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Chapter 1269: We Discovered This Place First!

 Shi Long, Chen Jianfeng, and other Short Blade Gate's disciples were flying in Huang Xiaolong's direction, when all of a sudden, the black mountain emitted a dazzling light and rich spiritual energy, up ahead of them.

But it was only for a split second, then everything disappeared as if it had never happened.

"Senior Brother Shi Long, that light just now, is...?!" Chen Jianfeng asked.

Other disciples also looked at Shi Long with astonished faces.

"We're going over there to investigate." A cold gleam shone in the depths of Shi Long's eyes as he said this, and flew towards the black mountain's peak. Chen Jianfeng and other disciples quickly followed behind him.

At the same time, other sects' disciples who were in the vicinity had also sensed the burst of spiritual energy from earlier. They too hurried to the black mountain's peak.

Huang Xiaolong who was diligently collecting the Eidolon Crystalline Rocks nearly jumped out of his skin in fright, due to the sudden burst of light and the spiritual energy on the black mountain's peak.

He sighed, 'Looks like it's going to be impossible for me to monopolize these Eidolon Crystalline Rocks.'

Huang Xiaolong no longer held back his strength. His three supreme godheads spun to their limits, and godforce surged through his body and wrapped around the football-sized Eidolon Crystalline Rocks. He'd strive to collect as many as he could before other disciples arrived.

The little cow on the side wasn't idle either. Her golden horns swung frequently, as purple lightning streaked out from her golden horns with each swing, collecting a black rock each time.

Shi Long, Chen Jianfeng, and the rest of their group reached the black mountain peak at their fastest speed.

By this time, the black mountain had returned to its original calmness. Nothing special could be seen.

"There's someone ahead of us!" Shi Long discovered Huang Xiaolong and the little cow's energy fluctuations, almost immediately. He jumped over the mountain's peak in a single leap and spotted Huang Xiaolong and the little cow working hard to collect Eidolon Crystalline Rocks.

Shi Long didn't recognize the Eidolon Crystalline Rocks, but watching Huang Xiaolong and the little cow collecting them with fervor, appearing almost manic, doubts rose in Shi Long's mind.

"It's him!" Chen Jianfeng, Zhao Yu, and several other Short Blade Gate's disciples recognized Huang Xiaolong as they reached Shi Long's side.

"You all recognize this person?" Shi Long sounded surprised.

"Yes, Senior Brother Shi Long." Chen Jianfeng answered Shi Long. "Two hours ago, we saw this kid killing a swarm of late-Seventh Order Ancient God Realm Hell's creatures. He merely used one slash of his sword to kill them. This proves that his strength is not weak, and it's at least at the Eighth Order Ancient God Realm. This is the reason we remember him." He completely edited out that Huang Xiaolong had saved them.

Shi Long nodded when Chen Jianfeng finished, "So, it's like that." Merely an Eighth Order Ancient God Realm disciple was not worthy of his attention.

Other sects' disciples arrived consecutively at the black mountain.

There were Golden Phoenix Pavilion's disciples, Roaming Celestial Cult's disciples, and Swordless Sect's disciples, and some other sects' disciples.

Shi Long glanced at these newly arrived disciples and said in a threatening tone, "These black crystalline rocks were first discovered by us, the Short Blade Gate. If any of you dare to touch any of these black crystalline rocks, then don't blame us for being rude!" Shi Long's body exuded a heavy pressure to emphasize his words.

Although he didn't know what these black crystalline rocks were, he could tell that these black crystalline rocks were definitely not any ordinary spirit stones. So naturally, he didn't want other sects' disciples touching them.

Huang Xiaolong sneered inwardly, when he heard Shi Long's claim that Shi Long was the one who had first discovered these Eidolon Crystalline Rocks.

"It's Shi Long!"

Roaming Celestial Cult's disciples and Swordless Sect's disciples exclaimed in shock, as they recognized Shi Long from a distance.

"What a joke! Shi Long, if you claim that you are the first person to have discovered these black crystalline rocks, then who is your witness? I say these black crystalline rocks are discovered by our Golden Phoenix Pavilion, hmph!" A Golden Phoenix Pavilion's disciple sneered.

Shi Long was able to deter the Roaming Celestial Cult and Swordless Sect's disciples, but Golden Phoenix Pavilion's disciples did not take his warning to heart.

"Zhang Yadong!" Shi Long frowned when he saw the Golden Phoenix Pavilion's disciple, who had uttered those words.

Zhang Yadong was one of the Golden Phoenix Pavilion's genius disciples. Even though his talent was incomparable to Li Zhi's, he had entered the Golden Phoenix Pavilion much earlier than Li Zhi, hence, his cultivation realm was higher than Li Zhi's. Zhang Yadong was a mid-Ninth Order Ancient God Realm master while Li Zhi was a Seventh Order Ancient God Realm. However, Zhang Yadong and Li Zhi's actual strengths were almost at par despite their differences.

Shi Long spoke after briefly pondering over this matter, "Zhang Yadong, our two sects can cooperate, and we can equally divide these black crystalline rocks. What do you think?"

Golden Phoenix Pavilion's Zhang Yadong considered his suggestion, and then nodded, "Deal! Let's work together, the rocks will belong to whoever would collect them."

Shi Long's suggestion was exactly what he had wanted. After all, his group of Golden Phoenix Pavilion's disciples wasn't strong enough to monopolize all the black crystalline rocks in that area.

Once the agreement was finalized between the Short Blade Gate and Golden Phoenix Pavilion's disciples, each side appointed two disciples to guard and prevent other sects' disciples from taking the black crystalline rocks, while the rest of their groups rushed to collect them.

But soon, they all realized that these black crystalline rocks weighed far more than they had expected. Even some Seventh Order Ancient God Realm disciples were struggling to move them.

Both Shi Long and Zhang Yadong were greatly surprised.

However, Shi Long was now even more certain that these black crystalline rocks were extraordinary because of this.

"Everyone, go all out!" Shi Long commanded loudly.

All Short Blade Gate's disciples pushed their godforce to their limits at Shi Long's command.

"Senior Brother Shi Long, what do we do about that kid?" Chen Jianfeng asked as he came to Shi Long's side. Killing intent was flickering in his eyes.

This fat kid must have surely collected a lot of these black crystalline rocks before they had arrived.

Shi Long replied calmly, "Let him continue."

Chen Jianfeng was shocked. He didn't understand Shi Long's intentions.

"We will have one free laborer, isn't that a good thing?" Shi Long went on, "Wait until the time is ripe, we can kill him then. Those black crystalline rocks would still belong to us, and this way, we can save ourselves from some additional efforts."

Chen Jianfeng smirked, "Senior Brother Shi Long is wise!"

Huang Xiaolong sneered as he watched Short Blade Gate and Golden Phoenix Pavilion's disciples rushing to collect the Eidolon Crystalline Rocks. He didn't stop them at all. In truth, he had the same thought as Shi Long-since there were so many free laborers helping him collect Eidolon Crystalline Rocks, why would he stop them?

However, as time passed, more and more people appeared at the black mountain. Finally, a batch of disciples broke through the Short Blade Gate and Golden Phoenix Pavilion's barricade and began snatching the black crystalline rocks. Seeing this, other disciples joined in as well.

"Damn!" Shi Long swore as he watched this, an icy gleam flickered across his eyes.

"Memorize the names of these disciples' sects. After we leave the Devil Prison Mountain, we'll annihilate them all!" He said to Chen Jianfeng.

Chen Jianfeng acknowledged his words.

Quite a few these disciples, who had recently rushed in, began targeting Huang Xiaolong. These sects' disciples dared not provoke Short Blade Gate and Golden Phoenix Pavilion's disciples, however, they were not afraid of an unknown disciple like Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong smiled coldly as these disciples rushed towards him. He could clearly see through their intentions, that they were assuming him to be the soft persimmon amongst all the people who were collecting the crystalline rocks.

"Punk, you have five seconds, hand over your spatial ring." A burly disciple with a great blade warned Huang Xiaolong in a deep, rumbling voice, "Or else..."

But, his voice trailed off as a sword light flashed over his neck, and his head dropped to the ground and rolled some distance away.

Huang Xiaolong put away his Mulberry Sword without a word.

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