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Chapter 1303: A Rundown Courtyard

 After a while, Zhu Feng left the Infinite Circles Commerce Hall. Not long after he had left, Wang Wei stepped out from the darkness.

Similar to Zhu Feng, Wang Wei was also curious to know why Huang Xiaolong had bought so many herbs, 'Does he want to refine chaos spiritual pills, or is he running an errand for Golden Brow and Blood Knife?'

There was sullenness in his eyes, as he had to applaud Huang Xiaolong's resilient life. Not only had Wang Wei ordered the Void Sky World's Golden Phoenix Pavilion and Yama Gates' disciples to kill Huang Xiaolong, but he had also tasked Ma Family's disciples in Clear Spirit World to kill him.

Yet, Huang Xiaolong had returned to Fortune Gate unharmed, and his cultivation had actually risen at a startling speed.

"However, I don't believe that his life will be so resilient in this trip to the sea tribe!"

"Huang Xiaolong, the sea tribe's Sea God City would be your burial place!" Wang Wei's figure disappeared, however, his cold voice lingered into the air.

After returning to the accommodation arranged for the Fortune Gate's group, Huang Xiaolong divided the herbs and other materials in the privacy of his room, before feeding them into the Pill Blending Tower. He replenished ten thousand pieces of grade six spirit stones into the tower's grand formation. After that he threw the Pill Blending Tower into the Yellow Springs Archdevil's Treasure space and let it refine the chaos spiritual pills on it's own.

Subsequently, Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged in the room and started cultivating the Grandmist Parasitic Medium. The four divine fires' spirits greedily devoured the gray chaos spiritual energy falling from the void.


The Fortune Gate's group stopped and rested occasionally as they traveled onwards. One month later, they arrived at the sea tribes' Sea God City.

The Sea God City was the sea tribes' sacred land, and only sea tribes' prominent families' core disciples and Ancestor God Realm masters could reside there.

When Huang Xiaolong, Golden Brow Ancestor, and the others arrived at the Sea God City, Grand Elder Guo Shi of the Sea God Temple welcomed them as the Sea God City's representative. Guo Shi was also the current Guo Family's Patriarch, and also Guo Jun's biological father.

The sea tribes' Sea God Temple had twelve Grand Elders, and they were also the sea tribes' twelve great families' current Patriarchs.

Guo Shi was full of smiles when he saw Golden Brow Ancestor, Blood Knife Ancestor, and Zhu Yi as he greeted them, "Welcome Gate Chief Zhu, welcome Senior Golden Brow, and Senior Blood Knife. It is our honor that the two Seniors came to participate in our sea tribes' God of the Sea Ceremony."

Zhu Yi smiled in return, "Patriarch Guo is polite. We were obliged to come after receiving the sea tribe's invitation."

Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor also exchanged perfunctory greetings with Guo Shi.

Guo Shi's gaze swept over the rest of the Fortune Gate's group and finally stopped on Huang Xiaolong. He sighed as if in appreciation, "This one here should be Young Warrior Huang, am I right? Indeed a dragon amongst men. According to what I know, Young Warrior Huang has only entered the Fortune Gate for a decade or so, yet he has advanced until the late-Seventh Order Ancient God Realm! I have to say, this kind of talent is only a handful in the entire Divine World."

Guo Shi went on enthusiastically about Huang Xiaolong, as if he was not able to see Wang Wei or Zhu Feng amongst the group.

"Patriarch Guo is praising me, but my little bit of talent is extremely lacking compared to Patriarch Guo's son."

Guo Shi chuckled happily, waving his hand. He then turned to Zhu Yi and said, "That kid is not worthy of any mention compared to Feng Yingying."

More perfunctory words were exchanged before Guo Shi led the Fortune Gate's group to their accommodations that were arranged for them.

A short while later, they arrived in front of a remote residence located on one of the most quiet streets in Sea God City.

Huang Xiaolong's brows wrinkled slightly as he looked at the rundown courtyard in front of them. 'Is this the accommodation the sea tribes has arranged for them?'

As expected, Guo Shi pointed at the rundown courtyard in front of them as he explained, "My apologies, Gate Chief Zhu. Other residences and courtyards in Sea God City are completely full. Therefore, I hope you won't mind and will make do with this accommodation."

Zhu Yi, Golden Brow Ancestor, and Blood Knife Ancestor's faces turned ugly. Even Wang Wei and Zhu Feng's anger was obvious from their faces.

The sea tribe had actually arranged such a lousy accommodation for them?! This run down courtyard's walls were old and crumbly, and it was more of a place that commoners would use.

Were they equivalent to commoners in the sea tribes' eyes?

Guo Shi carried on as if he hadn't noticed the angry expressions on everyone's faces, "Senior Golden Brow and Senior Blood Knife, please understand our difficulty, it was not easy for us to allocate this place to all of you."

Not easy for us to allocate this place...!

Did Guo Shi's tone indicate that if it weren't for the sea tribe, the Fortune Gate's group wouldn't have had a place to stay at all, and they would have ended up sleeping on the streets like beggars instead?!

Even Zhu Yi, Golden Brow Ancestor, and Blood Knife Ancestor were angered, despite having a steady temperament because they had lived for more than ten thousand years.

The sea tribe was crossing the line!

Huang Xiaolong glanced in Guo Shi's direction, and saw a phoney smile on his face.

"The courtyard is not bad." Golden Brow Ancestor calmed down, and commented indifferently, "My thanks to the sea tribe's hospitality. If Patriarch Guo visits our Fortune Mainland, we will surely allocate a very big courtyard for you."

A very big courtyard?

Guo Shi chuckled, "I thank Senior Golden Brow Ancestor. This junior will take his leave for now. I will arrange my Guo Family's disciples to guard nearby. If two Seniors were to need anything, please have any of them forward your request to me. I hope Gate Chief Zhu finds his stay equally pleasurable. In a month's time, on the day of the God of the Sea Grand Ceremony, I will send someone to lead Gate Chief Zhu and others."

Send someone to lead them?! And not Patriarch Guo coming himself!

This made everyone's face turned ugly once again.

And what did Guo Shi mean by 'Guo Family's disciples would be guarding nearby?' Did that blatantly mean that they would keep a watch on them?

Guo Shi lightly cupped his fists at Zhu Yi, Golden Brow Ancestor, and Blood Knife Ancestor, before he turned and left. But the two disciples who were accompanying him stayed behind and stood guard in the distance.

The little cow looked at Guo Shi's back and said, "I really want to throw cow dung all over his face!" She said it loud enough that it reached the two Guo Family disciples' ears.

The two disciples' faces sank immediately.

But Huang Xiaolong chuckled softly, "How is it enough just to throw cow dung at his face?"

The little cow snickered, "Throw all over him, turn him into a shit-man."

The two Guo Family's disciples were enraged by this comment, and they were close to attacking the little cow. But even before they had barely taken a step, they were knocked into the air.

Blood Knife Ancestor smiled as he looked at Huang Xiaolong and the little cow, "Well said, Guo Shi is a shit-man, full of shit!"

Everyone laughed loudly.

A while later, the group stepped into the courtyard. Although the courtyard was run down, it was big and spacious, and had lots of rooms. Huang Xiaolong picked a room and entered it to cultivate.

Inside a certain residence within the Sea God City, Guo Gang sneered after he listened to his subordinate's report about Huang Xiaolong's arrival in Sea God City, "Huang Xiaolong, you're finally here. I vow that this time I will 'welcome' you warmly by making you 'comfortable' from head to toe."

"Young Lord, it won't be easy to harm Huang Xiaolong, as he is being accompanied by Golden Brow and Blood Knife." One of Guo Gang's subordinates said, and further added, "Moreover, I have heard that Huang Xiaolong has already broke through to late-Seventh Order Ancient God Realm."

Guo Gang snickered, "I know that. But during the God of the Sea Grand Ceremony, even the two old farts won't be able to save Huang Xiaolong. In a while, I am visiting Big brother Guo Jun to request him to help me cripple Huang Xiaolong. Huang Xiaolong is merely a late-Seventh Order Ancient God Realm, therefore, Big brother Guo Jun only needs to move his little finger to squash him to death."

The subordinate smiled flatteringly at Guo Gang, "With Young Lord Guo Jun handling Huang Xiaolong, there is naturally no problem."

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