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Chapter 1250: Do You Think You Can Win Against Me?!


All of a sudden, Wangu Ziyi bellowed in fury, as he was forced back by Huang Xiaolong. In an instant, a mesmerizing array of cyan swords flew out from his body.

Each of these cyan-colored swords were half a meter long and identical in shape, and their bright green jade surfaces emitted a cold luster. There was a total of nine hundred and ninety-nine swords!

Nine hundred and ninety-nine cyan swords swished through the air, forming a big circle above Huang Xiaolong.

"The Universe Crossing Sword Formation!" Someone in the crowd exclaimed.

That's right, this nine hundred and ninety-nine cyan swords' formation was Wangu Clan's most powerful sword formation called the Universe Crossing Sword Formation!

This great Universe Crossing Sword Formation circled rapidly above Huang Xiaolong's head. With every turn, the swords shot out nine hundred and ninety-nine sword lights. At the same time, the Universe Crossing Sword Formation emitted ripples of Buddhism luminance.

Huang Xiaolong noticed that these Buddhism luminance ripples did not only increase the power of the sword lights, but also suppressed and weakened the entrapped person's strength!

Huang Xiaolong sneered inwardly, 'Unfortunately, Wangu Ziyi met me!' In an instant, the Mulberry Sword appeared in his hand. With a slash, images of wooden swords appeared. They deflected the cyan swords' lights, while they attacked and flew towards the cyan swords.

The number of wooden swords' images matched the exact number of Wangu Ziyi's nine hundred and ninety-nine cyan swords. Sword lights ricocheted everywhere when the two opposing sides collided.

The crowd felt a piercing pain in their eyes from watching the ricocheting sword lights despite the protective barrier over the battle stage. It seemed like Huang Xiaolong and Wangu Ziyi's sword lights' power could penetrate through the barrier and take their lives at any moment.

Huang Xiaolong and Wangu Ziyi's sword lights' power had exceeded the limitation of the protective barrier's space.

The two on the stage had exchanged several hundred moves in the blink of an eye.

Initially, it was Wangu Ziyi who attacked first, while Huang Xiaolong defended, but later on, Huang Xiaolong gained the upper hand and attacked while Wangu Ziyi defended himself. From attack to defense, their roles switched back and forth more than a few times, their movements and speed were faster than before, akin to two sharp sword lights criss-crossing on the battle stage.

The entire space of the battle stage was filled with alarming sword lights to such an extent, that no place seemed safe.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong and Wangu Ziyi's figures seemingly disappeared from the crowd's sight. There were countless colliding sword lights on the battle stage, which bloomed like flowers, then boomed like thunderclaps, and swirled like a hurricane, or blew like a soft breeze brushing across the ground.

Everyone was astounded at the scenes on the battle stage to the point of forgetting to breathe, as if they were a part of the sword lights on the battle stage; immersed in the world of swords in front of their eyes

Sky Sword Ancestor couldn't help but sighed, "A peerless sword genius ah!"

No one knew if he was talking about Huang Xiaolong or Wangu Ziyi.

As if influenced by Huang Xiaolong and Wangu Ziyi's sword fight, as the time passed, suddenly sword lights enshrouded Sky Sword Ancestor's body like a watery mist that does not scatter, extremely illusionary.

Myriad Flames Ancestor and the others who noticed this were shocked at this sight-Huang Xiaolong and Wangu Ziyi's sword fight could actually enlighten Sky Sword Ancestor?!

Sword qi flooded the battle stage as the fight continued.

High-level Ancestor God Realm masters could see that the sword lights filling the battle stage area had started changing. Had the power of Wangu Ziyi's Universe Crossing Sword Formation begun weakening?!

Whereas Huang Xiaolong's Mulberry Sword's sword qi grew increasingly stronger. The high-level Ancient God Realm masters soon noticed this as the battle progressed and were extremely shocked.

Wangu Ziyi even displayed his Universe Crossing Sword Formation, yet he was still suppressed by Huang Xiaolong?!

All of sudden, the cyan sword lights exploded and the air reverberated with booming explosions. Right at this time, the qilin flames on Wangu Ziyi's body flew out to attack Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong sneered seeing this; now that Wangu Ziyi's Universe Crossing Sword Formation had failed, he had finally fallen back on his qilin flames.

'It seems like Wangu Ziyi has reached the end of the line, otherwise, he won't use his qilin flames despite knowing his frigid godforce could suppress it in this situation.'

Huang Xiaolong's Archdevil Supreme Godhead spun, transforming the darkness element godforce into frigid energy, and met Wangu Ziyi's qilin flames attack head-on.

All the vigorous sword qi on the battle stage disappeared in that instant, and was taken over by flames that soared to the sky, whereas the other half of the stage was covered by ice.

Wangu Ziyi, a peak late-Sixth Order Ancient God Realm as well as Wangu Clan's number one genius disciple, with an outstanding talent and strength, was just the right candidate for Huang Xiaolong to assess his strength. Hence, Huang Xiaolong was in no hurry to defeat Wangu Ziyi.

Huang Xiaolong had gained a better understanding of his True Dragon Physique's potential after the purely physical power battle earlier. The subsequent sword fight between them had significantly deepened Huang Xiaolong's understanding towards his own sword skill.

On top of that, Huang Xiaolong wanted to carve into Wangu Ziyi's soul, regardless of the form of competition, he could completely defeat him. He wanted to use this method to make Wangu Ziyi unable to make any excuse for his loss by making him feel despair.


Roughly an hour later, the crowd was staring dumbly at the dishevelled appearance of Wangu Ziyi, and his distorted face which had bloodstains at the corner of his mouth. For some reason, this sight filled their hearts with mixed and complicated feelings.

At this point, even a blind person could see Wangu Ziyi was bound to lose.

Just a moment ago, Wangu Ziyi was sent flying by a punch from Huang Xiaolong, and had rolled to the edge of the stage after crashing into it.

Wangu Ziyi was actually going to lose?!

None of them had ever imagined that a peak early Sixth Order Ancient God Realm Wangu Ziyi who had successfully cultivated the Crystal Beast Body; the frightening technique of the Universe Crossing Sword Formation; and his qilin flames that were evolving into black qilin flames, would lose!

Moreover, he would lose to Huang Xiaolong.

This was the farthest thing on their minds before the competition.

"Huang-Xiaolong!" Wangu Ziyi got up to his feet. His blood-red eyes were filled with hatred and fury as his deathly stare was fixed on Huang Xiaolong. His mouth curved into a warped smile and he said, "Do you really think you can win against me?!"

At this moment, the flesh under Wangu Ziyi's skin stretched irregularly like something wanted to break out from his body. It seemed like he was about to use another ancient divine art.

In the last one hour, Wangu Ziyi had continuously displayed more than a dozen ancient divine arts. Even Huang Xiaolong couldn't help but admire Wangu Ziyi's many fortuitous adventures and the ability to successfully cultivate all of them. This was because every divine art Wangu Ziyi had used, had a great reputation.

As Wangu Ziyi's flesh rippled, Huang Xiaolong disappeared in a flicker. When he appeared again, he had reached where Wangu Ziyi stood. Circulating the godforce from his three supreme godheads, he punched out with both fists.

A heart-wrenching scream rang on the stage as Wangu Ziyi's chest exploded. Flesh and blood splattered into the air and onto the stage. Wangu Ziyi was helpless despite his Crystal Beast Body.

The grotesque sight left the crowd in astounded silence.

"Tell him to admit defeat." Wangu Clan Patriarch Wangu Rui ordered with a sullen face. If the situation on the battle stage continues, Wangu Ziyi will end up being crippled by Huang Xiaolong!

According to the four mainlands' competition rules, only the participant had the right to admit defeat and no one could do so on their behalf.

Right at this time, Huang Xiaolong swung another punch. This time, his punch was integrated with the azure dragon divine fire's power. The crowd saw a stream of fire transformed into an azure dragon, punching a hole through Wangu Ziyi's body as Huang Xiaolong's fist landed.

The azure dragon wound around Wangu Ziyi's body, burning away Wangu Ziyi's flesh. His screams pierced the square.

Yet there was no mercy on Huang Xiaolong's face as he said, "I repay this to you on behalf of my Brother Luo Yunjie!" Then, his fist pierced another hole through Wangu Ziyi's body, smashing Wangu Ziyi's heart to a pulp.

"This is my gift to you."

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