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Chapter 984: Leaving the Tie Family For

 One thing that astonished Huang Xiaolong from the books he read was the fact that a Heavenly God's lifespan was generally around ten thousand years in the Divine World!

And the longest a Highgod Realm cultivator could live here was three hundred years!

As for the God Realm, Saint realm, and Xiantian realm cultivators, they resembled the ordinary folks in the lower realm, rarely was there someone who could live to reach their hundredth birthday!

Why was it so? Huang Xiaolong guessed that it may be related to the Divine World's space laws. Every living being in the Divine World consumed many times more energy in every breath they took compared to the lower realm. One hundred years was probably the limit for a God Realm or Saint realm cultivator's body.

The other question was, if the longest a Highgod Realm cultivator could live was three hundred years, then how did one calculate the lifespan of those who had ascended from the lower realm? How did one go about calculating their age?

The majority of the ascended cultivators had been cultivating for over ten thousand years in the lower realm, probably even a hundred thousand years, or two hundred thousand years.

One such person was the Fortune Gate Ancestor who had yet to ascend, but had already stepped into the Highgod Realm ten thousand years ago.

Would their actual age be scaled down to a thousandth? Those over ten thousand years old in the lower realm would be one hundred when they arrived at the Divine World?

The books he had read did not mention anything about people who ascended, thus Huang Xiaolong did not have an accurate answer for this matter.

He continued going through the books in the library for some time until the sky darkened. Only then did he leave and return to his courtyard, continuing tomorrow.

A while after he returned to his courtyard, a maid arrived to bring his dinner. The food in the Divine World was quite similar to the lower realm, except the size of the rice grain here was three to four times bigger. Nurtured by the rich spiritual energy of the Divine World, every single grain glistened with a beautiful sheen akin to pearls, exuding a tantalizing fragrance.

Inside the stomach, the rice turned into warm streams of energy that spread throughout Huang Xiaolong's body.

Naturally, even in the Divine World, there was a difference between good and bad grains. For instance, the rice the Tie Family Fort maid brought was called dragon tooth rice, a top quality grain. Consuming dragon tooth rice nourished one's vitality and strengthened the body.

Even better than top quality grain was the wondrous superior grain, whose long term consumption would increase a person's longevity. However, the price of superior grain was thousands of times higher than top quality rice, a force like the Tie Family Fort couldn't afford such an expense. On this Green Cloud Island, the the three great sects' disciples were probably the only ones who could enjoy such a luxury.

Although living in the Divine World consumed a lot of energy, Huang Xiaolong had regained his strength; eating one meal per day was sufficient for him.

Just like the night before, Huang Xiaolong spent his time cultivating.

Early next day, when he arrived at the library, Tie Yang walked straight up to him with the same perfection stage late-Tenth Order Highgod Realm guard captains following behind him.

Tie Yang extended an arm, blocking Huang Xiaolong's path, commanding in an icy tone, "Brat, I don't care who you are, I'm giving you a final warning. If you don't voluntarily get out of our Tie Family Fort by sunset, I will make you regret you were ever born in this world!"

Huang Xiaolong glanced sideways at Tie Yang, "If you don't take the initiative to get out of my face, I will make sure you regret being born in this world right now!"


"Brat, you're seeking death!"

The two guard captains behind Tie Yang immediately exuded their pressure on Huang Xiaolong.

"Tie Yang, what are you doing?!" Right at this time, a voice reprimanded from afar. A second later, Tie Mu's figure appeared.

"Young fort lord." The three people ganging up on Huang Xiaolong were forced to stop, greeting Tie Mu.

Tie Mu stopped in front of them, snapping, "Tie Yang, this is the Tie Family Fort! Fighting inside the Tie Family Fort for personal reasons, do you want to be locked up in the ice dungeon for a decade?"

Tie Yang and the two guards immediately clamored they dared not.

"Young fort lord, if there's nothing more, we'll first take our leave." Finished saying that, Tie Yang led the two guard captains away. When he was passing by Huang Xiaolong's side, he sneered openly, "Brat, don't think the young fort lord and young miss can protect you for a lifetime. Wait till you step out of the Tie Family Fort, let's see who can protect you then!"

Seeing that Tie Yang actually dared to threaten Huang Xiaolong in his presence, anger burned in Tie Mu's heart.

"Elder brother Huang, are you alright?" Tie Mu asked Huang Xiaolong, genuine concern on his face.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, "I'm alright."

Watching the receding figures of Tie Yang's group, he fumed, "This Tie Yang is becoming more arrogant as the days pass. He really thinks the Tie Family Fort will belong to him in the future just because his father managed to bribe a few Elders? Relying on his pig face, he actually wants to marry my sister!"

Huang Xiaolong's eyes glimmered with understanding hearing Tie Mu's words.

"Elder brother Huang, this Tie Yang is an insidious villain, you must be careful of him." Tie Mu said to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, though he really didn't take someone like Tie Yang to heart.

Huang Xiaolong estimated he would not be able to kill a Second Order Heavenly God with his current strength, however, killing a peak late-First Order Heavenly God like Tie Chengdong was still doable.

After exchanging a few words with him, Tie Mu took his leave, letting Huang Xiaolong go into the library as intended.

Looking around, Huang Xiaolong walked towards a bookshelf with books introducing the Divine World's medicinal herbs and divine pills.

Despite having confidence in being able to advance to perfection stage late-Tenth Order Highgod Realm within a year's time, it was still too slow for Huang Xiaolong's liking.

One year to reach perfection stage late-Tenth Order Highgod Realm, and likely another two years or so to advance to become a Heavenly God, which was why he wanted to understand the herbs and divine pellets of the Divine World

Then, maybe he could do the same as in the lower realm, breaking through to Heavenly God in half a year's time. It was impossible for the others, but with his three supreme godheads, this wasn't an issue at all.

Standing in front of the bookshelf, Huang Xiaolong randomly picked one of the books and started flipping through the pages.

Time flowed and another day passed.

On this day, other than the bookshelf with books introducing herbs and divine pills, he also managed to read through the books related to various demonic beasts.

This gave Huang Xiaolong knowledge of the more common medicinal herbs, divine pellets, and demonic beasts of the Divine World. After all, the Tie Family Fort was just a small force in a small country of the Green Cloud Island. Most of the books focused on the Green Cloud Island itself.

As for herbs and such outside of the Green Cloud Island, what Huang Xiaolong could gain from the books here was extremely limited.

On the third day, he walked toward the bookshelf introducing the Divine World's powerful forces.

At this point, Huang Xiaolong only knew the realm above Highgod was Heavenly God and knows nothing of the realm above that. He was curious to know what comes next after the Heavenly God Realm.

'So, above the Heavenly God is the Ancient God Realm!' Huang Xiaolong soon found the answer. However, even after he had gone through the entire bookshelf, he still couldn't find anything about the realm above Ancient God.

Still, he took note that the Green Cloud Island's Chiefs and Ancestors of the big three forces were in the Ancient God Realm. However, the number of Ancient God Realm masters was only a dozen or so on the whole island.

Days passed one after another. Unknowingly, Huang Xiaolong had been in the Tie Family Fort for more than ten days, settling down in a routine; he was in the library during the day, and cultivating in his room at night.

Tie Mu and Tie Xinlan would come visit Huang Xiaolong every other day.

Surprisingly, after the last incident, Tie Yang did not come looking for trouble anymore, which suited Huang Xiaolong perfectly, giving him a quiet environment to read and cultivate.

'It's about time to leave this Tie Family Fort, probably tomorrow...' Huang Xiaolong thought to himself as he stood in the yard.

In close to half a month, he had gone through all the books on the first and second floors of the Tie Family Fort's library. It was now time to leave.

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