elders. Please look after this brother more, in the future!"

"Naturally. Wait until I enter the Solitude Emperor Palace, and get worshiped as a Solitude Emperor Palace's Grand Elder. As Master, I would send people to the Longwu Clan for Longwu Ling Er's hand in marriage!"

The smile on Song Rui's face widened as he said, "That calls for a celebration ah. Who in the High Martial World doesn't know you? You and Miss Ling Er are a perfect pair. Brother Gudu's marriage will be the grandest wedding in the history of High Martial World, and even the surrounding world surfaces' experts would come to congratulate you!"

Gudu Yue chuckled at the picture painted by Song Rui.

Inside high-class private room six, Huang Xiaolong was observing the situation in the auction hall below as he sat on an armchair that was draped with chaos spiritual beast's skin.

As Huang Xiaolong had arrived early at the auction, there were still not many people in the auction hall below them. Barely two-tenths of the seats were filled up.

Huang Xiaolong, the little cow, Xiang Xun, and the others were chatting casually.

Roughly an hour later, most of the seats in the hall had been filled up, and soon, all seats were taken up; not one empty seat was left.

Another fifteen minutes later, a silver-haired old man stepped onto the auction stage and introduced himself as Luo Fan. He was the auctioneer.

The crowd whispered in excitement at Luo Fan's introduction. It seemed like Luo Fan had quite a big reputation in the industry, given the crowd's reaction.

After Luo Fan finished introducing himself, he went through the auction rules, and lightly mentioned the good stuff. The Flaming White Phoenix Divine Fruits and Thunderstorm Divine Robe were enough to capture everyone's attention.

At the mention of the Flaming White Phoenix Divine Fruits and Thunderstorm Divine Robe, the crowd became very eager for the auction to begin.

Subsequently, auction for the first item began.

"The auction's first item is a batch of Golden Lunar Star Pills, refined by Longwu Clan's Grand Elder Longwu Bi... There are a total of thirty-five pellets in this batch, and each pellet is top-grade quality. The starting price is fifty thousand high grade-six spirit stones!" Luo Fan raised a jade bottle in his hand and spoke sonorously.

Then, he opened the bottle and rays of golden moonlight and starlight shone out from the bottle's mouth.

Inside the bottle were pellets of Golden Lunar Star Pills, emitting a thick herbal fragrance that had the quality to refresh the mind in just one sniff.

"Fifty-five thousand high grade six spirit stones!" Soon, someone already made a bid offer.

"Sixty thousand high grade six spirit stones!

Undulating shouts of bid rang in the hall.

Huang Xiaolong watched on calmly. Even though these Golden Lunar Star Pills were on the upper ranks amongst low-grade chaos spiritual pills, he was not interested in them. Any of his chaos spiritual pills inside his Golden Dragon Lightning Pool's space was many times better than these Golden Lunar Star Pills.

At last, the Golden Lunar Star Pills were bought with seventy thousand high grade six spirit stones.

The second auction item was an ancient chaos spiritual armor.

As time passed, one after another auction items were bought off, and the atmosphere grew livelier and intense with shouts and gasps.

Finally, a little over two hours later, Luo Fan's voice once again resounded in the hall, "Our next auction item is the three hundred and sixty-two pieces of space velocity stones!"

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