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Chapter 1264: Take A Strike From My Palm Too!

 The Golden Phoenix Pavilion disciple's tone and attitude were as haughty as possible, but no one from the crowd thought that he was being haughty.

With the Golden Phoenix Pavilion's power in the Void Sky World, if their disciples wanted to stomp a person to death, it truly was effortless as stepping on a cockroach!

Huang Xiaolong spoke to Cheng Susu as if he had not heard the Golden Phoenix Pavilion disciple's words, "What happened?"

Cheng Susu pointed at the two Fortune Gate branch disciples and angrily explained, "It's them who's looking for trouble. They are Fortune Gate disciples of the Black Region World branch. The Black Region World's Fortune Gate branch and our Vientiane World Fortune Gate branch have always been in conflict. Due to this, these two blocked my path when they saw me, and wanted me to go some place with them! Blabbering some rubbish that we're disciples from the same sect, and they wanted to give me cultivation advice. When I refused, they wanted to take me away by force!"

Cheng Susu's face was red with shame and fury as she mentioned the latter part. It was obvious that the two disciples from Fortune Gate Black Region World branch must have spouted something audacious.

Huang Xiaolong icily eyed the group on the opposite side.

Give cultivation advice?

It needed no further explanation what these people were aiming for. 'This advice giving would probably be done with naked bodies, isn't it? In order words, dual cultivation!'

So, these were disciples from the Black Region World's Fortune Gate branch... That meant Wang Wei must be too.

"Junior Sister, we were kind enough to give you some cultivation advice, but who'd thought that you won't appreciate it." One of the Fortune Gate disciples chuckled and went on, "But, it's alright, once your strength rises after we have finished giving you advice, you'll be grateful towards us."

Cheng Susu glared ferociously at the Fortune Gate disciple; she had never thought that he would be so shameless.

"That's right, Little Junior Sister. Not only you'll feel grateful towards us, but you'll be begging us to give you more advice." The other Fortune Gate disciple added with obnoxious laughter. "Not everyone is so fortunate to have us advise them."

The first Golden Phoenix Pavilion who spoke first chimed in, "Since I'm available today, I might as well give you some advice, but you don't need to thank me for that."

The whole group burst into laughter.

"YOU-who's your Junior Sister?!" Cheng Susu's face was close to turning purple as she spat in anger.

The several disciples' faces sank, sneering coldly, "Really, you don't know how to appreciate others' kindness! I'll cripple this punk now and then I'll slowly advise you on how to cultivate!"

The Golden Phoenix Pavilion disciple's palm suddenly struck at Huang Xiaolong, and the space warped from his full force palm attack. It looked like he wanted to cripple Huang Xiaolong in one move.

Even before his palm force reached Huang Xiaolong, waves of flames swept out, scaring the crowd to retreat swiftly.

The Golden Phoenix Pavilion disciples mainly cultivated fire elements techniques. Everyone thought Huang Xiaolong would be caught off guard by this peak mid-Sixth Order Ancient God Realm Golden Phoenix Pavilion disciple's sudden attack and would be sent flying, but Huang Xiaolong's palm struck out to meet the attack head-on.

The Golden Phoenix Pavilion disciple sneered and screamed inwardly, 'Go die!' when he saw the peak early Sixth Order Ancient God Realm middle-aged man dare to take his attack head-on.

But in the next second, his expression changed completely.

The crowd saw that an azure dragon flew out from Huang Xiaolong's palm, and devoured the Golden Phoenix Pavilion disciple's palm force and slammed against him.

The Golden Phoenix Pavilion disciple wailed as his body shot backward. By the time he crashed to the ground, his body was entirely burnt black.

Everyone was dumbfounded at the sight.

That Golden Phoenix Pavilion disciple could not even take one strike from the middle-aged man! No one had expected this result, and was shocked that this middle-aged man actually dared to injure a Golden Phoenix Pavilion disciple!

"You, punk, you're dead, you're dead now!" Other Golden Phoenix Pavilion disciples finally reacted. Murderous aura surged from their bodies as all of them unsheathed their swords.

The other two Black Region World's Fortune Gate branch disciples also took out their divine artifacts, as they prepared to capture Huang Xiaolong.

Just as they surrounded Huang Xiaolong, a cold, indifferent, and majestic voice rang in the air, "What is going on here?"

Everyone turned to look; a handsome young man clad in a Golden Phoenix Pavilion disciple's robe was walking towards them. There was a group of people following behind this young man.

Huang Xiaolong's eyes narrowed. This young man was none other than the Golden Phoenix Pavilion's number one genius Li Zhi, and one of the people following behind him was none other than Wang Yu.

Walking beside Wang Yu was a beautiful woman in purple dress. She was equally beautiful as Li Zhi's handsomeness. This woman was probably Li Zhi's sister, Li Ting; the one who was betrothed to Wang Yu.

"Senior Brother Li Zhi!" Seeing it was Li Zhi, several of the Golden Phoenix Pavilion disciples quickly went up and saluted with joy.

The two Fortune Gate branch disciples also greeted Li Zhi.

"Senior Brother Li Zhi, this punk's making trouble." One of the Golden Phoenix Pavilion disciples exclaimed, with his finger pointing towards Huang Xiaolong, "Senior Brother Xing Zhi was going to capture him, but this punk has too many underhanded tricks. He injured Senior Brother Xing Zhi when he was caught off guard."

Li Zhi's eyes were akin to two sharp blades as he glanced at Huang Xiaolong, then at Cheng Susu beside him as well as the Golden Phoenix Pavilion Xing Zhi lying on the ground in the distance.

Though Li Zhi could guess what had actually happened, he stared coldly at Huang Xiaolong and said, "You have two choices, one is to beg for mercy on your knees and I'll leave your corpse intact; and for the second choice, you may leave safely if you can withstand one palm strike from me, but if you cannot, then you die without a body for burial!"

A piercing sharpness, which was overbearing and condescending-this is what the crowd saw in Li Zhi, as he left no choice for Huang Xiaolong to refuse.

Cheng Susu was anxious and wanted to defend Huang Xiaolong, but he stopped her before she could say anything.

He looked at Li Zhi and said, "I'll take one palm strike from you."

Li Zhi sneered, "Since you have decided to die without a complete corpse, I shall fulfill your wish. You have three seconds to prepare." Three seconds were equivalent to three breaths' time.

"No need for that. Just go ahead and make your move." Huang Xiaolong said, which was as an unexpected response for others.

A cold glint flitted across Li Zhi's eyes and he attacked. A myriad of colorful lights gathered around his hands, and each ray of light contained powerful sword qi.

"Phantasm Sword Palm!"

Some experts in the crowd exclaimed the name of the technique that Li Zhi was using.

The Phantasm Sword Palm was one of the Golden Phoenix Pavilion's top ten techniques, and it was also one of the hardest techniques to cultivate successfully. The reason behind this was that the Phantasm Sword Palm required the cultivator's own comprehension towards the sword, as well as one's comprehension in illusionary and palm techniques.

The Phantasm Sword Palm combined one's sword with illusionary and palm techniques, which made its movement and power very unpredictable and extremely strong.

It was said that those who were killed by the Phantasm Sword Palm would die even before realizing what hit them.

Li Zhi's palms pushed out in the air. Even though his actions were seemingly slow, the surrounding crowd was unable to see his movements. In the next instant, countless sword qi and palm force roared towards Huang Xiaolong like tidal waves.

The crowd watched as Li Zhi's sword qi and palm force were about hit Huang Xiaolong, but Huang Xiaolong suddenly made an unfathomable action. He opened his mouth and sucked in all of Li Zhi's sword qi and palm force.

The crowd was flabbergasted, and some were even agape in shock-he swallowed them!

The Phantasm Sword Palm could be broken this way...?!

Li Zhi, Wang Yu, and the rest of the group were dumbfounded as well.

Li Zhi stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolong; a black light spread from the depth of his pupils.

"Fine, you two can leave now." In the end, Li Zhi said slowly.

"Senior Brother Li Zhi!" Other Golden Phoenix Pavilion disciples became anxious. But a cold glare from Li Zhi was enough for all of them retreat to the backside obediently.

Just as everyone thought that the middle-aged man would quickly take Cheng Susu and run away, he actually said, "Since I took one palm strike from you, you take one strike from my palm too."

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