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Chapter 1311: The Sea God Enthronement Ceremony

 Huang Xiaolong dazed for a second at the little cow's words. Indeed, as the little cow had said, Feng Yingying was looking at him. Her eyes were resembling the concentration and depths of the sea.

In her deep gaze, there was a taste of entice, titillate, and undisguised taunting?

Despite being stared blatantly by a great beauty, there were no ripples of emotions in Huang Xiaolong's heart. He frowned instead. He doesn't think Feng Yingying was looking at him because he was handsome, nor because he had roused her interest by injuring Guo Gang, Li Zhu, and Wang Yu.

Obviously, Feng Yingying stared at him at such a venue to make him the center of attention.

As expected, the various sects' younger generation who were enchanted with Feng Yingying turned towards Huang Xiaolong. Their gazes were akin to drawn arrows, depicting their owners' wishes to pierce his body full of holes.

Guo Jun came out after the Feng Family. Killing intent erupted in his heart when he saw Feng Yingying looking at Huang Xiaolong.

"A beauty's grace comes at a great cost." The little cow's untimely statement sounded in the square.

Huang Xiaolong recovered his senses, and gave the little cow a fierce glare. "Why do I feel that you're actually gloating?"

The little cow grinned, "I'd like to bear the beauty's gaze for you, but too bad this cow can't enter her eyes ah." Her tail swung happily as she said this.

Huang Xiaolong would have given the little cow a kick looking at her if it weren't for Golden Brow Ancestor and others' presence.

"This female has big breasts, a big butt, and a big ambition." The little cow went on, "Xiaolong, in fact, you can take her, she's not bad for a maid. She has big breasts and a big butt, suitable to warm the bed for you."

Huang Xiaolong decisively closed his hearing for some quietness.

At this time, Feng Yingying, Feng Family's Ancestor, Feng Family's Patriarch, and the rest had taken their seats on the host stage, when Guo Family, Di Family, Gao Family, and the rest of the sea tribe's twelve prominent families followed behind them.

As the sea tribe's twelve prominent families' experts arrived, all of the various experts seated on the square stood up in greeting.

The Feng Family's Ancestor Feng Jingxi's gaze swept around the crowd with a faint smile on his lips. A moment later, he began, "Thank you everyone for coming to my sea tribe's God of the Sea Grand Ceremony. We've invited everyone here today as witnesses to our sea tribe's Sea God Enthronement Ceremony."

Sea God Enthronement Ceremony!

In an instant, the crowd was in a furor.

The crowd's attention once again fell onto Feng Yingying who was sitting beside the Feng Family's Ancestor.

Huang Xiaolong's eyes narrowed. 'It seems like the rumor about Feng Yingying inheriting the ancient Sea God's bloodline is true!'

It had never crossed anyone's mind that the sea tribe would use the God of the Sea Grand Ceremony as an opportunity to hold the Sea God Enthronement for Feng Yingying!

Once the Sea God Enthronement Ceremony was completed, Feng Yingying would be the sea tribe's new Sea God!

'The current sea tribe's twelve prominent families were governed independently, and competition between families was common. Hence, if Feng Yingying was enthroned as the Sea God, she would unite the whole sea tribe's forces as a new leader. Wouldn't that prove to be a great danger for the human forces on Vientiane World?'

A gloomy light gleamed in Golden Brow Ancestor, Blood Knife Ancestor, and Zhu Yi's eyes as they thought of this problem. So did Wangu Rui, You Kui, and the rest.

The Feng Family's Ancestor Feng Jingxi raised his palm, and waved a few times to calm the crowd as he continued, "Apart from this, my tribe's disciples would like take this opportunity of the Sea of the God Grand Ceremony to spar with various sects' genius disciples, assess each other, compete for the benefits of improvement. "

The crowd was in an uproar of excitement.

Super forces' genius disciples from the neighboring world surfaces were filled with anticipation. From time to time, their gazes fell on Feng Yingying's body.

Clearly, these genius disciples couldn't wait to perform dazzlingly in front of the great beauty Feng Yingying.

Feng Family's Ancestor Feng Jingxi went on with empty encouragement to the various sects' younger generation disciples to do their best in the challenge.

A moment later, the sea tribe's Sea God Enthronement Ceremony began.

The sea tribe's guards on the square began blowing into the long conch shell according to an unique rhythm, then the sea tribe's disciples brought out a thousand drums.

All one thousand drums looked exactly the same. On the upper surface of the drums were drawings of various divine beasts of the sea.

One thousand sea tribe's disciples struck their drums with uniformed movements. Rumbling sounds of drums reached every corner of the Sea God City.

Huang Xiaolong noticed the sounds of these drums could affect one's mind, make them trapped or lose control over their own thoughts.

"This is the sea tribe's thunder beast drum." Blood Knife Ancestor explained to him, "It's made from the sea tribe's ancient thunder beast's skin. Even though it hasn't yet reached the grade of a chaos spiritual artifact, drumming one thousand thunder beast drums at the same time, could form a mental attack that is quite powerful."

Huang Xiaolong nodded and noted it down.

As the sea tribe's disciples continued to strike, the thunder drums shook, and the sounds of rumbling thunder grew increasingly louder, reaching the ninth heavens.

Feng Yingying stepped elegantly towards the Sea God Tower in the distance with the twelve prominent families's Ancestors and Patriarchs behind her, until she stopped a short distance away from the Sea God Tower.

According to the sea tribe's Sea God Enthronement Ceremony, Feng Yingying was required to pray to the past generations of sea tribe's masters' souls within the Sea God Tower. When her Sea God's bloodline was acknowledged and resonated by the past generations of sea tribe's masters' souls within the Sea God Tower, then only it would be a successful ceremony.

Feng Yingying stood twenty meters from the Sea God Tower, and knelt down. She then lowered her body forward to the ground with palms joined together. A second later, she came back on her feet, knelt down, and lowered her body down again repeating the same posture.

When Feng Yingying lowered her body from a kneeling position, her butt was like two mountains facing each together, and it was a tempting scene.

As Feng Yingying continued to pray, the Sea God Tower glimmered. Soon, rays of light shot out from the Sea God Tower into Feng Yingying's body. A power within Feng Yingying seemed to have awakens, as a bright light enshrouded her from within.

Half an hour later, the light that was enshrouding her grew stronger and brighter, reaching the four corners of the Sea God Square. A unique pressure came from Feng Yingying's body that made the sea tribe's disciples feel a pressure on their souls.

The joy on Feng Family's Ancestor Feng Jingxi's face thickened as the light enshrouding Feng Yingying grew stronger.

Roughly an hour later, suddenly, a low muffled roar came from the Sea God Tower as if there were thousands of sea beasts roaring. The entire Sea God City shook. The light that was enshrouding her shot to the sky.

A long time later, the Sea God Tower slowly dimmed as the light disappeared gradually. Sometime later, the light enshrouding Feng Yingying's body also converged inside her. However, everyone could see that Feng Yingying was different from before, as each and every movement of hers was exuding a majestic air.

Feng Yingying had successfully merged with her Sea God's bloodline!

"Saluting the Lord Sea God!"

All the sea tribe's disciples on the square knelt excitedly in salute.

Even the twelve prominent families' Ancestors and Patriarchs bowed deep.

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