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Chapter 1189: Why Haven't You Admitted Defeat?

 The Blood Knife technique could only be cultivated by those possessing a cold element godhead, only that could bring out its real power.

Which was why Blood Knife Ancestor was so excited at Huang Xiaolong's cold element emperor rank godhead. He was so happy that he couldn't stop laughing; he even felt an impulse to rush out, hug, and kiss Huang Xiaolong.

The disciple he had been searching high and low for almost twenty thousand years, a person with a cold element emperor rank godhead to inherit his Blood Knife technique! Now, he had finally found one!

His heart was jumping with joy ah!

The other four Ancestors merely exchanged glances but said nothing to object. Although Sky Sword Ancestor and Lightning Hammer Ancestor also wanted to take Huang Xiaolong as a disciple after finding out he had a cold element emperor rank godhead, they were all aware that he was more suited to learn Blood Knife Ancestor's technique.

Lightning Hammer Ancestor lamented, "His mother, when and where will I find a disciple with a lightning element emperor rank godhead?"

Zhou Xu, Luo Yunjie, and Tan Lin all had emperor rank godheads, but Zhou Xu's Violent Dragon Godhead was of the wind element, while Luo Yunjie's was the Treasure Fire Godhead of the fire element. Lastly, Tan Lin's Illusionary Godhead belonged to the light element.

Among these three emperor rank godhead disciples, none of them were the ideal candidate to inherit his Lightning Hammer technique!

Sky Sword Ancestor was calmer in comparison, after all, Zhou Xu and Tan Lin could inherit his Sky Sword technique, although they weren't the best successors.

A sword at its utmost speed had an unfathomable power that deterred gods and demons.

In this aspect, Zhou Xu who had the Violent Dragon Godhead, and Tan Lin with his Illusionary Godhead were more apt to comprehend that realm of speed more than others.

At this time on the battle stage below, Huang Xiaolong and Wu Qian'er's battle ended. The next match was Zhou Xu against Anyang Gate's Guo Yuanhui, who threw in the towel the moment he stepped on the stage. Hence, Zhou Xu won without any suspense.

As for Luo Yunjie, due to the lack of an opponent in this round, he directly entered the top three.

With that, the top three ranking of this term's All-Islands Great War were determined: Huang Xiaolong, Zhou Xu, and Luo Yunjie!

Once again, Gong Fei had Huang Xiaolong, Zhou Xu, and Luo Yunjie draw tokens to proceed with the battle for the first place and second place.

A short while later, the battle order came out. Both Huang Xiaolong and Luo Yunjie drew tokens with a 'one' on them, while Zhou Xu got a pass, directly entering the second round.

On the stage, there was a wry smile on Luo Yunjie's face as he looked at Huang Xiaolong, saying, "When you defeated Yang Liming, I wanted to battle you, however, when you defeated Tan Lin, I no longer had this intention. Therefore, in this battle, it's better I throw in the towel now, there's no need to fight!"

Directly throw in the towel!

Before this point in the All-Islands Great War, Luo Yunjie had never thought he would directly surrender.

But Huang Xiaolong was just too strong that even Tan Lin had lost miserably in just one strike!

Luo Yunjie was confident that his strength was about the same as Tan Lin's. Maybe, if he used some of his trump cards, he might be a tad stronger than him, but even so, Luo Yunjie felt he would still lose to Huang Xiaolong in the end.

If the result was the same, cleanly admitting defeat was the better option.

Seeing Luo Yunjie admit defeat, sounds of disappointment came from all around.

Luo Yunjie's calm expression showed that he was unaffected by the surrounding atmosphere. He looked at Huang Xiaolong again, vowing, "However, three years later in the Four Mainland's New Disciples Battle, I will definitely defeat you!" A strong desire for battle surged from his body.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, not replying. Three years later?

Three years later, Luo Yunjie's chances of being his opponent were even less, for he would have broken through to the Ancient God Realm!

Luo Yunjie walked down from the stage with determined steps, no one dared to say another word.

"Now, Dragon Origin Sect's Zhou Xu please come to the stage to battle the Barbarian God Sect's Huang Xiaolong for the first place!" Gong Fei's voice reverberated in the square.

A soft breeze blew and Zhou Xu was already standing on the stage.

Everyone retrieved their gazes from Luo Yunjie's body, directing them to the stage where Huang Xiaolong and Zhou Xu were standing, as if afraid they would miss something.

This term's All-Islands Great War battle for first place would be the most dazzling one! It was the battle everyone was focused on! The first place battle had to be more brilliant and exciting!

Who would take this term's All-Islands Great War first place?

Huang Xiaolong? Or Zhou Xu?

Everyone's heart tightened in anticipation. The crowd standing on the square was quiet and still! Even the Dragon Origin Sect's group watched with bated breaths.

Before, everyone thought the first place would surely belong to Zhou Xu's, but now no one dared to have this thought, including thepresent Dragon Origin Sect members.

The Dragon Origin Sect's Chief, Chen Ding, had a serious expression at this moment.

Yao Chi's hands were tightly clenched, her eyes following Huang Xiaolong without blinking.

Compared to those below the stage, Huang Xiaolong and Zhou Xu looked unperturbed, as if they weren't about to fight a big battle.

Zhou Xu was the one who broke the silence, "I really hadn't expected you to reach this step. A mere peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm could reach this step, taking the All-Islands Great War's second place."

The underlying meaning, the first place was his.

"Second place?" Huang Xiaolong calmly retorted, "You think you've already won?"

Zhou Xu smiled confidently, "Ever since the All-Islands Great War started until now, I have always thought the first place will be mine. Counting Luo Yunjie, Tan Lin, and even you, are no threat to me. I've already told you, being able to defeat Tan Lin merely gives you the qualifications to be my opponent." At the end of his words, Zhou Xu's aura was completely released, surfing out from his body like a great tsunami.

Explosions rang in the air and strong winds howled as if the world was coming to an end.

The sunlight shining over the square suddenly dimmed, covered by a giant azure cyclone that appeared around the stage.

"Third Order Ancient God Realm! Zhou Xu has already advanced to Third Order Ancient God Realm!"

"Amazing! This Zhou Xu is really terrifying! No wonder he has always thought he is this term's number one!"

Feeling Zhou Xu's godforce that was as boundless as the sea, the surrounding experts' faces finally changed. No one had imagined that Zhou Xu had already broken through to Third Order Ancient God Realm. This was simply unexpected.

These experts could not imagine how powerful a Zhou Xu who possessed the emperor rank Violent Dragon Godhead, Thousand Dragon unique physique, and Third Order Ancient God Realm cultivation was...

While the crowd was sighing and exclaiming in amazement, Zhuo Xu's aura continued to rise. He was enjoying this moment, he had been concealing his strength for too long, he needed an opportunity to let go as he pleased, to vent without restraint!

"Huang Xiaolong, you are very shocked, aren't you? Feeling that this wasn't part of your estimation, that I broke through to Third Order Ancient God Realm?" Zhou Xu threw his head back, laughing loudly as his feet slowly left the stage, hovering in midair.

The azure winds spun around his body, expanding in size.

"But, this is only the beginning!" Zhou Xu's wanton laughter continued. "Next, I will shock you even more, make you even more terrified!" A stunning azure light shone from Zhou Xu's body, followed by a heaven shaking dragon roar. Everyone saw a giant azure dragon flying out from Zhou Xu's body!

"Divine Dragon! An ancient Divine Dragon!"

This wasn't some kind of technique or an ethereal dragon condensed by dragon qi, but a true, flesh and blood dragon!

The astonishment in everyone's heart couldn't be described, there was actually a divine dragon living inside Zhou Xu's body!

Zhou Xu condescendingly looked at Huang Xiaolong as if he was a ruling divine dragon from the ninth heaven, "That's right, an ancient divine dragon. I once came across a great fortuitous encounter and successfully merged with an ancient azure dragon! In this heaven and earth, I'm the ultimate existence!"

"Huang Xiaolong, why haven't you admitted defeat yet?" Zhou Xu's voice reverberated above the stage.

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