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Chapter 1260: The Golden Phoenix Pavilion

 On the battleground, ecstasy shone in the eyes of the disciples wearing the golden robes, as they saw that their comrades had arrived to aid them in the battle.

"Junior Brother Chen!"

"Senior Brother Liang!"

The five disciples who had just arrived immediately rushed into the battle.

As soon as they entered the fray, the battle was equally matched and its momentum was changed immediately. Soon, the disciples wearing the yellow robes with poisonous scorpion emblem were at a disadvantage.

If the disciples in the yellow robes continued falling underwind, they would be defeated in less than an hour.

But Huang Xiaolong's attention was on the small crimson thistle growing out from the cliff wall, which was not far away from the battle. That small thistle was entirely crimson with faint flames dancing on its surface. An unusually shaped flaming red fruit grew at the top of the thistle.

The Enigmatic Yang Thistle! Huang Xiaolong couldn't hide the joy on his face as he stared at the crimson thistle.

Clearly, the battle in front of him was due to this Enigmatic Yang Thistle.

Huang Xiaolong had been in search of the Enigmatic Yang Thistle for many years, but he had never expected to find it on his way to the Void Sky World.

However, just as Huang Xiaolong prepared himself to grab the Enigmatic Yang Thistle, a piercing sound of whistling winds rang in the valley. In the next moment, a stalwart young man clad in an ink-black robe appeared in the valley.

This young man wore an ink-black armor that had a distinctive golden phoenix emblem on it.

The two battling sides paled slightly when they saw the young man's attire.

"The Golden Phoenix Pavilion!" One of the sides blurted out.

The young man completely ignored these people, as his gaze was fixed on the Enigmatic Yang Thistle. He laughed loudly, exclaiming happily to himself, "Haha, it's really the Enigmatic Yang Thistle that I've been searching high and low for several millennia. Who would've thought that I'd find it here!" With that, his hand reached out to collect the Enigmatic Yang Thistle.

"Senior, this Enigmatic Yang Thistle was first discovered by our Poisonous Scorpion Sect." A yellow-robed disciple cried out anxiously. "I hope Senior will take into consideration the good relations between the Poisonous Scorpion Sect and the Golden Phoenix Pavilion, and kindly help us. As long as we get to collect the Enigmatic Yang Thistle, we will heavily thank Senior!"

The young man laughed sarcastically, "Help you? Your Poisonous Scorpion Sect is nothing but a slave to our Golden Phoenix Sect. Therefore, your sect is insignificant and not even worthy of having good relations with our Golden Phoenix Sect." As he said this, he extended his palm to collect the Enigmatic Yang Thistle.

The young man admired the Enigmatic Yang Thistle in his hand. The more he looked at it, the happier he felt. A moment later, he carefully placed the crimson thistle into his spatial ring.

"Tell me, how do you want to die?" The young man subsequently turned and asked the Poisonous Scorpion Sect and Golden Lightning Cult disciples.

The Poisonous Scorpion Sect and Golden Lightning Cult disciples' faces turned white as they unconsciously retreated in fear.

"Senior, you...!" The Poisonous Scorpion Sect disciples' faces tightened with an undisguisable fury in their eyes as they stared at the young man. It had never crossed their minds that this young man would want to kill them all.

"Since your Poisonous Scorpion Sect is our Golden Phoenix Pavilion's slave, I will leave your corpses intact." The young man spoke as if he did not see the fury in the Poisonous Scorpions Sect disciples' eyes, and slowly unsheathed his long sword.

The long sword was also as black as ink, and under the sunlight, it barely reflected a ray of light.

It looked like all of the traces of light had disappeared within the black sword's proximity.

The young man slashed out with the black sword and several rays of sword lights shot towards the Poisonous Scorpion Sect's disciples. In the blink of an eye, all of them silently tumbled to the ground and no longer move.

All of them were dead!

With one move, the young man had killed four mid-Seventh and late-Seventh Order Ancient God Realm Poisonous Scorpion Sect disciples.

Huang Xiaolong was shocked, but it wasn't because of the young man's strength, it was rather because of his sword skill.

It was as if the young man's sword skill had reached one with the sword; able to attack instantly according to his thoughts, almost as if it was a part of his nature in itself. Its speed was so fast that Huang Xiaolong had merely caught its afterimage.

The Golden Lightning Cult disciples were deathly pale, after watching the Poisonous Scorpions Sect disciples killed in the blink of an eye. All of them turned around to flee in fear. However, their feet barely left the ground, as they fell to the ground in pieces. Their limbs and torsos had gotten piled together in such a messy way that it was impossible to identify the owners of these arms and legs.

The young man was cold and emotionless as he walked towards the pile of dismembered bodies and collected their spatial rings. There was a satisfied smile on his face as he checked the contents inside them. These people were both the Poisonous Scorpion Sect and Golden Lightning Cult's core disciples, therefore, there were naturally quite a few good things inside their spatial rings.

Just as the young man was about to leave the valley, his face tightened suddenly as gripped his black sword. This was because he saw a black-haired young man standing in his path.

When did this black-haired young man arrive in this valley? He hadn't actually noticed...

But when he looked closely at the black-haired young man's face, he was surprised. He tentatively asked, "Are you Huang Xiaolong?"

Huang Xiaolong was inwardly surprised as he realized from this young's tone that he knew who Huang Xiaolong was. Huang Xiaolong had done his homework on the Void Sky World and Clear Spirit World's forces before departing to the Clear Spirit World, thus he knew that the Golden Phoenix Pavilion was one of the prominent forces of Void Sky World. But how did this young man recognize him, given that he was from the Golden Phoenix Pavilion??

Huang Xiaolong wasn't so naive as to think that his reputation had reached as far as the Void Sky World.

"I really didn't expect to run into you here." The young man said and he grinned suddenly, "This is truly a pleasant surprise." His gaze changed as he stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolong with bloodthirst swirling in his eyes. It was akin to the gaze of a hunter spotting his prey. "You find it strange, don't you? That I know who you are."

"You're right." Huang Xiaolong replied as he was indeed curious. He was more baffled by the killing intent in the young man's eyes. Did he by chance have any past grudges with this guy?

"My name is Cao Leng." The young man introduced himself. "Several hundred years ago, Big Brother Wang Wei saved our lives, and even our names were given by him."

Wang Wei!

Huang Xiaolong's eyes narrowed. 'So, it was Wang Wei.'

When Wang Wei had found out that Huang Xiaolong was heading to the Clear Spirit World, he knew that Huang Xiaolong would certainly pass by the Void Sky World. Thus, Wang Wei had sent Cao Leng to ambush him near the Void Sky World. Was it to kill him?

'Looks like Wang Wei, Zhu Feng, and others couldn't sit still in the end.' Huang Xiaolong sneered inwardly. Were they so anxious to kill him because he had defeated Wangu Ziyi? Had his talent became a threat to them?

"So, it's Wang Wei." There were no changes in Huang Xiaolong's expression.

"Huang Xiaolong, it's time to die!" Cao Leng's icy voice reverberated in the valley. A sharp sword light cut across from the distance at lightning speed and reached in front of Huang Xiaolong in an instant.

But Huang Xiaolong was prepared; blade lights flickered, stopping Cao Leng's sword light three inches from his forehead.

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