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Chapter 1355: Guo Jun Is Dead!

 Xiang Li and the other Ten Thousand Elephant Clan's disciples were extremely shocked.

According to Guo Jun, Huang Xiaolong hadn't even been an Eighth Order Ancient God Realm during the last God of the Sea Grand Ceremony. But now, he had already broken through to Ancestor God Realm in a little over twenty years!

Ancestor God Realm!

In a little over twenty years he had shot past the two big realms!

As these thoughts raced through Xiang Li and the others' minds, Huang Xiaolong stepped towards Wangu Ziyi.

"Huang, Huang Xiaolong, no, no, it's Senior Huang!" Wangu Ziyi realized that Huang Xiaolong was coming towards him. He was looking deathly pale and terrified. At this point, he even tried to sever his connection with Guo Jun. "This, this has, nothing, nothing to do with me! I beg you, don't...!"

As soon as Wangu Ziyi learned that Huang Xiaolong had broken through to Ancestor God Realm, his title for Huang Xiaolong had subconsciously changed to 'Senior.'

Xiang Li frowned as he watched this. He extended out his arm to block Huang Xiaolong and warned, "Huang Xiaolong, this is the Ten Thousand Elephant Royal City, fighting is prohibited over here. This matter ends right here and right now!"

In Xiang Li's opinion, since he had stated that the matter had ended there, it meant that he had already shown Huang Xiaolong some leniency. Had it been his usual style, those fighting in the Ten Thousand Elephant Royal City would have either had their cultivation abolished or killed on the spot by Xiang Li!

Huang Xiaolong glanced indifferently at Xiang Li from the corner of his eyes, his voice was just as cold, "Fighting is prohibited? Why didn't you say so when Guo Jun attacked me? Why didn't you warn Guo Jun that fighting is prohibited here? Also, who the hell are you?"

Xiang Li's face turned sullen. Other Ten Thousand Elephant Clan's disciples accompanying him felt burning anger rise in their hearts.

"Huang Xiaolong, you better know what's good for you. Do you think you can do as you please in the Ten Thousand Elephant Royal City just because you've broken through to the Ancestor God Realm? Let me tell you, we are the disciples of the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan, and this is our Big brother Xiang Li! Our Big brother Xiang Li is the real Vientiane World's number one genius, and you're just dog-fart!"

"Quickly slap yourself three hundred times as an apology to our Big brother Xiang Li!"

The Ten Thousand Elephant Clan's disciples angrily scolded Huang Xiaolong.

The little cow slowly trotted over. She looked at the group of the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan's disciples from head to toe and then grinned. "What Ten Thousand Elephant Clan? I can only see a few elephant dung. You better slap yourself thirty thousand times as an apology to my Master, otherwise, this cow's going to cripple you from head to toe!"

The several Ten Thousand Elephant Clan's disciples were flabbergasted. In the next second, their fury soared to the sky.

What did this cow just say? They ought to slap themselves thirty thousand times... as an apology to Huang Xiaolong!

"Fist of the Ten Thousand Elephant King!"

One of the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan's disciples failed to rein in his temper and swung his fist at the little cow. He wanted to smash this annoying cow into a paste with one punch!

Space warped from the power of his fist as if a desolate era divine elephant had awakened inside him.

As the disciple was about to hit the little cow, she let out a loud sneeze! Streaks of purple lightning shot out from her nostrils, faster than the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan's disciple could capture. In a split second of daze, he was whipped by the little cow's purple lightning.

The disciple was whipped into the air and then crashed onto the street. His body twitched and jerked on the ground.

He had turned charcoal black, with tiny ribbons of lightning coming out from his pores like a fountain; the only difference was, it was lightning instead of water.

Xiang Li and the rest of the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan's disciples were stunned. When their gaze fell upon the little cow, there was fear in their eyes.

They all knew very well that once the disciples of Ten Thousand Elephant Clan had successfully cultivated their inherited Ten Thousand Elephant Divine Art and awakened their bloodline power, the power contained within one punch was unimaginable. In fact, very few people could disperse their bloodline power.

But, a mere cow had easily dispersed the power of their bloodline!

Xiang Li was the quickest to recover from his shock. He glared coldly at Huang Xiaolong and the little cow and barked, "You are the first person who dares to injure a Ten Thousand Elephant Clan's disciple in our royal city! The first person in a billion years!"

The little cow yawned lazily, and responded, "If that is so, then it is my honor!"

That lazy and unconcerned expression on the little cow's face enraged Xiang Li and his companions even further.

In this short moment, Huang Xiaolong was already standing in front of Wangu Ziyi. Wangu Ziyi opened his mouth to say something, but Huang Xiaolong sent flying with a brutal punch. He crashed heavily into a corner at the end of the street. For a long time, there was no reaction from Wangu Ziyi. Huang Xiaolong observed him with an uninterested expression, as he was unconcerned if Wangu Ziyi was dead or alive.

Then again, Huang Xiaolong's intention was to abolish Wangu Ziyi and not to kill him.

Not even a God King Realm master would be able to heal Wangu Ziyi's current injuries.

"You!" Xiang Li shouted angrily.

Ignoring Xiang Li, Huang Xiaolong strode towards Guo Jun. By this time, several Guo Family's disciples had fed Guo Jun with some kind of healing pellet. As a result, Guo Jun was able to stand up.

"Huang Xiaolong, how do you want to settle this?" Guo Jun shuddered inwardly as he saw Huang Xiaolong walking towards him, but demanded with false bravado.

How do I want to settle this?

Huang Xiaolong sneered as he did not have any patience for dribbling nonsense. With a single punch from Huang Xiaolong, a glaring golden light shot out and swallowed up Guo Jun and Guo Family's disciples who were standing beside him.

Muffled, yet heart-wrenching screams sounded from the middle of the golden light!

Guo Jun and several Guo Family's disciples exploded to their deaths, including their godheads, right in front of Xiang Li and his group!

Huang Xiaolong had spared Wangu Ziyi's life since he believed that his grudge with Wangu Ziyi was not too big of a deal. But Guo Jun was different.

Huang Xiaolong had never thought of sparing Guo Jun's life. He knew that Guo Jun would cause trouble once he would break through to Ancestor God Realm.

"Huang Xiaolong, you're too presumptuous!" Xiang Li was absolutely enraged that Huang Xiaolong had actually killed Guo Jun right before his eyes. Not just that, Huang Xiaolong has also ignored his presence and the Ten Thousand Elephant Royal City's rules. He roared in fury at Huang Xiaolong, and in the next second, his body began to change. As his body continued to grow bigger, his nose elongated into an elephant trunk.

Xiang Li's trunk raised and swung at Huang Xiaolong.

Once the bloodline of a Ten Thousand Elephant Clan's disciple reached a certain degree of purity, he could then transform into a divine elephant's body. The power of the elephant's trunk was beyond the outsiders' imagination; with a single strike, a same realm cultivator would be smashed into a meat paste.

Huang Xiaolong reached out, and grabbed Xiang Li's trunk.

This sight rendered other Ten Thousand Elephant Clan's disciples speechless.

Huang Xiaolong exerted force with his hand and threw Xiang Li high into the air by his trunk.

Suddenly, a certain cow's moo brought several Ten Thousand Elephant Clan's disciple to their senses. When they turned to look, the little cow was galloping towards them. Before they could react, they were forked into the air by her horns.

"Master, what did you think of this move?" The little cow craned her neck in Huang Xiaolong's direction.

Huang Xiaolong smiled wryly and praised, "Not bad." He then said to Feng Er, Gui Yi, and Gui Er, "Let's go straight to the petrified divine elephant square."

After Xiang Li's group was beaten, the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan's experts would rush over. He wanted to resurrect the petrified divine elephant before their arrival.

While Huang Xiaolong's group made their way to the square, Guo Family's Patriarch Guo Shi that was flying out from the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield suddenly let out an angstful cry "Jun'er!"

Just a second ago, he had received a report from a Guo Family's disciple that Guo Jun was killed by Huang Xiaolong in the Ten Thousand Elephant Royal City.

Guo Family's Ancestor Guo Da, Feng Yingying, and others stopped when they heard Patriarch Guo Shi's scream filled with agony.

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