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Chapter 1067: From Now On, No One Can Hit You

 Just a while ago, Cao Yang and the rest were discussing Huang Xiaolong's purpose in coming to Cao Bao City. Now, Saint Mother Yao Chi realized that Huang Xiaolong must have heard some news related to her, hence, disregarding the danger, he came to rescue her!

Watching Saint Mother Yao Chi and Huang Xiaolong's reactions, Cao Yang and the rest also figured out the reason why Huang Xiaolong came to Cao Bao City. This question still baffled them a short while ago.

Cao Yang burst out in laughter a moment later, his voice full of ridicule, "Huang Xiaolong ah, Huang Xiaolong, never would I have imagined that you would come alone to Cao Bao City for a woman! The hero rescuing the damsel in distress, this is so touching ah!"

Zhuang Xuan too ridiculed, "Hero? Only those who have the strength to successfully rescue the beauty can be considered heroes. Those without strength, hehe, are nothing more than useless idiots. Huang Xiaolong, your talent is indeed amazing, but do you really think you have the ability with your current strength? Or do you think we would give you face and let this woman go just like that?"

Huang Junfei chimed in, "Master? That is to say, you also ascended from the lower realm."

In these few seconds, Huang Xiaolong reached the center of the hall.

"Se-Second Grandfather, Eldest Un-cle, save, save me!" Cao Bishi struggled to utter those few words until his face turned purplish-black. Because Huang Xiaolong was squeezing his throat, Cao Bishi's voice came out hoarse and feeble.

The hint of ridicule on Cao Yang and Cao Munan's faces lessened.

"Huang Xiaolong, release Bishi this instant!" Cao Yang's eyes glared icily at Huang Xiaolong, "Let Bishi go and I will let you die more comfortably, or you'll die a miserable death!"

Huang Xiaolong scoffed, "Since you say I will die either way, do you think I will release him?"

This whole time, Cao Jincheng was glaring murderously at Saint Mother Yao Chi "You dirty, deceitful slut, I was thinking how pure and clean you were, but in truth you're just second-hand goods. Once we capture Huang Xiaolong, I'll suck dry your yin origin right in front of him!" His palm swung out at Saint Mother Yao Chi's face.

However, just as Cao Jincheng's palm was about to strike her face, a figure appeared between them, shielding Yao Chi. Before anyone could react, a fist greeted Cao Jincheng.

The Cao Family's strongest disciple from the younger generation, Cao Jincheng, wailed like a pig being slaughtered. He was knocked into the wall at the other end of the hall with his four limbs sprawled artistically.

And the person who punched him was precisely Huang Xiaolong.

This fact startled Cao Yang, Cao Munan, and the others.

Everything happened too fast, no one predicted that Huang Xiaolong would make a move or even dared to make a move. Above that, they did not expect Cao Jincheng, a peak late-Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm who has strength equivalent to a Seventh Order to be unable withstand a single punch from Huang Xiaolong.

"Jincheng!" Cao Munan cried out. He dashed out in a flicker, digging his son out from the wall.

Looking at Cao Jincheng's injury, everyone could see a bloody gaping hole in his chest!

Huang Xiaolong's fist entered Cao Jincheng's chest and came out from his back! Cao Yang, Cao Munan, Zhuang Xuan, and Huang Junfei sucked in a breath of cold air seeing Cao Jincheng's mangled chest.

He was a peak late-Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm, a disciple that was heavily nurtured by the Cao Family from his youth with precious herbal baths, which had become a habit that was never broken for several hundred years. Therefore, Cao Jincheng's physical body was extremely tough, yet Huang Xiaolong punched a hole through his chest!

Despite knowing about Huang Xiaolong's immense strength, only at this moment did Cao Yang and the rest truly understand they had underestimated him.

Severely underestimated!

Looking at his son's dire state, Cao Munan's eyes turned scarlet as they fixed on Huang Xiaolong.

Saint Mother Yao Chi was crying, her slender fingers gingerly touched Huang Xiaolong's face in disbelief, the face that appeared in her mind a while ago, "You shouldn't have come, such a silly boy, so silly!"

Although she too was shocked by the strength Huang Xiaolong displayed moments ago, in her opinion, as strong as Huang Xiaolong was it wasn't possible for him to fight against Cao Yang, Zhuang Xuan, or Huang Junfei.

The consequences...

Thinking Huang Xiaolong's impending doom just because he wanted to save her, Saint Mother Yao Chi's tears intensified.

Watching her, Huang Xiaolong let out a soft laugh instead, "Master, don't worry, it'll be alright. No one can hit you from now on." Huang Xiaolong glanced at the glaring red handprint on Saint Mother Yao Chi's face, his heart feeling pained.

Saint Mother Yao Chi assumed that Huang Xiaolong was merely comforting her, so she shook her head, steely determination in her eyes, "Xiaolong, don't worry. If you die, Master will come after you soon."

She had already decided to shatter her godhead on the wedding day.

In the short time that elapsed, Cao Munan slowly got up, his eyes cold and emotionless while looking at Huang Xiaolong, "Huang Xiaolong, tell me, do you want to lose your arms first or your legs? Don't worry, after breaking your four limbs, I will pierce a thousand holes through your body so you can watch your blood slowly flowing out as you taste a slow death!"

"At that time, you will know what fear, powerless, and wrath are!"

His son Cao Jincheng was his reverse scale. Huang Xiaolong gravely wounding his son had unhinged him, triggering his most intense killing intent.

Of course, he wouldn't really kill him. He would wait until Chen Hao arrived and have him kill Huang Xiaolong. Until then, he would use every method he could think of to torture him.

Huang Xiaolong grinned watching Cao Munan coming at him, "Rest assured, in a little while, I too will break you people's four limbs-no, I mean five 'limbs', then suck your blood dry. I'll let you slowly savor the taste of death, fear, and powerlessness."

Cao Yang, Cao Munan, Zhuang Xuan, and Huang Junfei all snorted in disdain. None of them put Huang Xiaolong's threat in their eyes.

Cao Munan suddenly leaped forward, his palms formed blades, wanting to cut off Huang Xiaolong's arms, "Then I'll take your hands first!"

The air flow became chaotic and turbulent as two giant blades extended out from Cao Munan's palms, ready to cut through space.

As the Patriarch of the Cao Family, Cao Munan's cultivation naturally wasn't low. Although he was weaker than Cao Yang, he was still an early Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm master.

"Watch out!" Saint Mother Yao Chi's blood drained from her face. Just as she was about to block the attack for Huang Xiaolong with her own body, a green giant appeared in front of him out of nowhere. Two giant ice palms turned, meeting Cao Munan's attack.

The surrounding area was tinged with a green color right before Saint Mother Yao Chi's eyes, causing Cao Munan and his qi blades to freeze in midair. At this moment, the grim expression on Cao Munan's face was replaced with confusion, then fear and disbelief.


Cao Yang, Zhuang Xuan, and Huang Junfei watched with horrified expressions as Cao Munan's body crashed into the wall at an even higher speed, cutting a human-shaped hole through the wall. Cao Munan himself flew out from the wall, already becoming a green ice statue by the time his body slammed onto the ground.

Saint Mother Yao Chi who was prepared to block the attack for Huang Xiaolong was dazed on the spot.

So were Cao Yang, Zhuang Xuan, and Huang Junfei.

The Cao Family steward who everyone had forgotten, as well as Cao Bishi who was hanging to life by a breath, were also stupefied looking at the green ice giant.

Cao Jincheng had just climbed up from the floor when he witnessed this unforgettable scene.

Everything fell into silence until it was broken by the sound of liquid hitting the floor. Huang Xiaolong turned around and saw that Cao Bishi had pissed his pants.

Cao Bishi pissing himself seemed to pull Cao Yang, Zhuang Xuan, and Huang Junfei back to reality.

Saint Mother Yao Chi's dainty cherry lips were agape with shock looking at Huang Xiaolong, her expression was really too cute.

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