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Chapter 1234: Blood Sea

 Disbelief prompted You Wuxin to circulate the godforce from his emperor rank Dark Nether Godhead. In an instant, the darkness element godforce surged and the swirls in his pupils enlarged, further empowering his attack on Huang Xiaolong.

But no matter how hard he circulated his godforce, Huang Xiaolong remained unaffected, happily drinking and talking with Luo Yunjie.

Out of nowhere, a resounding explosion in You Wuxin's mind jarred him silly as it sounded like a giant fart. His mind buzzed for a long time; the powerful swirls in his pupils disappeared as he was .

You Wuxin's Dark Nether Godhead spun again and a veil of darkness enveloped his mind. Only then did the echoes of explosions inside his head gradually stop.

Even so, You Wuxin's face was as white as a sheet. He looked at Huang Xiaolong as if he had seen a ghost and fled from the restaurant in a state of panic, without even paying for his food and drinks.

Luo Yunjie watched as You Wuxin scrambled out of the restaurant with an extremely pale and scared face; You Wuxin, the same young man who was acting incredulous and haughty just a few moments ago. However, Lou Yunjie found these contrasting reactions mildly surprising and nothing more, therefore, he simply continued drinking with Huang Xiaolong.

Sneering inwardly, Huang Xiaolong glanced in the direction in which You Wuxin had taken off. This was only a small lesson for You Wuxin. Huang Xiaolong decided to wait until they met once again on the battle stage to deal with You Wuxin to his heart's content.

After all, they were in the Ten Thousand Elephant Royal City, it'd be quite a lot of trouble if he disabled You Wuxin.

A few hours later, Huang Xiaolong and Luo Yunjie left the Blazing Restaurant.

Within the grounds of a certain residence, Wangu Dongchen said to Wangu Ziyi, "Big brother Ziyi, I heard that You Wuxin and Huang Xiaolong got into a conflict at the Blazing Restaurant, but then for some unknown reasons, You Wuxin suddenly ran out from the restaurant in a fluster."

Wangu Ziyi was astonished, "There was such an incident?"

Wangu Dongchen nodded his head with certainty, "The matter has spread like wildfire and the information is definitely true."

"It seems like Huang Xiaolong is harder to deal with than what we had thought initially." Wangu Ziyi said sullenly. "Although we don't know the ins and outs of this incident, it looks like You Wuxin might have eaten a hidden loss at Huang Xiaolong's hand, since he ran out in fluster unexpectedly."

"This Huang Xiaolong probably used some kind of a secret technique on You Wuxin that caught him off guard in a sneak attack. This can be the only explanation for why You Wuxin suffered a hidden loss at Huang Xiaolong's hands! Otherwise, Huang Xiaolong's strength is no match for You Wuxin's!"

Wangu Ziyi nodded in agreement. He then said, "Still, this also proves that Huang Xiaolong is not weak."

"Then, Big brother Ziyi, are you really confident about... defeating Huang Xiaolong within five strikes?" Wangu Dongchen hesitated before he asked, but since he already blurted out the question before realizing he was now more worried that he had upset Wangu Ziyi. Afraid of causing a misunderstanding, Wangu Dongchen waved his hands and hastened an explanation, "What I mean is, Huang Xiaolong might have cultivated some kind of secret technique and he might be able to use it to dodge Big Brother Ziyi's five strikes!"

A nonchalant smile spread over Wangu Ziyi's face, "A Secret technique? Any secret technique are dregs before absolute strength!"

"Just watch closely when the time comes because I'm going to make Huang Xiaolong vomit blood with just five strikes!"

"In five strikes, Huang Xiaolong will be nothing but dregs!"


Two days passed in the blink of an eye.

The Fortune Gate's group left the Ten Thousand Elephant Royal City. From outside the city gates, they flew north all the way for three days until they arrived at the blood sea.

The blood sea's water was a brilliant scarlet, just like real blood. It was smoothly rolling in waves emitting vapors of hot air from the sea surface, however, instead of the scent of blood these vapors smelled of a faint exotic fragrance.

Everyone felt extremely refreshed as they inhaled the gentle sea breeze.

Curiosity crept up Huang Xiaolong's heart, 'Could there be a treasure buried in this Blood Sea?' Otherwise, where did this exotic fragrance come from? However, when Huang Xiaolong secretly used the Eye of Hell to explore the bottom of the sea, he was met with a great resistance at about one hundred zhang below the sea surface which hindered him from looking any deeper.

Zhou Xu, Tan Lin, and the other disciples were scrunching their brows, and it looked like they all had the same intention as Huang Xiaolong and had also gotten the same result.

The edge of Li Lu's white dress swayed lightly while a white and black sword light was flickering across her beautiful eyes.

"All of you don't need to explore any further." Myriad Flames Ancestor suggested. He then added, "In fact, there is nothing at the bottom of this Blood Sea."

Huang Xiaolong and the others nearly choked on their own saliva at Myriad Flames Ancestor's words.

'There is nothing on the seabed?!!'

"We have already explored the Blood Sea in the past, even its seabed. Other than some dilapidated ruins of an ancient city, there is nothing else down there." Sky Sword Ancestor explained.

'Dilapidated ruins of an ancient city?' Huang Xiaolong contemplated. In his opinion, Sky Sword Ancestor and the others merely were not able to find the Blood Sea's secret, but that did not mean there was nothing there.

What else could explain the Blood Sea's exotic fragrance and the scarlet waves?!

"However, there are some strange blood monsters in the Blood Sea that suck human blood. Everyone be vigilant when flying over it and try to maintain at least five hundred meters height from the sea surface." Golden Brow Ancestor cautioned the disciples.

Blood monsters that sucks human blood!

Zhou Xu, Tan Lin, and everyone else' faces stretched taut with nervousness. Even Li Lu was looking a little pale.

With Golden Brow Ancestor leading in front of them, everyone leaped into the air and flew towards the Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain that was located at the center region of the Blood Sea.

It would take them five to six days to reach the Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain given their speed and the vastness of the blood sea.The group had been flying for a while when suddenly a ray of blood light shot towards them at a startling speed from the Blood Sea. It was so fast that even a Fourth Order Ancient God Realm cultivator would have struggled dodging it. It targeted Li Lu, but just when it was meters from hitting her feet, Huang Xiaolong slashed it with his Mulberry Sword and sliced it off.

Zhou Xu, Tan Lin, and the rest of the disciples saw that the blood light was actually a squishy creature that slightly resembled a fish. They felt disgusted just by looking at it and goosebumps ran down their necks.

"Are you alright?" Huang Xiaolong asked with a concern as he flew to Li Lu's side.

Li Lu shook her head, "I'm alright."

The group didn't stop for a long time and soon resumed flying. Huang Xiaolong stayed beside Li Lu the entire way and all blood monsters that had appeared were killed by them.

These blood monsters were generally very weak. Most of them were at Fourth Order Ancient God Realm strength or even below, while the Fifth and Sixth Order Ancient God Realm strength blood monsters were rare.

Black Ice Ancestor was in a very bad mood the entire way, as she watched Huang Xiaolong flying beside Li Lu. To top it off, their close interaction soured her mood even further. When Huang Xiaolong noticed Black Ice Ancestor's foul face, he deliberately held Li Lu's hand in front of her. Black Ice Ancestor's expression was extremely ugly with anger when she saw this.

If it weren't for Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor's presence, Black Ice Ancestor would have, long ago, shot an Ice Sealing Heaven and Earth attack at Huang Xiaolong.

"What are you doing?!" Black Ice Ancestor snapped when she saw Huang Xiaolong hold Li Lu's hand.

"Lu'er's palm is hurt, hence I am healing her." Huang Xiaolong stated without turning red and looking as looking calm as a breeze.

'Lu'er?' Hearing Huang Xiaolong call Li Lu so intimately made the frost in Black Ice Ancestor's eyes turn into an ice cave. Never had she imagined that Huang Xiaolong would lie so blatantly in front of them. Anyone could clearly see there was no injury on Li Lu's hand.

"Since she has an injury, it should be treated. According to our Fortune Gate rules, brothers and sisters of the same sect should help each other out." Blood Knife Ancestor said in Huang Xiaolong's support. He then continued and praised Huang Xiaolong, "You did very well."

Everyone else was dumbfounded and had strange expressions on their faces.

Black Ice Ancestor nearly vomited blood in extreme rage.

Li Lu's cheeks turned slightly red as pulled out her hand from Huang Xiaolong's. After all, Black Ice Ancestor was one of her Masters and, she still had to show respect for her thoughts.

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