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Chapter 1356: Feng Yingying Is Dumbfounded

 "Guo Shi, what happened?" Guo Family's Ancestor Guo Da asked urgently.

"Jun'er, Jun'er..." Guo Family's Patriarch Guo Shi choked on his words, "... Is dead, dead!"


Guo Jun's dead!

All of the sea tribe's Ancestors, and Patriarchs were startled. This news was also unexpected for Feng Yingying.

"What has exactly happened?!" Guo Family's Ancestor Guo Da shouted hoarsely. He repeated under his breath, "Why? Why? Why did things turn out this way!"

Guo Jun was Guo Family's hope! It had been a rare blessing for an eight-tailed Silver Whale to be born in the Guo Family! Dead, Guo Jun was dead!

"Just now, a Guo Family's disciple reported that, that, Jun'er was killed by Huang Xiaolong in, in the Ten Thousand Elephant Royal City!" Guo Shi snarled, while his fingers dug into his palms as he tried to control his fury.

"Huang Xiaolong!" Everyone exclaimed in shock.

"It's that son of a dog!" Ancestor Guo Da bellowed, "Huang Xiaolong, you son of a dog! I vow to make you feel pain a thousand times worse than death. I will let you taste all the bitterness of purgatory―all kinds of pain in the world!"

"I'm going to kill you, kill you-!"

Guo Da vented a fraction of his fury.

Guo Shi's eyes were red with a cruel expression on his face, as if he couldn't wait to gnaw on Huang Xiaolong...

"Lord Sea God, this subordinate pleads to be allowed to punish Huang Xiaolong upon our return to the Vientiane World!" Guo Da and Guo Shi knelt on one knee in front of Feng Yingying.

They had known that Feng Yingying had long decided to conquer Huang Xiaolong to serve her as her male slave.

Feng Yingying sighed inwardly looking at the two people kneeling before her. At this point, she could only abandon the thought of Huang Xiaolong as her male slave. Though it was not a bad thing if she could conquer him to be her male slave, the sea tribe's unity was more important. After all, it was not a miscellaneous matter as Huang Xiaolong had killed Guo Jun!

"Alright then. The two of you quickly stand up, once we've captured Huang Xiaolong, he would be left at your mercy." Feng Yingying could only agree.

"Many thanks, Lord Sea God!" Guo Da and Guo Shi thanked Feng Yingying then got up to their feet.

"Oh right, what is Huang Xiaolong's strength right now?" Feng Family's Ancestor Feng Jingxi asked suddenly from the side, as an important question crossed his mind.

As far as they knew, Guo Jun had been cultivating diligently in recent years and he had already advanced to peak late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm; he was at the very limit of breaking through to Ancestor God Realm in a matter of time. His battle power was comparable to a mid-First Order Ancestor God Realm cultivator. However, Guo Jun was killed by Huang Xiaolong, how...? Then, what was Huang Xiaolong's current strength?!

"According to the reporting disciple, Huang Xiaolong has already broken through to Ancestor God Realm!" Guo Shi frankly told the truth. He wore a complicated expression on his face as he said that.

"What?! Ancestor God Realm?!"

"Huang Xiaolong has actually broken through to Ancestor God Realm! Impossible right? Did that disciple make a mistake?!"

"Huang Xiaolong has broken through to Ancestor God Realm in a little over twenty years. It is impossible, absolutely impossible!"

The sea tribe's Ancestors and Patriarchs all shook their heads in denial, and their faces were filled with disbelief. They absolutely did not believe that Huang Xiaolong had broken through to Ancestor God Realm.

Even Feng Yingying heavily suspected if that was true.

It was simply too incredulous to be true. She would have believed, even though reluctantly, if she was told that Huang Xiaolong had broken through to the Tenth Order Ancient God Realm in these twenty years. But breaking through to the Ancestor God Realm was simply unbelievable.

Guo Shi was also doubtful now. The disciple had informed him that Huang Xiaolong had broken through to the Ancestor God Realm, but he had not given him any further details regarding the incident.

"I will confirm with the disciple if this information is true!" He immediately sent back a message. Guo Shi was shocked when he saw the reply.

"What is it?" Guo Da asked.

Everyone looked at Guo Shi.

"The disciple has confirmed that Huang Xiaolong has indeed broken through to Ancestor God Realm. The Ten Thousand Elephant Clan's Xiang Li and several other disciples witnessed the whole incident. And Xiang Li has confirmed this news to be true!" Guo Shi heavily exhaled the words.

Everyone felt extremely shocked after hearing the confirmation from Guo Shi's mouth.

Huang Xiaolong has really broken through to Ancestor God Realm!

They were no strangers to the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan's Xiang Li-the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan's number one genius! Xiang Li had broken through to Ancestor God Realm a hundred years ago. Since Xiang Li had said that Huang Xiaolong was an Ancestor God Realm, then, it must be true!

"There is another thing, Xiang Li also fought Huang Xiaolong, but the result...!" Guo Shi's voice trailed off as he said this.

"What was the result? Don't tell me Xiang Li pummeled Huang Xiaolong to death?" Guo Da added worriedly, "If Huang Xiaolong was killed by Xiang Li, then we wouldn't get our chance to kill that dog ourselves!"

Guo Shi shook his head. "No, it was Xiang Li that was sent flying by Huang Xiaolong!"


Guo Da, Feng Yingying, and other sea tribe's Ancestors and Patriarchs were dumbfounded.

Xiang Li is already a late-First Order Ancestor God Realm, right? Xiang Li's strength is probably comparable to an early Second Order Ancestor God Realm. Then how was he sent flying by Huang Xiaolong with a single palm strike?!

The more Feng Yingying thought about it, the more shocked she felt.

In that case, did that mean Huang Xiaolong could fight her?! Even though she was superior to him, there wasn't too big of a gap in their strengths!

After recovering from her shock, a fire was lit in her heart. Such a monstrous genius; only a handful could be found in the whole Divine World. If she could make such a talent her male slave, then that would be an absolute good thing ah!

"Lord Sea God, we cannot spare Huang Xiaolong!" Guo Family's Ancestor Guo Da said immediately when he noticed her expression. He then added, "Based on Huang Xiaolong's talent, he is not someone who can be controlled; the only solution is to kill him before he grows stronger!"

Feng Yingying frowned, but nodded reluctantly. "You're right, Huang Xiaolong is not someone we can control!" A monstrous genius like Huang Xiaolong was extremely hard to control.

Huang Xiaolong needed to die!

"However, when we attack the Vientiane World's Fortune Gate, don't kill the disciples indiscriminately...!" Feng Yingying said to Guo Da, Guo Shi, and others, "... Or at least, as long as Zhu Yi is willing to disassemble the Fortune Gate's power over to Fortune Mainland, and guards the Fortune City under sea tribe's banner. And of course he will need to hand over Huang Xiaolong...!"

In these years, she had investigated the Fortune Gate. She had found out that Golden Brow Ancestor's Master had offended an Elder of Fortune Gate's headquarters. Therefore, the headquarters had basically closed their eyes on most of Vientiane World's Fortune Gate's affairs, leaving the sect branch to its own fate.

This was the main reason she even dared to make a move on the Vientiane World's Fortune Gate branch.

Of course, she still didn't dare to cross any line despite what she had learned about the Vientiane World's Fortune Gate branch. If she were indiscriminately kill the sect branch's disciples, the Fortune Gate headquarters would not swallow it easily.

"Yes, please rest assured, Lord Sea God!" Guo Da, Guo Shi, and others respectfully complied.

Feng Yingying nodded her head.

The sea tribe's group flew onwards, rushing back to the Vientiane World, and their speed was faster than before.


At this time, Huang Xiaolong's group arrived at the petrified divine elephant square.

Huang Xiaolong took a deep breath as he looked at the several hundred zhang tall petrified divine elephant. He then ordered the void devil beast Xu Baisheng, Feng Er, and the others, "Stand guard for me!"

Although his Grandmist Parasitic Medium had advanced to the second stage, it was still not easy to resurrect this petrified divine elephant.

"Yes, Master!" Void devil beast Xu Baisheng and the others complied.

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