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Chapter 1380: The Headquarters Is Recruiting Emperor Rank Godhead Geniuses?

 "What else can you do?" The young man Chen Yajie retorted.

Li Qunhao fell silent at this question.

In truth, he understood what the Hell's Ten Thousand Elephant Clan represented. The Hell's Ten Thousand Elephant Clan was extremely powerful, but he was still extremely unwilling to let the matter end here.

Xuan Sun was a mid-level God King Realm master, who was also the Hall Chief of the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace's Yellow Dragon Hall, but he was reduced to fleeing like a dog by some measly Vientiane World's Ancestor God Realm punk!

Chen Yajie then turned to Feng Yingying and asked, "Are you the Vientiane World's sea tribe's new generation Sea God, Feng Yingying?"

Feng Yingying was a little nervous as she hurried to answer, "Yes, this girl is Feng Yingying." She clearly knew that her identity as the Lord Sea God of the Vientiane World was insignificant in front of this young man.

Putting aside the young man's identity as the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace's disciple, he was also a peerless high-level God King Realm master.

"Your inherited bloodline is quite good, a good talent." Chen Yajie nodded appreciatively as he added, "When we return to the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace, if Master is keen, you might be our Junior Sister, so, don't be so nervous."

Hearing his words, Feng Yingying beamed with happiness, and respectfully thanked him, "Thank you, Senior!"

At this time, Li Qunhao took out several chaos spiritual pills and swallowed them in one go, and his injuries recovered, but only a little.

Chen Yajie looked around, then urged Li Qunhao and Feng Yingying to make a move; the group rushed back to the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace.


Huang Xiaolong was standing in the Brimming Snow Palace's hall and looking at Li Lu who was lying quietly on the cold jade bed. Li Lu's eyes were still closed. Although he knew that the little cow and Xiang Xun had successfully suppressed the evil spirit in her body, it was only temporary, and it would take Li Lu ten days or so to wake up.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong stepped out from the Brimming Snow Palace, and returned to his Cosmos Palace.

"Bring all the sea tribe's Ancestors and Patriarchs here!" Huang Xiaolong commanded Feng Er as he took the main seat in the Brimming Snow Palace's hall.

Before they had returned to the Fortune Divine Kingdom, Xiang Xun had detained all the sea tribe's Ancestors and Patriarchs, except for the Guo Family's Ancestor Guo Da and Patriarch Guo Shi."

Moments later, Xiang Xun brought all the sea tribe's Ancestors and Patriarchs into the hall.

"Master, the sea tribe's Ancestors and Patriarchs are here." Xiang Xun reported respectfully.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

"Now, each of you have five minutes to think, and think well-either submit to me or end up dead like Guo Family's Ancestor and Patriarch!" Huang Xiaolong stated bluntly instead of beating around the bush.

Feng Family's Ancestor Feng Jingxi laughed ironically at Huang Xiaolong's words and said, "Huang Xiaolong, you want us to submit to a snot-nosed brat like you? One day we will rule the Vientiane World. Let me tell you, our Lord Sea God and the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace, sooner or later, would...!"

Before Feng Jingxi could finish, Huang Xiaolong cut him off as he said to Xiang Xun, "Kill!"


Xiang Xun raised one front foot and stomped down without hesitation.


Feng Family's Ancestor Feng Jingxi was buried into the floor under Xiang Xun's foot.

A second later, the rest of the sea tribe's Ancestors and Patriarchs glanced furtively at Feng Jingxi; they could see that he had turned into a flat meat cake when Xiang Xun lifted his foot. His bones, flesh, and organs were all mushed up.

A suction force from Huang Xiaolong's hand collected Feng Jingxi's spatial ring as well as his God King Realm godhead. He fiddled the two items in his hands while asking the sea tribe's Ancestors and Patriarchs, "Anyone else wants to die first?"

The remaining sea tribe's Ancestor and Patriarchs shuddered inwardly.

Feng Family's Patriarch Feng Kaiyun's face was full of hatred and fury as he looked at Huang Xiaolong, however, he did not say anything.

The silence in the hall was so heavy that one could hear a drop of water falling to the floor.

Time slowly trickled by.

As time passed, the sea tribe's Ancestors and Patriarchs' hearts grew increasingly nervous and anxious.

Finally, five minutes passed.

"Feng Kaiyun, have you made your decision? Submit or continue to follow your Ancestor's path?" Huang Xiaolong asked flatly. The corner of his eyes glanced at the meat paste of Feng Jingxi.

Hesitation flickered back and forth on Feng Kaiyun's sullen face.

At the time of the God of the Sea Grand Ceremony, Huang Xiaolong had just been an insignificant character, similar to an ant that he could have killed anytime he wanted. Who would've thought that twenty years later, their positions would be flipped.

Feng Jingxi regretted not killing Huang Xiaolong when he had a chance. Had he known that he would be in this position twenty years ago, he would've killed Huang Xiaolong at that time even if it meant going against Golden Brow at that time.

"I, I, submit!" Under Huang Xiaolong's sharp gaze, Feng Kaiyun finally spoke. Those words seemed to drain all of his energy.

"Very good. Now, lower your soul's barrier." Huang Xiaolong ordered without any emotions.

Feng Kaiyun's face turned white instantly.

"Why?" Feng Kaiyun demanded with indignance.

"Why?" Huang Xiaolong had an obvious disdainful smile on his face as he repeated. However, he did not give Feng Kaiyun an answer.

Feng Kaiyun was flustered, but in the end, he had no choice but to lower the barrier to his soul. After all, their Feng Family's Ancestor Feng Jingxi's body was just a few feet from him on the ground.

After Feng Kaiyun lowered his soul's barrier, a grandmist worm formed from a sliver of grandmist godforce with a snap of Huang Xiaolong's fingers flew into Feng Kaiyun's forehead, then straight to his godhead. In the end, the grandmist worm integrated with Feng Kaiyun's soul.

With that done, Huang Xiaolong's attention then turned to the Ma Family's Ancestor.

More than an hour passed...

Other than Feng Family's Ancestor Feng Jingxi, and a Lu Family's Ancestor, others had chosen to submit to Huang Xiaolong and were controlled by Huang Xiaolong's grandmist worms.

That Lu Family's Ancestor naturally had met the same end as Feng Jingxi. Huang Xiaolong had ordered Xiang Xun to kill him without a second thought.

This Lu Family's Ancestor hadn't yet broken through to the God King Realm. Other than two God King Realm masters, Guo Family's Ancestor Guo Da and Feng Family's Ancestor Feng Jingxi, the other five sea tribe's God King Realm masters had all chosen to swear allegiance to Huang Xiaolong.

However, Huang Xiaolong did not have time to celebrate conquering these sea tribe's Ancestors and Patriarchs. It was time for him to head over to the Royal Buddha Great Worlds to search for the Buddha Pellet for Li Lu, and to do that, he required a top grade flying ship.

The problem was, where was he going to find a top grade flying ship?

Huang Xiaolong asked the little cow, but all he could get from her was a shake of the head and 'don't know.' After all, his knowledge of the surrounding world surfaces was limited, more importantly, he didn't have the luxury of time to search for it in the other world surfaces.

Huang Xiaolong then asked Xiang Xun, void devil beast Xu Baisheng, Feng Er, and the others. None of them had any clues.

As a last resort, Huang Xiaolong asked his Masters, Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor.

"You want a top grade flying ship to go to the Royal Buddha Great Worlds?!" Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor were shocked when they heard Huang Xiaolong's question.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, then explained that he was going to the Royal Buddha Great Worlds to get a Buddha Pellet for Li Lu.

Golden Brow Ancestor pondered the matter after he heard Huang Xiaolong's explanation. A moment later, he said, "If I am not mistaken, the sea tribe has a top grade flying ship. The ancient Sea God collected various chaos spiritual iron, ores, and spirit stones, and invited a forging master from the Flying Heavens Commerce to refine it!"

Huang Xiaolong dazed for a second, then ecstasy rushed to his face. The sea tribe actually has a top grade chaos flying ship!

"But, Xiaolong, we've received a message from the Fortune Gate headquarters. They want to select a batch of emperor rank godhead younger generation geniuses from the Fortune Gate branches. As long as a disciple's bone-age is below twenty-thousand years and they have already broken through to Ancestor God Realm, they can participate." Golden Brow Ancestor went on, "This is a good opportunity for you. Moreover, even if Li Lu eats the Buddha Pellet, it's still not going to expel the evil spirit from her body. At the end of the day, we still need to rely on the Fortune Divine Artifact."

Huang Xiaolong was surprised to hear that.

The Fortune Gate's headquarters actually wants to recruit a batch of emperor rank godhead geniuses?

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