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Chapter 1208: Duel Field

 Meng Yuan was shocked at Huang Xiaolong's request. He wants to actually buy so many chaos spiritual liquid?! On top of that, there was also the chaos five-colored heaven refining stone that was hard to come by in a billion years!

A while later, Meng Yuan snapped out of his shock. He solemnly said to Huang Xiaolong, "Young Warrior Huang, at our branch we do not have a lot, but only a little of the chaos spiritual liquid that you want to buy. May I know how much you want?"

Delight shone in Huang Xiaolong's eyes hearing Meng Yuan's reply. He said , "A hundred drops of each kind, if not fifty drops will be fine as well ."

Meng Yuan nodded, "We do have fifty drops. Please wait awhile, Young Warrior Huang. I will send someone to bring them over." He took out a communication talisman and sent the order out.

"But we don't have the chaos five-colored heaven refining stone and other chaos spiritual liquid at our branch." Meng Yuan further added, "If Young Warrior Huang really needs them, you can try visiting other branches or even our headquarters."

"That's good, I thank Head Supervisor Meng Yuan." Huang Xiaolong smiled and said.

Meng Yuan laughed, "There is no need to thank me. Young Warrior Huang came to our commerce hall and gave us a big business. It is we who should thank Young Warrior Huang."

The two men laughed, exuding goodwill.

Huang Xiaolong understood Meng Yuan was merely being polite. After all, materials such as chaos spiritual liquid is not something that could be bought with money. Precious materials always had a lot of buyers.

If it wasn't for his identity as a Fortune Gate's high emperor rank godhead genius as well as a personal disciple of Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor, he'd have never gotten a drop of chaos spiritual liquid at the Infinite Circles Commerce Hall.

Therefore, having Golden Brow and Blood Knife as his Masters had quite a lot of benefits.

Soon, someone from the Infinite Circles Commerce Hall sent over the chaos spiritual liquids Huang Xiaolong had bought-fifty drops of every kind.

Over 1.4 trillion! Even so, this was a discounted price Meng Yuan had given out of respect for Golden Brow and Blood Knife. Otherwise, 1.4 trillion was far from enough to buy these chaos spiritual liquids.

Lu Zhuo, Zhu Huan, Song Chengli and others were shocked and left speechless after hearing the price.

Even Huang Xiaolong felt pain after taking out 1.4 trillion all at once. The residence at Fortune City he bought earlier was just slightly over 1.5 trillion.

Although there was a fair amount of treasures in his spatial ring, shenbi was limited. Paying for the chaos spiritual liquid nearly scraped Huang Xiaolong's meager amount of shenbi clean. But fortunately, the All-Islands Great War first place receives one trillion shenbi in rewards. If not for this reward, there was no way he could afford to buy these chaos spiritual liquids. 'It seems like he will have to think of ways to make some shenbi.'

"Head Supervisor Meng Yuan, I have something that I hope Infinite Circles Commerce Hall can auction off for me." Huang Xiaolong said to Meng Yuan. After thinking through, he asked, "May I ask what is the Infinite Circles Commerce Hall's requirement for auction items?"

Meng Yuan then explained to Huang Xiaolong the Infinite Circles Commerce Hall's requirements; for example, spiritual vein must be grade four and above, herbs must be forty-million-years-old and above, and artifacts must be refined by high-level Ancestor God Realm masters.

After hearing what Meng Yuan said, Huang Xiaolong took out all the grade four and grade five spiritual veins inside his spatial ring, as well as herbs ranging between forty to fifty million years.

In the end, after some thought, Huang Xiaolong took out one of the rewards given to the 'first place winner' of All-Islands Great War-the ancient Divine Dragon Armor. With his freak of a True Divine Dragon Physique's toughness, it was irrelevant whether he would have this ancient Divine Dragon Armor or otherwise. Hence, it was useless merely keeping it inside his spatial ring.

As for grade five spiritual veins and fifty million years old herbs, they had lost most of their effectiveness for Huang Xiaolong. Therefore, it was better they were auctioned off in exchange for shenbi.

Seeing the grade four and five spiritual veins, and a large bunch of forty to fifty thousand year old herbs, Meng Yuan felt surreal.

Meng Yuan said to Huang Xiaolong, "Young Warrior Huang, ifI am seeing right, this must be one of the All-Islands Great War first place rewards- the ancient Divine Dragon Armor, isn't it? You really want to take it out to auction?"

Huang Xiaolong nodded, "I have the True Dragon Physique. Therefore, this armor is not necessary."

Meng Yuan's mouth opened and closed several times but no words came out. In the end, he nodded.

"Head Supervisor Meng Yuan, may I ask how much a piece of chaos five-colored heaven refining stone costs?" Huang Xiaolong asked.

Meng Yuan pondered a little before answering Huang Xiaolong, "A palm-sized piece is about three trillion!"

Huang Xiaolong laughed wryly, 'it looks like even if other Infinite Circles Commerce Hall branches or their headquarters had the chaos five-colored heaven refining stone, he would be hard-pressed to find three trillion shenbi ah!'

The spiritual veins and precious herbs that Huang Xiaolong had were far from enough to pool three trillion in an auction.

There was still a lot of good stuff inside Huang Xiaolong's spatial ring, such as Fire Phoenix Crystal that he had found inside the Immortal Phoenix Faith Palace when he had discovered the Pill Blending Tower. Other items included Ghost Buddha Sect's- Lord Gui Fu's Ghost Buddha Ring, Ghost Buddha Divine Cauldron, also not to mention the Giant Tribe's Heavenly Devil Snake Swords, and Golden Buddha Pills.

But these things were of use to Huang Xiaolong, thus they couldn't be sold. Soon, Huang Xiaolong's thoughts shifted to the Four Mainlands New Disciples Battle's rewards. One of these rewards was ten trillion shenbi!

Therefore, he would absolutely need to win first place in the Four Mainlands' New Disciples Battle!

Subsequently, Huang Xiaolong inquired of Head Supervisor Meng Yuan about the auction. After learning that it would be held after three months, Huang Xiaolong requested Meng Yuan to place his money temporarily at the commerce hall as he planned to collect them two year later. Apart from that, Huang Xiaolong requested Meng Yuan to contact him if he received news about chaos five-colored heaven refining stone.

Before leaving, Huang Xiaolong learned from Meng Yuan about the procedures that would take place after the auction concludes. Coming out from the commerce hall, Huang Xiaolong, Yao Chi, and the others planned to head back to Green Cloud Island. However, just as they stepped out of the entrance, they saw that a group of Wangu Clan disciples which was led by Wangu Bifei was walking towards them from a distance.

When Wangu Bifei spotted Huang Xiaolong, he loudly said to the young man with green eyes walking beside him, "Brother Dong Chen, that's him, Huang Xiaolong!" Wangu Bifei pointed his finger at Huang Xiaolong with hatred roiling up in his eyes.

The green-eyed young man's gaze fell onto Huang Xiaolong, as he walked with Wangu Bifei and other Wangu Clan disciples.

Two sides faced each other standing in front of the Infinite Circles Commerce Hall entrance. Invisible opposing currents collided again and again. The atmosphere was getting increasingly intense.

Meng Yuan tried to say something, but Wangu Dongchen was one step ahead of him and said, "Huang Xiaolong, the Fortune Mainland's All-Islands Great War first place? Do you dare to go over to the duel field with me right now? Of course, if you dare not, then crawl out from between my pants and I will permit you to leave!" Wangu Dongchen pointed under his crotch as he said that.

Wangu Bifei and present Wangu Clan disciples burst out into laughter.

Fighting was prohibited on Wu Island, but there were duel fields where grudges could be settled.

Looking at the group of laughing Wangu Clan disciples, Huang Xiaolong suddenly smiled. His smile made Wangu Bifwi and others feel uncomfortable.

"Sure!" Huang Xiaolong crisply replied. He was the first one to leave. Together with Yao Chi and the others, Huang Xiaolong flew towards the duel field.

Huang Xiaolong's action made Wangu Dongchen frown. Hesitating slightly, he too flew towards the duel field. Wangu Dongchen had heard that Huang Xiaolong had advanced to the peak of mid-Second Order Ancient God Realm in one go, however, he was fully confident that he could defeat Huang Xiaolong.

Meng Yuan also followed behind Huang Xiaolong's group, bringing several guards with him.

The duel fields were not far from the Infinite Circles Commerce Hall branch. In a short half an hour they reached the duel field.

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