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Chapter 1263: Wang Yu’s Betrothmen

 Huang Xiaolong observed Wang Yu and the other disciples who were accompanying him, and discovered that they were strong-most of them were Seventh Order Ancient God Realm and above. On top of that, the two standing in front of the group were even stronger than Xie Li!

Both were peak late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm masters!

Whereas, Wang Yu's cultivation had only reached the early Fourth Order Ancient God Realm.

Although Wang Yu had ascended to the Divine World earlier than Huang Xiaolong by many years, his cultivation speed couldn't be compared to Huang Xiaolong's, because Wang Yu's godhead was an average low emperor rank godhead.

On the second floor, Wang Yu's group sat down at several empty tables, not far from Huang Xiaolong.

Since Huang Xiaolong had altered his physical appearance into a middle-aged man, Wang Yu did not recognize him. Even though Wang Yu's cultivation was lower than most of the disciples in his group, it seemed like his status was quite high.

Given that Wang Yu had an emperor rank godhead, and was also a Fortune Gate Chief in the lower realm, it was understandable that he had a high status.

After Wang Yu sat down, one of the peak late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm disciples smiled brightly and said to Wang Yu, "Brother Wang Yu, your betrothment with the Golden Phoenix Pavilion's Miss Li Ting is a joyous matter ah. Do not forget to invite us brothers, when it's time for Brother Wang Yu's wedding Banquet ."

Wang Yu smiled in return as he said, "For sure. Brothers must remember to come at that time, and drink to our hearts' content!" His smile revealed the color of smugness.


The disciples all raised their wine cups to toast Wang Yu.

"According to the rumors, Miss Li Ting is an exceptional beauty, and the Golden Phoenix Pavilion's number one beauty with a very high talent!"

"That's for sure! A hero and a beauty, they are the perfect pairing, only our Brother Wang Yu is deserving of Li Ting. Li Ting is not only the Golden Phoenix Pavilion's Grand Elder Ceng Shan's personal disciple, but she is also Li Zhi's elder sister of the same blood. I'm sure all of you know who Li Zhi is-the Golden Phoenix Pavilion's number one genius, and also our Void Sky World's number one genius!"

"That's right, I even heard someone say that the Golden Phoenix Pavilion's Head is contemplating to have Li Zhi succeed him as the next Golden Phoenix Pavilion's Head!"

"Brother Wang Yu will be his brother-in-law. Isn't that the same as being the Golden Phoenix Pavilion Head's brother-in-law? Tsk, tsk!"

The group of disciples took turns to flatter Wang Yu to such a great extent that Huang Xiaolong could almost see wings growing on Wang Yu's back.

Wang Yu was smiling from ear to ear as he emptied his wine cup again and again with his companions.

Huang Xiaolong raised an eyebrow as he eavesdropped on their conversations.

Wang Yu had come to the Void Sky City for his betrothment with Golden Phoenix Pavilion's Li Ting? And judging from their smiles, it was successful.

Li Zhi? He hadn't expected that this matter would link back to Li Zhi.

Huang Xiaolong leisurely sipped on his wine and sampled the dishes on his table, while listening to Wang Yu's group spewing bullshit.

Half a day later, Wang Yu's group paid and left the restaurant.

After a second thought, Huang Xiaolong did not follow Wang Yu's group, as there were two peak late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm disciples. If he were to be discovered, then the tables would turn on him.

It was a simple matter for Huang Xiaolong to check on Wang Yu whenever he wanted, since he already knew that Wang Yu was a Fortune Gate branch disciple. To top it off, he had just learnt that Wang Yu and the Golden Phoenix Pavilion's Li Ting were recently betrothed.

Huang Xiaolong got up and paid for his meals, and then left the restaurant with the little cow.


Five days passed.

During these five days, Huang Xiaolong and the little cow would visit herb shops during the day, and returned to the rented courtyard to cultivate at night. Huang Xiaolong's cultivation had reached the limit of peak early Sixth Order Ancient God Realm, and he estimated that he could advance to mid-Sixth Order Ancient God Realm within ten days.

However, Huang Xiaolong was disappointed, as he was not able to find the Deep Sea Crystal, which he needed for refining the Reverse Incarnation Pill in order to cure Yao Chi.

In these five days, Huang Xiaolong and the little cow had visited all the big herb shops in the Void Sky World.

"I know a place that would surely have the Deep Sea Crystal!" The little cow said as she couldn't stand the disappointed expression on Huang Xiaolong's face.

"Where?" Huang Xiaolong's eyes lit up as he urged the little cow.

The little cow answered, "The Heaven's Avenues!"

Huang Xiaolong dazed for a second, 'the Heaven's Avenues?' It was his first time hearing about this so-called Heaven's Avenue.

"Where's the center of the Divine World?" The little cow asked without explaining to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong pondered the question, then his eyes shone brightly. "Are you referring to the Heavenly Court?" Wasn't the Heavenly Court the center of the entire Divine World?

The little cow smiled sheepishly and praised, "Quite smart. A hundred percent correct."

"When the Ancient Heavenly Emperor built the Heavenly Court, he also built one hundred and eight avenues around the Heavenly Court, stretching eighteen thousand li long. These one hundred and eight avenues were referred to as the Heaven's Avenues. The Heaven's Avenues was the most prosperous and bustling land in the whole Divine World. All the super forces in the Divine World had a branch at the Heaven's Avenues, Not to mention, nine out of ten trading houses' headquarters were located there. The Infinite Circles Commerce Hall in Vientiane World also had its headquarters at the Heaven's Avenues!"

The sparkles in Huang Xiaolong's eyes shone brighter as he listened to the little cow.

"You can find most chaos spiritual herbs and chaos spiritual liquids at the Heaven's Avenues. If you can't find what you want at the Heaven's Avenues, then there's even less possibility of you finding it in other places." The little cow said.

"Then, how long will it take if we go to the Heaven's Avenues right now?" Huang Xiaolong asked excitedly.

The little cow shook her head as she estimated, then replied, "Based on your current speed, and even after employing other world surfaces' transmission arrays, it'd take you more than ten thousand years to reach the Heaven's Avenue."

More than ten thousand years!

Huang Xiaolong was stupefied hearing her answer. He glared hatefully at her, as if he was on the verge of butchering a cow.

The little cow lowered her head, and muttered feebly, "Don't stare at me like that."

Huang Xiaolong was speechless, he had an impulse to strangle this cow to her death, as she had told him all those things despite knowing he couldn't go to the Heaven's Avenues at that point.

Huang Xiaolong and the little cow left the courtyard, as Huang Xiaolong decided to try again to see if he could find the Deep Sea Crystal on the sixth day. Otherwise, they would have set off to the Clear Spirit World.

Huang Xiaolong went to the street with the most number of herb shops.

As Huang Xiaolong was perusing the shops, he came upon a crowd of sects' disciples pointing and talking about something. It was obvious that they were watching a lively show, but Huang Xiaolong had no time to join in the fun. He was about to walk away when he heard a familiar but angry voice. His steps halted, 'This is Cheng Susu's voice?'

Even though they had soon separated after he rescued Cheng Susu from the Soul Tribe, they had survived some bad times together. Moreover, they clicked. Therefore, Cheng Susu was a friend in Huang Xiaolong's mind

Huang Xiaolong and the little cow walked towards the crowd and cut through it-it was Cheng Susu as expected!

Cheng Susu was glaring indignantly at a few people, and Huang Xiaolong recognized two of them. He had seen them a few days ago with Wang Yu; one of them was a Fortune Gate branch disciple like Wang Yu, while the other was clad in the Golden Phoenix Pavilion disciple robe.

The Golden Phoenix Pavilion? Huang Xiaolong's brows creased into furrows.

In truth, Huang Xiaolong didn't prefer getting into a conflict with the Golden Phoenix Pavilion unless necessary, but on the other side, it was Cheng Susu. Since he had come across this matter, he couldn't ignore it.

"May I ask what's going on here?" There was no question in Huang Xiaolong's tone as he walked to the center of the commotion.

Both arguing sides were surprised that someone was interjecting in their conflict, and because of Huang Xiaolong's middle-aged face, Cheng Susu was baffled as well.

"I'm Huang Xiaolong." Huang Xiaolong reassured Cheng Susu through voice transmission.

Cheng Susu was dumbfounded at first, then hope rose to her face.

"Punk, you don't have any business here." One of the Golden Phoenix Pavilion barked at Huang Xiaolong, "Stop nosing around here! Scram now or I'll stomp on you like a cockroach!"

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