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Chapter 1070: Late-Fourth Order Heavenly God Realm

 Hearing Ren Changhai's question, the Elephant Genesis Sect Chief and Grand Elders wore a frown on their faces, but no one spoke.

A brief moment of silence later, Grand Elder Su Bei cautiously spoke, "Ancestor, could this incident be related to Huang Xiaolong?"

The instant Su Bei's words came out, a commotion erupted in the hall.

"Impossible, Cao Yang's group was made up of Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm experts, how could Huang Xiaolong kill them?"

"That's right, it is absolutely impossible!"

Every present Grand Elder was vehemently voicing their disagreement, shaking their heads, but Su Bei's question seemed to strike a chord within Ren Changhai, "Continue." he said to Su Bei.

"Yes, Ancestor." Su Bei respectfully replied. "From what I've found out, on the day Cao Yang, Zhuang Xuan, Huang Junfei, and Cao Munan were murdered, Huang Xiaolong happened to be at Cao Bao City!"

"What? Huang Xiaolong was in Cao Bao City at that time?!" Sect Chief Pan Jue was shocked at the news.

The other the Grand Elders were also looking at Su Bei with shock on their faces.

Su Bei nodded, "When Huang Xiaolong entered the city, he injured Cao Bishi as well as five of the Cao Family Elders." While saying this, Su Bei added, "Those five Elders were all early Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm cultivators."

"What?!" Su Bei's explanation brought a strong reaction from the Grand Elders.

Ren Changhai was also shocked, "You're saying that Huang Xiaolong alone wounded five of the Cao Family's Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm Elders?"

Su Bei too looked grimmer than ever, "That is so, just him alone."

Ren Changhai, Pan Jue, and the other Grand Elders sucked in a breath of cold air.

It hadn't even been four years since Huang Xiaolong entered the Barbarian God Sect. At that time, he wasn't even a Heavenly God Realm, yet now he was capable of injuring five Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm cultivators!

Ren Changhai and Pan Jue felt goosebumps on their necks.

Huang Xiaolong's talent and potential had far exceeded their expectations.

"Even if Huang Xiaolong is capable of injuring Cao Zhongwei and four other Elders, that doesn't mean he could kill Cao Yang and the rest." A long time later, Pan Jue spoke out the doubt in his heart.

"Maybe he has a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm expert backing him." Su Bei solemnly spoke of another possibility that alarmed everyone present.

Then again, if there really was such an expert like that behind Huang Xiaolong, killing Cao Yang and the others indeed wouldn't be a problem.

"Still, these are only your guesses." One of the Grand Elders did not believe, "According to what we know, Huang Xiaolong has always moved around alone."

Su Bei refuted, "Although these are my guesses, how do you explain the fact that Grand Elder Zhao Chenyuan hasn't sent any news back until now?"

The great hall fell into a heavy silence.

A period of time had already passed since Zhao Chenyuan went out to kill Huang Xiaolong. Logically speaking, he should have passed a message back to the sect by now, yet there had been nothing, as if Zhao Chenyuan had vanished into thin air. The sect couldn't get in touch with him at all.

"A late-Tenth Order or peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm expert..." Ren Changhai's gaze turned icy for a moment, "No wonder that punk dared to step out of the sect in broad daylight."

The possibility that it might be an Ancient God Realm master did not even cross Ren Changhai's mind. After all, on the whole Green Cloud Island, there were only a handful of Ancient God Realm masters. Moreover, if there really was a hidden Ancient God Realm master protecting him, with Huang Xiaolong's identity, he would not need to enter the Barbarian God Sect.

It was a fact that even the three sects' young lords did not have an Ancient God Realm protector following them at all times.

"A late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm? Then it is much more difficult to kill that punk." The furrows on Pan Jue's brows deepened further.

Huang Xiaolong's potential was too monstrous and terrifying, so much so that he had to be eliminated.

Ren Changhai snorted, "Pass down my order, find out Huang Xiaolong's whereabouts and immediately notify me, I will personally make a move. I very much want to see if this punk can escape fjm my hands."

Everyone respectfully complied.

While this was happening at the Elephant Genesis Sect, a similar flow of events was taking place in the Great Whale Sect.

The outside world was in an uproar as Huang Xiaolong and Yao Chi arrived at the Lin Family Fort.

With Hang Xiaolong's arrival at the Lin Family Fort, Elder Lin Hang naturally welcomed with enthusiasm. However, when Lin Hang addressed Yao Chi as 'young mistress', her face became bright red.

On the same day, Huang Xiaolong summoned the four families' Patriarchs over, ordering them to search for the remaining six hundred plus medicinal herbs as well as news of the five essential chaos herbs. For each ingredient found, the person would be heavily rewarded.

Then he had the four families send over a few clever maids to attend to Yao Chi.

Half a month's time went by in the blink of an flash.

Huang Xiaolong was extremely happy, for in this half a month the four families' forces managed to find more than a dozen herbs, and according to his instructions, the four families' people had bought them over.

During the day, Huang Xiaolong would accompany Yao Chi to stroll around and compensate for the time they missed for the past several hundred years.

The nights were spent cultivating and refining medicinal herbs. With his current speed, he could refine an entire stalk of forty-million-years-old herb.

There was quite a number of forty-million-years-old herbs inside the imperial green jade spatial ring he obtained from the Primordial Celestial Shrine, sufficient to support his cultivation for two months. As for the spiritual veins, Huang Xiaolong decided to wait until his cultivation reached peak late-Fourth Order Heavenly God Realm before using the spiritual vein to propel his breakthrough.

After half a month of cultivation, Huang Xiaolong had finally broken through to late-Fourth Order Heavenly God Realm. Yao Chi's cultivation had also been progressing in this half a month as she cultivated with the various divine pellets given by Huang Xiaolong.

Although she had ascended to the Divine World several hundred years before Huang Xiaolong, her cultivation merely advanced to early Fifth Order Heavenly God Realm during this time.

Yao Chi's godhead was a top king rank Superlunary Godhead, ranked one thousand and sixty-five.

In truth, based on her godhead rank, had she entered a sect like the Barbarian God Sect, she definitely would have been nurtured with the best resources, however, due to the time she spent in the lower realm being too long, after she ascended, her bone-age exceeded the three sects' upper limit.

Thus, for these several hundred years, Yao Chi's life was no different than a rogue cultivator's. During this period, she did accept a few female disciples and established a small sect, but when she was captured by Cao Jincheng, all her disciples were killed by the Cao Family.

On this day, Huang Xiaolong formed several mysterious ancient seals with his hands, inserting them into the Green Ice Hail Devils' foreheads, blending into their godseas.

In recent days, he had comprehended the Grandmist Puppetry Technique given by the little cow.

As more and more ancient symbols entered the Green Ice Hail Devils' godseas, Huang Xiaolong distinctively sensed the bond between him and the two Green Ice Hail Devils become increasingly stronger. Shockingly, their vitality also recovered despite the minimal amount, causing their godforce to be different than before.

Half a day later when Huang Xiaolong stopped, he finally completed the second refinement of the two Green Ice Hail Devils with the Grandmist Puppetry Technique.

To test out their increase in power, Huang Xiaolong ordered them to attack an empty space.

Looking at the large space fissure in front of him, Huang Xiaolong nodded, extremely satisfied. The second refinement had increased the two puppets' attack by several times.

In the distance, Yao Chi watched Huang Xiaolong silently. When he finally stopped, she came to Huang Xiaolong's side and wiped away the thin film of sweat on his forehead.

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