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Chapter 1276: Seventh Order Ancient God Realm

 However, the little cow slapped her tail on the void devil beast Xu Baisheng's head, "Why didn't you tell Master earlier that the Yellow Springs Magic Robe is in the depths of the Devil Prison Mountain."

Void devil beast rubbed his throbbing head and whined bitterly, "The Yellow Springs Magic Robe is extremely nefarious, and based in Master's current strength, he won't be able to conquer it right now. Moreover, the Yellow Springs Magic Robe is at the deepest area of the Devil Prison Mountain and the road is extremely dangerous, as it is laden with heavy restrictions. You need to be at least a high-level Ancestor God Realm master to get to the Yellow Springs Robe and conquer it."

"Are you saying that you were being considerate towards our Master?" The little cow snorted and harrumphed.

Xu Baisheng weakly nodded his head.

Huang Xiaolong smiled as he listened to the two of them bicker with one another. "It's alright, don't blame Baisheng. The Devil Prison Mountain's depths are...

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