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Chapter 1000: Breakthrough to the Heavenly God Realm

 The three of the Barbarian God Sect disciples turned their attention to Huang Xiaolong.

"Boy, hand over the jade box. As an outer disciple of the Barbarian God Sect, we can be considered sect brethren; for that, we can make it quick and painless for you!" One of the peak late-Second Order Heavenly God Realm disciple spoke, indifferent coldness in his eyes.

Watching the three Barbarian God Sect inner disciples' insouciant attitude, Han Yang couldn't hold back from cautioning them, "That kid isn't simple!"

The three of them stilled at his words. Precisely in this split second, a silhouette blurred, and the gleam of a sharp blade moved.

Blood splattered out at high velocity.

The peak early Second Order Heavenly God inner disciple that failed to dodge the sudden attack was clutching at his own neck while staring at Huang Xiaolong in disbelief. Less than a breath later, he tumbled backward limply.

Although the other two Barbarian God Sect inner disciples avoided a vital injury, Huang Xiaolong's blade light drew a long cut over their shoulders, causing blood to dye half of their robes red.

"You-!" The two men who had just escaped death were now looking at Huang Xiaolong with dread. Only now did they understand why Han Yang suggested a cooperation in order to kill that outer disciple!

Han Yang even reminded them he wasn't simple, but how could this be explained by a mere 'not simple'?!

Huang Xiaolong's movement did not stop after striking his first victim, with swift and accurate attacks, his palm blade already slashed out a second attack at the other two inner disciples.

As long as these three were dealt with, Huang Xiaolong could focus solely on Han Yang without being distracted, increasing his chances.

Not a angle one of these four people could be allowed to leave this cliff alive, or he would have a great deal of troubles on his heels.

As Huang Xiaolong's sharp palm blade once again slashed at the two Barbarian God Sect inner disciples, a powerful sword light came piercing toward Huang Xiaolong from the side, akin to a torrential storm drowning him into its depths.

Han Yang made his move!

That was the Elephant Genesis Sect's Origin Genesis Sword Art. Upon achieving a high degree of comprehension in this sword art, one could project a myriad of transformations around them, even the four seasons that contained the natural force of heaven and earth.

Huang Xiaolong could only escape the torrent of attacks through his Space Concealment and was forced to give up on killing the two Barbarian God Sect inner disciples. However, Han Yang's sword qi actually pursued him into the void.

Huang Xiaolong let out a cold harrumph, using his godforce palm blade to counter with the first move of the Asura Sword Skill, Tempest of Hell.

Instantly, it was as if a vengeful infernal hurricane drilled out from the void.

Zi zi zi!

The sky lit up with glaring lights as sword and blade qi clashed in the air.

Huang Xiaolong's figure emerged several hundred meters from the cliff, standing straight as he faced Han Yang.

Han Yang was looking at Huang Xiaolong with a grim expression.

The remaining two Barbarian God Sect inner disciples were terrified as they watched the exchange between Huang Xiaolong and Han Yang.

"Let's attack him at full force, he won't be able to escape!" Han Yang said grimly to the two of them.

The two hesitated briefly before taking a deep breath, nodding their heads at Han Yang. Pushing down the terror in their hearts, both of them circulated their godforce while gripping a sword.

"Kill!" Han Yang shouted. He himself was akin to an arrow released from a bow, leaping straight at Huang Xiaolong. The longsword in his hand quivered, sending out a burst of sword light resembling the glimmering stars of the night sky.

Watching Han Yang attack, the two Barbarian God Sect inner disciples also made their move. Although their sword qi was more rigid compared to Han Yang's, they were strong and vigorous, displaying the essence of the Barbarian God Sect's Piercing God Sword.

Huang Xiaolong snorted with a hint of disdain watching the three people lunging at him. With a thought, one thousand arms fanned out behind him.

In order to avoid attracting more disciples in the vicinity towards them, Huang Xiaolong decided to go all out, getting rid these three flies in the shortest time and leaving this place.

Huang Xiaolong's thousand arms attacked simultaneously with full might. A myriad battle skills shot out; the Absolute Soul Finger, Earthen Buddha Palm, Asura Sword Skills, the Great Void Divine Fist, the Fifteen Moves of the Dragon God, the Asura Demon Claw!

The three people lunging at Huang Xiaolong were submerged by various golden images of Buddha, dark nefarious Asuras, great fists imprints, and black demonic claws.

Facing the overwhelming assault, Han Yang and the other two went deathly pale, but Han Yang reacted swiftly, retreating instinctively in fear.

After barely a second passed, the two Barbarian God Sect inner disciples were screaming tragically as their vital points took on heavy injuries and were sent flying like broken kites. When they crashed to the ground, Han Yang saw that their bodies were riddled with finger-sized holes, claw marks, fist marks, amongst many other wounds.

Although he managed to avoid injuries to his vital points, parts of Han Yang's body were pierced through by Huang Xiaolong's Absolute Soul Finger while the Asura Demon Claw ripped his flesh. Blood was flowing out from the corner of Han Yang's mouth. The two Barbarian God Sect inner disciples' miserable state deepened the horror in his heart.

'What the f*ck is that technique?!' It could actually form one thousand arms, even multiplying the attack power by so many times!

Han Yang's eyes shifted left and right, looking for an escape route despite the unwillingness in his heart. Was he going to give up on those Ice Jae-ink Fruits just like this? But the thousand arms that brat summoned had overwhelming battle power; being truthful to himself, Han Yang admitted he was unable to bear the full brunt of such an attack.

Looking at Han Yang's flickering expression, Huang Xiaolong could guess he was already half thinking of escaping. But would he let Han Yang run so easily? With a sway, Huang Xiaolong transformed into a blue primordial divine dragon.

"Primordial divine dragon!" Han Yang had just decided to retreat when he saw Huang Xiaolong's transformation, causing his eyes to widen in shock.

Run! After a brief moment of shock, Han Yang stopped hesitating. He turned, wanting to flee. That brat felt twice as strong in his primordial divine dragon form, if he didn't run away now, Han Yang was certain there was only one ending waiting for him, death!

But his feet barely left the ground when the sky above him darkened. Without him realizing it, the blue divine dragon was already above him. In the next second, Han Yang saw a claws the size of a small hill growing larger in his eyes.

Sensing death approaching, Han Yang let out a roar, desperately circulating all of his godforce, attacking the dragon claws.


Han Yang felt his body shake violently as the weight of Mt. Tai fell on him. The ground beneath his feet gave out, sinking down like quicksand. Han Yang's consciousness began to blur.

Huang Xiaolong's claw reached down, sucking Han Yang out from the pit below, then started going through his memories.

A short while later, four new spatial rings and four godheads were added into his Submerging Dragon Ring.

He made quick work of cleaning up the surrounding scene and left the place. He would return to collect that Extreme Yang Fire Ore vein once he became a Heavenly God.

Roughly an hour later, several hundred li away from the cliff where he found the Ice Jade-ink Fruits, Huang Xiaolong found a hidden cave, and after arranging a formation around the entrance, he went inside. Sitting cross-legged on the ground, Huang Xiaolong took out the jade box containing the six Ice Jade-ink Fruits.

Looking at the six fruits floating in front of him, he took a deep breath and began rotating his three supreme godheads.

Six streams of energy flowed into Huang Xiaolong's body, its effect far from gentle, akin to six crashing waves of energy.

Huang Xiaolong's body quivered nonstop as his three supreme godheads greedily absorbed the spiritual energy contained in those six fruits.

Due to the cold nature of the Ice Jade-ink Fruits, black icy fog rapidly filled the cave, causing black colored ice to dorm on the ground, all the way to the cave walls.

In Huang Xiaolong's soul sea, a bright light appeared. It was unstable at first, flickering in and out, but as time passed, the light grew stronger, finally reaching every corner of his soul sea, enshrouding his three supreme godheads within.

This was the sign of an impending breakthrough to the Heavenly God Realm.

After the breakthrough, Huang Xiaolong's soul sea would completely merge with the godforce in his three supreme godheads, forming a vast godsea! After that happened, his godforce would be converted into heavenly godforce.

Having a godsea to support his heavenly godforce, Huang Xiaolong would be able to move in the air like a fish in the sea.

The moment his soul sea had completely merged with the godforce in his three godheads, the sky above the cave turned pitch black, filled with roiling clouds, lightning weaving through them like dragons in flight. Horrifying tribulation lightning enveloped an area of several hundred li with Huang Xiaolong's cave at the center.

This was a Heavenly God's tribulation.

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