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Chapter 1008: Huang Xiaolong Refused?!

 Perhaps the disciples' cheers were too loud, rousing the unconscious Zhu Wanchen.

Regaining consciousness, Zhu Wanchen heard repeatedly the words 'heaven blessing our Barbarian God Sect!' For a while, Zhu Wanchen couldn't understand what the words meant, but his gaze gradually sharpened on Huang Xiaolong's figure on the battle stage. He jumped to his feet, thundering in rage, "Huang Xiaolong, you bastard, I'll kill you!"

In his opinion, Huang Xiaolong made a sneak attack while he was just a bit careless, thus being caught off guard. He, a genius with a top rank ten godhead, was actually sent flying out of the battle stage by a wastrel with a mere top rank eight godhead. The shame and humiliation he felt were too much!

Zhu Wanchen's roar cut through the loud voices. The cheering disciples abruptly went quiet and looked strangely at Zhu Wanchen. He was about to rush up to the battle stage and beat up Huang Xiaolong while enduring the pain in his body when an authoritative voice barked at him: "Insolent!"

The voice thundered in Zhu Wanchen's mind, causing his ears to buzz.

Zhu Wanchen couldn't help looking toward a middle-aged man who was also standing on the battle stage. Although he had never seen Gu Ling, the golden barbarian god emblem on his robe was an indication of his identity, Sect Chief!

Only the barbarian god emblem on the Sect Chief's robe was golden in color.

Afraid that Zhu Wanchen would make a further fool of himself in front of Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling being ignorant of their identities, Huang Xiaoming shouted, "Zhu Wanchen, get on your knees before the Ancestor and the Sect Chief!"

Ancestor! Sect Chief!

Only now did Zhu Wanchen notice that beside Huang Xiaolong stood a white-haired old man. This was their Barbarian God Sect Ancestor, Lu Zhuo!

"Ancestor, Sect Chief!" Zhu Wanchen dropped to his knees, shivering nonstop.

Lu Zhuo glanced at Zhu Wanchen. No matter what, Zhu Wanchen still had a top rank ted godhead, he had no thoughts of punishing him for this.

"Huang Xiaolong, are you willing to become my disciple?" Lu Zhuo's attention turned back to Huang Xiaolong, speaking warmly.

All the present disciples, as well as Grand Elder Lin Shen and the others cast envious looks in Huang Xiaolong's direction.

Who was Lu Zhuo? He was their Barbarian God Sect Ancestor who hadn't accepted any disciples for several thousand years. Becoming the Ancestor's disciple, on top of his talent, Huang Xiaolong literally reached the sky in a single bound.

The question sounded like a thunderclap in Zhu Wanchen's head, his eyes widened as they fixed on Huang Xiaolong.

'This cannot be! What is going on?! The Ancestor actually wants to take this trash as his personal disciple?'

Lu Zhuo's hand slowly stroke his white beard with a faint smile on his face while looking at Huang Xiaolong, waiting for him to kneel down and greet him as Master.

While everyone was willing to bet their lives that Huang Xiaolong was going to agree, he shook his head, saying, "I don't have this intention at the moment."


Eyeballs fell to the ground in horror at Huang Xiaolong's answer.

Huang Xiaolong actually refused.

Sect Chief Gu Ling, Grand Elder Lin Shen, and the others were too shocked to react.

Lu Zhuo's hand stilled.

"Huang Xiaolong, you...!" Gu Ling glared at Huang Xiaolong.

"It's nothing." Lu Zhuo calmly waved his hand, stopping Gu Ling before turning to Huang Xiaolong, "Alright then, come find me when you have this intention."

Hearing this, the envious stares intensified.

The Ancestor's meaning was clear as day, Huang Xiaolong could be received as his disciple at any time!

Even some Elders and Grand Elders couldn't help feeling envious at his luck.

"Alright, let the Submerging Dragon Ranking battle continue, I'm going back." Lu Zhuo said to everyone before vanishing from view in a flicker.

"Sending the Ancestor off!" Gu Ling, Lin Shen, and all the disciples shouted as they sent Lu Zhuo off.

Gu Ling's expression seemed complicated as he looked at Huang Xiaolong, then his gaze fell on Jiang Yan, "You continue to supervise, but this time, there shouldn't be any more mistakes. Otherwise, you know the consequences."

Even though Gu Ling did not expressly mention it, it was clear he was extremely dissatisfied with the way Jiang Yan handled Huang Xiaolong and Zhu Wanchen's battle.

There was no such thing as a sneak attack on the battle stage, yet Jiang Yan used this lame reason as an excuse to have Huang Xiaolong detained, even nearly killing him in the process. If it wasn't for the Ancestor's timely appearance, one could imagine the devastating consequences!

Jiang Yan's heart trembled, but respectfully responded, "Rest assured, Sect Chief!" Now that it had been determined that Huang Xiaolong had a low grade king rank godhead, give her ten thousand times the courage and she still wouldn't dare to do anything to Huang Xiaolong.

After Gu Ling finished saying what he wanted, he too left in a flicker, but not before ordering Grand Elder Lin Shen to report the results to him after the ranking battle ended.

The Submerging Dragon Ranking battle continued after everyone sent Gu Ling off.

In between, Zhu Wanchen had heard enough from the surrounding disciples' whispers to know that Huang Xiaolong actually possessed a low grade king rank godhead.


"That wastrel, how could he have a low grade king rank godhead?!"

"I don't believe it, I don't believe it!"

Zhu Wanchen mumbled to himself, incessantly shaking his head, causing his eyes protrude.

The surrounding disciples nearby noticed his behavior, but no one came up to talk to him. Even Cui Zifan, Jiang Yi, and the usual faces kept a far distance.

Cui Zifan and Jiang Yi right now were filled with dread and trepidation recalling their attitude toward Huang Xiaolong in the past, their faces turned completely white.

Several hours later, this term's Submerging Dragon Ranking ended.

Without any suspense, Huang Xiaolong remained in the first position. And in second place was the previous champion, Jiang Zheng. Although he had been defeated by Zhu Wanchen, it didn't stop him from challenging others in the top ten, hence grabbing the second place.

As for Zhu Wanchen, due to his heavy injuries, he didn't even get into the top ten, which made the Barbarian God Sect disciples sigh inwardly.

After the stage battles ended came the rewards ceremony.

As Huang Xiaolong took the first place reward from her hands, Jiang Yan's mouth opened and closed, looking like she had something to say but didn't know how. She could only sigh silently in her heart looking at Huang Xiaolong's cold expression.

Grand Elder Lin Shen went to report the results to Sect Chief Gu Ling when the rewards ceremony ended. Listening to the report, there were no changes to Gu Ling's face, but his words were like a strike at Lin Shen, "I want to the full details on the disciple recruitment assessment." Lin Shen's heart jumped, for it was he who had decided to relegate Huang Xiaolong from first place to the second!

Whereas Zhu Wanchen who was the actual second place became number one.

Lin Shen hesitated, but he still reported honestly, telling Gu Ling that Huang Xiaolong was actually the first place winner and he decided on his own to move Zhu Wanchen to the first place instead.

"At that time, Huang Xiaolong was supposed to have a top rank eight godhead, so I made the decision to do so in consideration of the sect's reputation." Lin Shen cautiously explained.

Gu Ling's expression was still as calm, no one could tell what was going through his mind. "Since Huang Xiaolong was moved to the second place, why was his cultivation room pushed back to number fourteen?"

Lin Shen grimaced, explaining hesitantly, "Sect Chief, this, I really don't know. It was probably Huang Xiaoming and Jiang Yan who arranged it on their own."

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