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Chapter 1294: Chaos Yin Spirit Frui

 Huang Xiaolong's eyes lit up as he stared at the black axe, and asked Xu Baisheng, "This is the key to the Yellow Springs Archdevil's Treasure?!"

Xu Baisheng respectfully answered, "yes." But barely a second had passed, when he grunted in pain. The little cow had knocked him on his head and reprimanded, "Why didn't you tell us earlier that you have the key to the Yellow Springs Archdevil's Treasure?"

Xu Baisheng clutched his head and muttered something under his breath.

The little cow's eyes widened fiercely as she questioned, "What? Your courage has grown bigger, now that your strength has increased, is it? Now, are you going to start swearing at me under your breath?"

Xu Baisheng nearly jumped out of his skin at the little cow's soft but threatening voice. He smiled flatteringly in a fluster, "Senior Golden-horned, junior would never dare to do such a thing. Junior doesn't have the courage ah."

A cow that was not even an Ancestor God Realm was actually reprimanding a high-level magic beast... However, by now, Feng Er, Gui Yi, and others were no strangers to such scenes.

After spending more than a year together, Feng Er and the others had witnessed the little cow's miracles, and had learned that the little cow was actually the reincarnation of a great chaos spiritual beast.

Then again, even though the Yellow Springs Archdevil's Treasure's key was in the possession of Xu Baisheng, Huang Xiaolong needed to reach the Devil Prison Mountain as soon as possible. Since the Yellow Springs Archdevil's Treasure had been discovered, more and more experts from the surrounding world surfaces, perhaps even the super forces on world surfaces further away would learn about it in no time. Once that were to happen, these powerful people would flood into the Devil Prison World.

Huang Xiaolong strived to get the Yellow Springs Archdevil's Treasure into his hands before these experts would arrive.

Without further delay, Huang Xiaolong's group turned into a streak of light, and headed towards the Devil Prison Mountain.

The nearby experts merely felt a rush of powerful energy brushed past them, as Huang Xiaolong's group disappeared from the street, shocking them senseless for a second.

A half day later, Huang Xiaolong's group reached the Devil Prison Mountain. They stopped briefly in front of the Devil Prison Mountain before speeding inwards.

Based on Huang Xiaolong's current strength and the toughness of his True Dragon Physique, he could sustain the corrosive devil qi, not to mention, Xu Baisheng was also by his side.

Wherever Xu Baisheng passed, the surrounding corrosive devil qi retreated, similar to the subjects who would retreat with respect, after seeing their emperor who was out on an inspection.

The Yellow Springs Archdevil's Treasure was at the end of the Yellow Springs Road in the depths of the Devil Prison Mountain. Huang Xiaolong's group flew non-stop towards the Yellow Springs Road.

While Huang Xiaolong's group rushed towards the Yellow Springs Road, a few people stood on a certain mountain peak, somewhere on the Yellow Springs Road. One of them was none other than the Short Blade Gate's Elder Lin Bi who had once wanted to kill Huang Xiaolong and the little cow.

Other than Lin Bi, there was one more Short Blade Gate's Elder, and two Golden Phoenix Pavilion's Elders.

"Elder Lin, is there really a Chaos Yin Spirit Fruit on this Yin Snake Mountain?" Golden Phoenix Pavilion's Elder, Sun Tong asked Lin Bi.

Chaos Yin Spirit Fruit was a rare top grade chaos spiritual herb. The benefits of consuming one Chaos Yin Spirit Fruit was almost equivalent to several hundred years of hard work cultivating, which was shocking.

Even the average chaos spiritual pill's effects were far from comparable to the benefits brought by the Chaos Yin Spirit Fruit.

Lin Bi nodded, "Although I'm not a hundred percent certain, there is still ninety percent of certainty, as I learned this information from the earth ghost-devil, whom I had killed earlier."

"However, the Chaos Yin Spirit Fruit is guarded by two chaos spiritual beasts, called soaring snakes. These two soaring snakes are both at the peak early-First Order Ancestor God Realm strength, hence, the four of us must cooperate to deal with them." Lin Bi said. This was the main reason he had contacted these three people.

Their expressions turned serious at Lin Bi's explanation.

A First Order Ancient God Ream soaring snake's strength was definitely comparable to a mid-First Order, or even a peak mid-First Order Ancestor God Realm human cultivator's strength. Amongst the four of them, only one person was a mid-First Order Ancestor God Realm, while the other three were between early First Order to peak early First Order Ancestor God Realm.

"I will block one of the soaring snakes, whereas the other one will be handed to you two. In the meanwhile, Lin Bi will seize this opportunity to pick the Yin Spirit Fruits. When all the fruits are picked, we'll leave at once." The mid-First Order Ancestor God Realm Golden Phoenix Pavilion Elder assigned tasks to the group.

Lin Bi and the other two nodded. No one had any objections to this plan.

With Lin Bi leading the way, the four sped off in the direction of the Chaos Yin Spirit Fruits. Chaos Yin Spirit Fruits grow in a place with rich yin energy.

Soon, the four appeared on a certain part of the Yin Snake Mountain.

"The Chaos Yin Spirit Fruit is right ahead." Lin Bi pointed at a cliff wall as he said to the rest of his group.

All four of them concealed their presence entirely and slowly flew closer to the cliff wall.

Half an hour later, Huang Xiaolong's group was gradually approaching the Yin Snake Mountain.

"The Yellow Springs Road is just beyond this mountain up ahead." Xu Baisheng informed Huang Xiaolong respectfully as he led the group at the very front.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Suddenly, they felt energy fluctuations of a battle, not far ahead of them.

"There are Ancestor God Realm masters battling, at the Yin Snake Mountain." Xu Baisheng inferred.

"Xiaolong, should we go and take a look?" The little cow said with her eyes shining with excitement.

This cow!

Huang Xiaolong smiled inwardly, 'Might as well check it out as it is not too far, and it won't delay us.'

Thus, Huang Xiaolong's group flew towards the battle on the Yin Snake Mountain. As they got closer, they saw the two battling sides; Huang Xiaolong and the little cow's eyes narrowed.

"Haha, Xiaolong, didn't I say it? We should come over and take a look. What do you think, do you feel like thanking me now?" The little cow said to Huang Xiaolong, but her eyes never left Lin Bi as a playful smile appeared on her cow face.

A cold light gleamed inside Huang Xiaolong's eyes the moment he saw Lin Bi.

If he hadn't been so lucky as to have survived the last time, as he managed to escape death by falling into the blood-red sea, he and the little cow would have probably died.

"That's the Chaos Yin Spirit Fruit!" Void devil beast Xu Baisheng exclaimed loudly in shock. He stared feverishly at the dozen of Yin Spirit Fruits hanging from the cliff wall in the distance. These fruits were exuding a dark green luster.

Feng Er, Gui Yi, Gui Er, and Gui San also showed rare ripples of desire, as they stared hungrily at the Chaos Yin Spirit Fruits.

Only then did Huang Xiaolong and the little cow notice the chaos spiritual fruits hanging from the cliff wall.

"Haha, this cow's lucky, it's really the Chaos Yin Spirit Fruit!" The little cow laughed in delight.

At this time, Lin Bi who was battling the soaring snake had discovered Huang Xiaolong's group and was astonished: "That kid is still alive?!"

"Brother Lin, you know these people?" One of the Golden Phoenix Pavilion's Elder asked.

"A little over two years ago, this kid stole a lot of our Short Blade Gate's Eidolon Crystalline Rocks, and even killed a few of our Short Blade Gate's disciples. Later when I chased after him, he fell into the blood-red sea. I thought he was dead, since he fell into the sea with heavy injuries. Who could've thought that this kid would be still alive?!" He suddenly looked at Huang Xiaolong in shock, "But, at that time, this kid was just a mid-Sixth Order Ancient God Realm, how is he already a late-Seventh Order Ancient God Realm right now?!"

Others were also shocked, as they heard to Lin Bi's last sentence.

"Brother Lin, that is impossible ah, how can he breakthrough to late-Seventh Order Ancient God Realm from mid-Sixth Order Ancient God Realm in as short as two years time!" The other Short Blade Gate's Elder said in astonishment.

"Who cares whether he is a Sixth Order or Seventh? This kid really has a lot of Eidolon Crystalline Rocks on him, right?" Golden Phoenix Pavilion's Elder Sun Tong's gaze locked onto Huang Xiaolong with a burning greed in his eyes. The Eidolon Crystalline Rocks were just as precious as the Chaos Yin Spirit Fruit.

Huang Xiaolong couldn't help but feel funny watching Lin Bi and the others targeting him because of the Eidolon Crystalline Rocks in his possession. He signaled the void devil beast Xu Baisheng with his eyes.

Xu Baisheng answered by reaching out and clenched his claws in the air. Instantly, the Golden Phoenix Pavilion's Elder Sun Tong exploded to his death. Lin Bi was heavily injured by the explosion. He was thrown to Huang Xiaolong's feet while still vomiting blood.

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