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Chapter 990: Lin Chaoqun Flees

 In a split second, an ominous thought flashed in Tie Chengdong's mind. Since Huang Xiaolong's strength was so overbearing, the group of people they sent after him earlier... could they have already....?!

"Huang Xiaolong! My son, my son and the others, are they dead?" Tie Chengdong blurted.

Lin Chaoqun and the others' perked their ears, staring fixedly at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong indifferent voice sounded like thunder in Tie Chengdong's ears, "Yes, they are dead."

Tie Chengdong, Lin Chaoqun, and the others flinched.

"NO-!!" Hearing the confirmation that his son had really died as he suspected, Tie Chengdong cried out in heart-wrenching grief. His eyes were scarlet when they fell on Huang Xiaolong again: "I want you dead!!!"

Disregarding everything, he lunged at Huang Xiaolong.

Tie Yang was his only son. His son's death caused Tie Chengdong to lose all reason.

Watching the hysterical Tie Chengdong coming at him, Huang Xiaolong punched out with a Great Void Divine Fist without hesitation, knocking Tie Chengdong backward.

"That is the Great Void Divine Fist!"

"The Great Void Divine Fist is the Barbarian God Sect's technique, how do you know it?!"

When Lin Chaoqun saw Huang Xiaolong's execution of the Great Void Divine Fist, he was greatly shocked.

Huang Xiaolong was inwardly shocked as well, he did not expect Lin Chaoqun would be able to recognize this technique. The other point was, the Barbarian God Sect also had the same Great Void Divine Fist technique?

Hearing Lin Chaoqun's words, the other two people on his side were also taken aback.

The Great Void Divine Fist was one of the Barbarian God Sect's high-grade techniques, only the sect's core disciples were allowed to learn it. But Huang Xiaolong couldn't be a core disciple of the Barbarian God Sect!

"Runt, how did you get this Great Void Divine Fist technique?" Lin Chaoqun demanded while secretly circulating his godforce to heal his injuries.

Huang Xiaolong saw through Lin Chaoqun's intention, but he wasn't interested in small talk with him. With a sway of his body, he transformed into a primordial divine dragon.

"Primordial divine dragon!" Lin Chaoqun exclaimed with an astounded expression.

The primordial divine dragons were one of the noblest races in the Divine World. The power of the Divine Dragon world surface was such a great deterrent against numerous other world surfaces that even people like them who lived on the Green Cloud Island of the Vientiane world surface had heard of it.

However, at this point, Lin Chaoqun didn't have the luxury of time to ponder whether Huang Xiaolong was related to the Divine Dragon world surface, for an attack was coming at him.

Looking at the enormous dragon claw slamming down from above, Lin Chaoqun's godhead was rotating madly, sending godforce into his fists as he punched out.

Blasts reverberated through the air and violent tremors ran through the earth.

Lin Chaoqun was knocked to the far distance from the collision, crashing to the ground. A warm gush of liquid rose to his throat, coughing blood in the next second; he was unable to hide the fear that had crept into his eyes as he stared at Huang Xiaolong. After transforming into a primordial divine dragon, Huang Xiaolong's strength increased exponentially, to the point of completely suppressing him.

In that instant, Lin Chaoqun could only think of one thing. A golden talisman appeared in his palm, decisively crushing it. Instantly, a violent golden light pillar shot to the sky, protecting Lin Chaoqun within. In the next second, he vanished from the spot without a trace.

What Lin Chaoqun crushed was an ancient escape talisman that he obtained by a stroke of luck, and he had been keeping it like a precious treasure, reluctant to use it. Today, he was actually forced to use it to escape.

Just as Lin Chaoqun disappeared, Huang Xiaolong's powerful dragon claws slammed down where he had stood moments before.

The ground shook in protest.

Others only saw two gigantic dragon claw-shaped pits in the ground.

The two remaining ashen-faced Lin Family Fort Elders turned around, wanting to flee, but their feet had barely left the ground when Huang Xiaolong's dragon tail whipped through the air, smacking one of them back to the ground. Whereas the other Elder, an early Second Order Heavenly God Realm, he was forced down.

Huang Xiaolong then breathed out a burst of dragon flames onto the early Second Order Heavenly God Elder.

It was too late to avoid it, dragon flames brushed through the Lin Family Fort Elder's body and reduced him to human charcoal.

After finishing off that Elder, Huang Xiaolong's cold gaze fell on Tie Chengdong and the others. Sensing his merciless gaze, those still lying on the ground after being injured by Huang Xiaolong felt a chilling hand gripping their hearts.

"Young hero Huang, spare me." One of the injured Lin Family Fort Elder begged.

There were no emotions in Huang Xiaolong's eyes as he arrived above Tie Chengdong and the rest.

A few minutes later, there were five godheads in Huang Xiaolong's palm. By now, he had noticed that these Heavenly Gods' bodies did not contain too much blood essence, which made him too lazy to devour such measly amount. He simply collected the five godheads to be refined later on.

He also did not forget these people's spatial rings, which he threw into the Godly Mt. Xumi space without bothering to check their contents. Lastly, the bodies on the ground were completely erased with a sliver of divine fire.

"But that Lin Chaoqun escaped." Huang Xiaolong's brows were locked together at the thought.

His primordial divine dragon form was seen by Lin Chaoqun. If he went around spreading rumors about this, it would bring a string of unwanted troubles to Huang Xiaolong.

However, Lin Chaoqun was probably terrified to the point he wouldn't dare to return to the Lin Family Fort, which made things that much harder for Huang Xiaolong to find him.

After briefly clearing the scene, Huang Xiaolong left.

He would think about how to deal with Lin Chaoqun in the future. Less than half a year's time remained until the Barbarian God Sect's disciple recruitment, he had to quickly head over.

Not long after Huang Xiaolong left, at a foothill several hundred li away, Lin Chaoqun fell out from the void above.

He then struggled to his feet after coughing up some blood. There were traces of fear on his face as he glanced around him. Confirming that Huang Xiaolong couldn't have chased after him, he breathed in relief, he was alive.

Then, a gloomy light flickered in his eyes.

He could not return to the Lin Family Fort now. If Huang Xiaolong was waiting for him there, he would be walking right into death's door.

His heart bled recalling the Lin Family Fort Elders who died in Huang Xiaolong's hands - his Lin Family Fort was done for! Now, other than himself, the Lin Family Fort only had three Heavenly God Realm masters left.

The news of the Lin Family Fort losing five Heavenly God Realm masters in one day would reach the Tie Family Fort's ears soon, he could already see his Lin Family Fort's tragic end.

Surging killing intent roiled in Lin Chaoqun's eyes, 'Huang Xiaolong, Huang Xiaolong!!' The wrath in his heart would never be appeased unless he killed Huang Xiaolong! This was all Huang Xiaolong's fault!

"According to Tie Chengdong, it's likely that Huang Xiaolong left the Tie Family Fort for the Barbarian God Sect disciple recruitment." Lin Chaoqun had a cousin who was an inner disciple of the Barbarian God Sect!

Since Huang Xiaolong was heading there, so would he!

Furthermore, his son, Lin Sheng, had outstanding talent and was planning to take the disciple recruitment exam as well. His initial plan was to pick the orkhis fruits and return to the Lin Family Fort, bringing his son to the Barbarian God Sect for the same disciple recruitment exam.

Several days later, Lin Chaoqun carefully sneaked close to the Lin Family Fort, then found someone to send a message back to the fort. After confirming that Huang Xiaolong did not come here, he quickly brought his son and hurried to the Barbarian God Sect.

Before departing, Lin Chaoqun had his wife return to her family for the time being, as well as arranging things for the Lin Family Fort's core disciples.

As Lin Chaoqun and his son were making their way to the Barbarian God Sect, Huang Xiaolong was sitting cross-legged inside a cave somewhere in the Blood Phoenix Forest, refining more than twenty ten-million-years-old orkhis fruits.

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